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Miner Nice 24 website is primarily in Russian language which means that it mainly targets investors who live in Russia and want to mine Crypto currencies. The site allegedly offers 13 Crypto currencies for mining. They claim that mining can take place either on your browser or through the cloud. Once users have signed up with Miner Nice 24, they can either download a software on their browser or use the website’s facilities to cloud mine their chosen Crypto currency. In addition to this, the site is offering a referral commission of 50% to users who refer new members.

The site is quite economical with information pertaining to who they are, where they are located and so on. It is in fact hosted anonymously as the site does not say who the owners or operators are. In addition to this, the promotion content does not talk about the experience of this team or produce any proof of returns that were generated through their alleged mining activities. Miner Nice 24 does not not appear to be a credible Crypto currency cloud mining site because apart from being an anonymous website, it does not provide the level of transparency which is expected from a professional cloud mining website.

In fact, they are introducing themselves as Crypto currency enthusiasts who love mining Crypto currencies with all their hearts. This content is generic in nature and does not communicate specific details of the individuals or team that is operating the website. One thing that stands out from the site is the claim that the price of their Crypto currencies remains constant and therefore users can earn returns regardless of what happens. We have no idea what they mean by this claim. After all, the site is not transparent with their audience, which is one of the red flags we commonly find in many Crypto currency cloud mining scams.

In addition to this, Miner Nice 24 does not offer a means to reach their support. This could be an indication that support quality is really poor and even if you get to contact them, your problems will never be solved. Throughout the site, we can only find options for signing up and signing in. It appears that only members who have created accounts can reach out to their support representatives. This seems to be a highly dangerous site to invest with. If you want real Crypto currency cloud mining contracts that can generate returns after a specific period of time, we encourage that you sign up with these sites instead.

Miner Nice 24 review

There are many red flags that can be found throughout the website. Let’s start with lack of transparency and proof that Crypto currency mining is the main activity. Being transparent with investors who want to mine is the single most important determining factor on whether or not people will trust this site. Most Crypto currency enthusiasts will not choose to mine with this site because it obviously does not convince users of their credibility. Lack of transparency is the main problem here.

Miner Nice 24

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The second most disturbing problem is that Miner Nice 24 does not produce evidence of Crypto currency mining. The site does not talk about their data centers (although they claim to rent them). However, they also claim to provide mining software which suggests that users will be mining using their CPU power. Mining using your PC is not preferred due to the short comings that involving using your PC’s resources to generate power for mining. Your computer will quickly be degraded and will be rendered useless if you do not take the necessarily precautions to stop using it for mining.

In short, if you want to mine safely, you should invest a specific sum of money on a mining contract which should be provided by a website or company that actually runs mining farms. There is no other way of doing it. The problem is that scams have filled up this space. Many of the websites that claim to mine Crypto currencies don’t actually do the mining. Miner Nice 24 is one of them.

The dangers of downloading suspicious mining software

This must be a real danger. The webste which we are currently reviewing here is shady and has no reputation which people can build trust from. Therefore, you should not expect that they will create software that will purposely do the mining on your PC. What we know for sure is that there will be hidden tricks which the site owner will be looking to do with your PC. This software has not been published by a credible author and as such, you will be downloading a virus or a spyware. You have to refrain from downloading such especially now that Russia is quite notorious for hosting these scams.

No customer feedback

Despite the popularity that this site enjoys (according to its Alexa ranking, Miner Nice 24 does not have any customer feedback on the internet. Even Crypto currency forums don’t discuss it which makes us wonder whether this site has been attracting fake traffic so as to boost its Alexa ranking.

The truth is, these users are acting weird. It’s normal for a site with such traffic to attract numerous reviews about its services. But Miner Nice 24 does not have a single customer feedback about its services. This is suspicious indeed. We are quite reluctant to continue with such a website especially now that it’s crystal clear that the red flags are overwhelming.

Our best advice for you

Miner Nice 24 is definitely a scam. Having considered all the factors and discovered that it shares the same red flags as other Crypto currency cloud mining scams, we have no doubt that investors will lose their money through the hands of the operator of this site. The best thing to do if you want to genuinely mine Crypto currencies is to look for a site that has a reputation for mining Crypto currencies. In case you missed our list, here’s the link. Sign up to those sites and start mining safely.

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