Mining Net Scam Review: Be Careful with this Website

Mining Net Scam Review: Be Careful with this Website

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Today we are taking a look at one peculiar Bitcoin mining site called Mining Net claims that it will get you started with Bitcoin cloud mining without the need to purchase your own hardware. It also claims that when you join them, you will get 30GH/s of mining power for a lifetime. The site also claims that no maintenance fees will apply, which makes us think that this is really weird. We have never heard any cloud mining site that doesn’t charge blockchain maintenance fees. And of course the site is also guaranteeing profits.

Are these claims true? Can this site give 30GH/s for free and for a lifetime? To find out, you should read this very detailed review.

Mining Net Review

We’ve looked at this site carefully and discovered that it is a high risk platform. But we love the fact that the owner didn’t pay for privacy feature. If records are anything to go by, then we can learn that his name is Adrian Adams. He claims to be affiliated with another website called Coin Miners. Coin Miners allegedly sells Cryptocurrency mining hardware. The site is privately registered, which means there is no way to find out if Adrian Adams is the owner of the site.

To cut the long story short, we cannot confirm whether this guy owns or is affiliated with the said website. Therefore, in as much as his name appears on as the owner of Mining Net website, a lot of things still don’t add up as far as transparency is concerned.

Free 30GH/s of profit and guaranteed profits

It is very rare to find sites that can give away free hashing power. Mining resources are scarce, and that means most legit mining platforms will never give out any free hashing power.

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As to whether or not Mining Net is speaking the truth about the free hashing power which they claim to give out, we can say that we are not really sure about it. Furthermore, we don’t think it’s possible to give everyone free hashing power because this would result in unnecessary strain of resources especially if many clients are involved. It is not a realistic thing. It comes across as a too good to be true promise.

Mining Net is also claiming that it will generate guaranteed profits. The site is still very new to this industry. It has no reputation and definitely no client feedback. Again, we cannot say for sure that guaranteed profits will ever apply to any investment project.

Also, the most weird thing that this site is promising is that it will mine without any maintenance fees. That is not possible in any mining operation. Anyone who claims that they will mine for you and hand over 100% of profits generated from mining is definitely a liar.

Profit claims

There are 4 highly suspicious investment plans on this website. You can allegedly purchase 100GH/s, 2000GH/s, 20,000GH/s and 60,000GH/s respectively.

100GH/s of hashing power costs 0.0005 BTC according to Mining Net. 0.01 BTC will get you 2000GH/s of hashing power. 0.1 BTC will get you 20,000 GH/s. Finally, 0.3BTC gets you 60,000 GH/s of hashing power.

To the unsophisticated investor who just sees these are mere numbers and attractive returns, it might look like a good and realistic investment project.

It takes an experienced person to tell you what you can realistically earn for a certain amount of hashing power.

84,000 GH/s of hashing power is currently generating up to USD0.60 per day. However, Mining Net is telling us that for 60,000 GH/s, we can make 0.0135 BTC per day or 0.405 BTC per month.

Now, you can do the math for yourself to see how unrealistic this site is in terms of its profit projections. It is selling what cannot be achieved for the amount of hashing power that they claim to sell.

Therefore, if current factors affecting mining of Bitcoins are anything to go by, we can say that these profits are too good to be true. We are even starting to doubt whether Mining Net is a cloud mining platform.

Also, when you look at the footer of the site, you will find a link that says ”Live Farm”. Clicking that link will take you back to the homepage instead of the expected web destination where proof of mining is supposed to be showcased. This is a red flag.

Is Mining Net Paying?

Well, it is almost obvious that this site does not pay. It is a very new platform to start with. There are no reviews or testimonials about it. This means that they have not found clients who are trusting enough to work with them.

Generally, you should be wary of sites that are new in this industry. They never have any good reputation, plus they are always likely to be a scam.

In the case of Mining Net, those profits are too good to be true. We are even afraid to say that those promises will never be fulfilled. This is definitely something else and not mining of Cryptocurrencies.

User stats

There are some user stats on the site which suggest that people are actually utilizing their mining hardware. But we would be foolish to believe this lie since we cannot find customer feedback anywhere on the internet. So those numbers are definitely a fabrication.

To cut the long story short, these numbers were edited by the site admin to mislead the financially naive investor into thinking that this site is the real deal. Confirm it with Google and any other search engine and you will realize that this site is not telling the truth.

Our best advice for you

We do not trust Mining Net at all. There is a high probably that this is a scam. If not, it is a ponzi scheme, which is just another way of sugar-coating the word scam. The best thing you can do for yourself is to avoid it. Perhaps you might want to use these cloud mining platforms. They are really good.

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8 Replies to “Mining Net Scam Review: Be Careful with this Website”

  1. Merci pour vos commentaires et vos soutiens, mais ce que j’aimerais vous demander est de me conseiller une plate-forme d’extraction minière fiable qui puisse exister de nos jours, merci pour de me répondre

  2. You guys are fake mining-net pays I have withdrawn many times and even help people out in Ghana here God have mercy on Guys why do wish to tell l*** I have all proof a message on my withdrawal and earnings oh do your investigations well I am into it send me e-mail to [email protected] if you think you can face the reality.

  3. Mining net is a scam and a ponzi scheme they have changed their name to Miner-server. They suspend your account when you want to withdraw the profits their wallets addresses are 3PruEvDxJqh2pJidtgxM9YfgabvWPP9r8Q or 3FgzpnSe7CRuxQrNZi64DT2EUoE6PJp7bK and all stolen bitcoin is sent to this wallet address 3Dotny3sBr4iYFPqw48BzW2y4QxgPDQZVp

  4. Oltre,
    Comunque se si depositano 0.0005/0.001 pagano per un po’,2/3 mm esiste,poi appena si entra con 0.05 BTC cominciano a fare storie per prelievi di 0.001 BTC, finché dopo 3/4/5 prelievi cominciano a chiedere ta**a del 95% circa dell’ intero deposito, finché dopo che il cliente rimane fermo perché non può ritirare essendo monitorati da questi soggetti chiudono il sito e ne fanno un altro che hanno già pronto in serie ancora vergine,2/3 esi ma**imo poi si ricomincia,pagano le piccole bloccano le medie e grandi

    1. This site is a scammer
      Only a small amount of 0.009 is paid for a limited time
      Never trust this site
      It has caused me a lot of financial losses in the last few days
      If you can pull your money fast

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