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During our wild web expeditions, we found a site called Minezone is the usual spiel of scam Bitcoin mining sites aimed at convincing newbies to send Bitcoins. If you know what Bitcoin is and how it works, our belief is that you won’t be a victim.

Now, let’s discuss what Minezone is and why it is a scam. But if you need to quickly figure out where to start mining Bitcoins or any altcoin of your choice, go here.

Having said that, we will take a look at Minezone from the perspective of someone who has money to invest in Bitcoin mining and is extremely careful not to fall in the hands of scammers.

Minezone Review

A London address is listed on the website of Minezone. Support is provided exclusively through email, although it is not clear the duration of time it takes for their support to respond. We are not even sure if this company has human staff members working in the back-end.

minezone review

One thing you should know is that even the ownership of this site was not disclosed. As always, when a site claims that it will multiply your investments and yet the anonymous owner is not upfront with their identity, it is best to avoid such a website.

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Minezone Limited is the name of the supposed name of the company behind this website. The domain is of course registered anonymously, as is the custom of every scammer in this industry. Throughout the thick wall of text found on the homepage of this website, we were not able to find any significant value in the information presented therein. In fact, this information is vague and ambiguous as it is not even related to the services that Minezone is claiming to offer.

When we read through it, we can’t learn about the owner of this website, company background, experience, their staff or anything related to their operation. Instead of disclosing this information so we can at least learn about them, the site is only teaching us about Cryptocurrencies – a clear sign that Minezone has nothing to offer and is just copy-pasting information from other sources for their convince.

Minezone is also offering some of the most generous affiliate bonuses out there. The figures are actually from 30-100%. Obviously there is no truth in this promise.

The site offers 4 different types of investment plans. They are ridiculously labeled as Fish, Crab, Shark and Whale. Returns are expressed in Bitcoin as opposed to percentages. Daily returns are between 0.002 BTC to 1.8 BTC.

We definitely don’t believe that Minezone is a genuine Bitcoin cloud mining site. Here is why:

No data centers anywhere in the world

Even if we wanted to believe that this site is genuine about what they are promising their clients, we would still find it extremely difficult to think that a site can deliver Bitcoins through mining when they don’t even have the facilities for mining the coin.

The site does not mention anything to do with data centers. There are no disclosures with regards to how Bitcoin is mined through this site. That’s something we should take extremely seriously. There are thousands of high yield investment sites claiming to offer Bitcoin cloud mining and not proving ownership of any data centers.

This is the case with Minezone, a site that we have found to be very suspicious. A company registration only means that the anonymous owner wanted to imply credibility so as to gain trust. The fact of the matter is that the site is most likely a hoax.

Company status in the UK is meant for taxation purposes. They know that newbies will be convinced as soon as they learn that this website is backed by a company.

But it would be extremely risky to judge this site based on their company registration. We know a number of Bitcoin scams that are currently registered as companies in the UK. This does not stop them from scamming internet users. Therefore, the simple fact that someone registered a domain and went ahead to incorporate it for a few dollars does not mean that their operations are legit. In fact, 100% of the promised made by this website are misleading, starting from their supposed daily income and their mining operations.

We have seen this template many times before

When scammers are tired, they simply copy-paste everything from other websites which they either own or are competing with. This is the case with Mine Zone. This site has copied the thick wall of text from their competitors’ websites.

Even the name of their investment plans have been copied from other sites. This means that whoever is behind this site lacks creativity. They are just looking to make quick bucks from the financially ignorant.

By the way, Mine Zone is just a recycled project. There is nothing new in this website except the name Minezone.

Summary of points to remember

There are quite a few legit Bitcoin mining sites on the internet. You can them if you would like to generate some revenue from mining.

However, as for this website Mine zone, you have to remember that an anonymous scammer can never generate revenue for you. You must also remember that for Bitcoins to be mined, the website in question must invest in the necessary equipment needed to make it happen. So far, no one can convince us that Mine Zone has any equipment.

Finally, the kind of returns that this website is promising are quite ridiculous. When you see an investment plan labeled ”Fish”, it should ring bells in your mind. This is not a serious investment destination. Run if you can.

Our best advice for you

It is increasingly becoming difficult to find legit Bitcoin investment sites with every passing day. In fact, this year we have not found a single site that is genuinely mining Bitcoins apart from these ones. We have been reviewing high yield investment programs instead because these sites are the one that rob you of your Bitcoin. Avoid Minezone

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34 Replies to “ Review: A Pure Scam”

  1. From (red) changed name to Minezone ….
    now they create new. (green) … 1 million % scammer .. I beingscam by quickmining aka minezone…

  2. My experience has been really great! The service works quickly and the way one would expect it. When I ran into problems one time (my fault!), the team helped me and provided me with good alternatives. I enjoy doing business with them. Highly recommended!

    1. May you are a part of the scammer team or you are thelucky one that they need to response they will pay now because their secret is already revealing…. After all they will scam soon….

      1. Maybe they are scam but I got paid so, for me this is the trusted company. If you feel secure to mine with this company than you can do it otherwise it`s all up to you.

        1. Maybe its better not just to upgrade. Be contempeted on slow mining. Just withdraw you coin instantly and convert it. Anyway, we didnt even pay for something. So why expect for so much??. im giving it a try.

    2. Scammers. When I tried to wd my cash, they changed my wallet address into someone else’s. No money I tried to withdraw went into my acct.

  3. Since I sent them this article, I asked Anah to explain if this article is true. Their site is out of reach.

  4. simple question! if you have some facilities that can mine 1.8 BTC/day why would you sell it for only 5 BTC?
    its like the duck that lays golden eggs and you’re selling the duck for some eggs!

  5. I’ve sent the fees of 0.001to withdraw 0.03 BTC when I go to the site it’s still mining, when I try to click financies it has frozen I can’t do anything apart from logging into the site. ??

  6. I upgraded and paid maintanance fees on the 30th of April 2019 but when i try to withdraw its always pending.Please update my account so i can be able to withdraw my funds.

  7. Habe btc gesammelt soll Upgraden auf Fisch. Warum nehmen die nicht meine 0.01btc zum Upgraden? Soll einzahlen. Absolut unseriös.

  8. Scammers. When I tried to wd my cash, they changed my wallet address into someone else’s. No money I tried to withdraw went into my acct.

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