Mining 360 Review: Is Scam or Legit?

Mining 360 Review: Is Scam or Legit?

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Mining 360 is supposed to be a Crypto currency cloud mining operation. On the sales page, they claim to be mining Crypto currencies for some 1 million people. In addition to that, they claim to be the world’s leading hash power provider. However, one of the most obvious things about Mining 360 is that it is clearly a copy cat of Genesis mining. By the way, Genesis Mining is a legit Crypto currency cloud mining operation. But as for Mining 360, things begin to look suspicious because the site is directly copying the design and theme of Genesis Mining without their consent. In addition to that, the site does not have reviews to back up their service. In fact, this is one of the first few reviews about the site.

Having investigated Mining 360 carefully, we have some interesting to say about it. First, we don’t trust sites when they try to copy their rivals by copy pasting every element of the original design, plus we are not even sure whether Mining 360 is really mining any Bitcoin. Yes, there is a video on the sales page showing us their supposed data centers. But this video does not prove that Mining 360 owns the data center which they are showing their audience. There needs to be some kind of strong proof.

Therefore, if you wanted to try out this site (which you must not), you need to read this review carefully to find out why we are advising against utilizing the services of Mining 360.

Mining 360 Review

At first, when you look at Mining360 and fail to inspect the domain, you will end up investing in it thinking that you are investing with Genesis Mining. This is a clone site, and a direct copy cat of the original site. This kills the trust which they should have built for themselves if only they came up with their own style. But as you can see, Mining 360 wants to confuse internet users and by doing so, they can steal funds from many users who don’t always confirm the domain of the site before investing.

Mining 360

Mining 360 claims that it is backed by a corporation which has a presence in Hong Kong and Iceland. They are citing addresses for the two regions. Again, this was copied from Genesis Mining. Mining 360 does seem to have a visiting address. So this is a red flag and an indication that the site is not mining any Crypto currencies.

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However, there are many more red flags to consider on the site. For example, while we browsed the site pages, we noticed that most of the pages were not working or were returning a 404 error because those pages were either removed or have never been published. When we tried to open the link to their pricing, we encountered this error. In short, the site does not tell us for how much they are selling hash power. Their offers link is instead taking us to their homepage. In fact, many pages on the site are not giving us the information which they claim to give. So this is a very serious red flag, and whoever owns this site should consider filling up the pages with relevant content if they want to win some trust which they have already lost as a result of doing shoddy work.

We therefore presume that this is a site under contraction because nearly all links lead to the homepage. The site has some generic information about Crypto currency cloud mining and not any information that describe who they are, when they started or even some verifiable numbers to back their claims that they have been serving some 1 million customers.

Mining 360: The truth

While familiarizing ourselves with the navigation of the site, we attempted to purchase a mining plan. But when we attempted to purchase some hash power through a link that has been published on the homepage, that link too us to a blank page instead.

Therefore, as it currently stands, there is no way people can even order hash power from the site since the only link that’s supposed to do so is not working.

They claim to have data centers, but as you can see, a site whose links are broken cannot convince us otherwise. In fact, there are no data centers at all. That is why they are copying everything from Genesis Mining, right from their logo, the site’s theme to the colors and everything else.

And there are also fake testimonials on the site from anonymous people who claim that they made a lot of money with Mining 360. This is a big fat lie, and as you can see, the testimonials can’t fool even the most naive of internet users. So this is working against them as they are directly telling their users that Mining 360 is not professional and if they send any funds to the anonymous site admin, the funds would simply go down the drain.

Reasons as to why you should never use Mine 360

The obvious reason is that this site is a scam. There is no doubt that they are intending to scam internet users.

They are anonymous, and they are also copy cats of the original idea of another site. This is very common with scam sites that we have reviewed here before. It’s very easy to detect these signs because they are quite obvious by just looking at the site.

Thirdly, there are no mining plans to sell hash power from. Not only does the site fail to prove that they have any data centers, but they also fail to provide their pricing and other things which pertain to selling hash power to online users.

Finally, since they are a copy cat and they don’t have direct authorization from Genesis Mining, it is best to avoid them.

Our best advice for you

Mining 360 is a scam from a lazy fraud, and you should never even think that you can mine Crypto currencies with them. If you want legit mining, go here. You’ll be safe.

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