Mining Servers Review – Is Scam?

Mining Servers Review – Is Scam?

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If you are intending to mine Bitcoins and have come across the site, you’d probably wonder whether it’s a scam or not. This in depth and honest review has the answer to your question. We have analyzed everything about the site, and we believe to the best of our knowledge that this review is quite honest.

The first thing we realize is that this site is making some bold statements, and not providing proof to support those statements. For example, they suggest that they have 1,000,000 members and that we can join those miners through their site. They call themselves ”world leading hash power providers”. If that is the case, where are these legit mining sites for Bitcoin?

They should be giving us proof that they are indeed the world’s leading hashpower providers. Otherwise, we will treat these claims as mere marketing declarations which don’t really persuade serious investors. Having said that, we will go ahead and discuss certain elements of the site that make it one of the most interesting mining operations out there.

Mining Servers Review

First of all, this site is quite economical with the way it gives information concerning their service. There is not much to learn about the site when you browse around. In fact, it looks like a static page or a site still under construction because even some buttons are not working. If you scroll to the footer of the site and click ”Try now”, you will discover that the button is not working. There are only two active buttons on the site – one for log in and another for signing up. Other than this, there is nothing much to read or learn about the site.

mining servers

Mining Server is also suggesting that they are offering a feature for storing Bitcoins in an online wallet. There is a section which is suggesting that the site has developed an Android and iOS app as well. However, when we click either of these buttons, nothing happens. Again, this is proof that the site may still be under construction, although it’s out there in the wild inviting users to sign up and start mining Bitcoins.

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By the way, it is not even clear what Mining Servers do. While they claim that they are mining Crypto currencies, they are not talking about their data centers or even the location of their mining hardware. We simply treat this as a red flag because serious Mining operations often talk about their data centers and the places where they are located.

On the other, the site also claims that they are helping users store their Bitcoins. It’s quite sad that the site is not providing any clarity with regards to their service. This is one reason as to why we cannot recommend the services of this site. They are not upfront with their service. However, there are many red flags that are still lurking around, and we need to take these warning signs seriously.

Is Mining Servers safe?

We are going to focus on the Bitcoin storage side of the site. Since they are showing us pictures of their supposed mobile app, we are presuming that they are providing storage services for Crypto currencies. But how safe is this service? Is there any guarantee that if your Bitcoins will be safe on this site?

The fact of the matter is that there is no assurance. The site is not giving us any assurance as well. Besides, it is not registered or licensed to operate like a professional Cryptocurrency exchange or mining operation. It would be a big mistake trusting this site because other than not being licensed or incorporated anywhere to provide these services, the management of the service is anonymous.

Therefore, with regards to the question above, we can confidently make the assertion that Mining servers isn’t safe. You cannot send funds to an anonymous person on the other end. They will rip you off especially with all the red flags that the site is exhibiting. So the bottom line is that this site cannot be trusted. There is no useful information to help investors know what this site does. They are not upfront about what service they are providing. All these things are considered red flags.

Recap of points described above

To mine Bitcoins and other Crypto currencies, you can contract hashpower from genuine Crypto currency mining sites. Believing that Mining Servers has hashpower would be a big mistake because these folks don’t even tell us whether they have hashpower to sell.

Secondly, they are claiming to have the facility for storing Crypto currencies. At least this seems to be their main line of business which they are also not elaborating on. Regardless of whether they mine or provide storage facility, it’s crystal clear that the site cannot be trusted.

The owner is mysterious, and the site is also not disclosing their physical address. A professional site should state the ownership or management of the company as well as the address where they are located at.

Thirdly, Mining Servers claims that they launched the business in 2015. But our research shows that this domain is very new, and the site is not famous yet. Since they are quite new in the Crypto currency mining marketplace, we think it would be a very big mistake to trust them with your funds.

Mining Servers is similar to Coin Link NZ, which is yet another scam exchange. The FMA has already warned traders not to exchange their Bitcoins through the platform. It’s just a matter of time before Mining Servers can fall in the authority’s radar.

Our best advice for you

We do not believe that Mining Servers is the best place to store or mine Bitcoins for that matter. The site is quite risky. We cannot ignore the red flags because the risks are too high. Having said this, our advice is to continue increasing your Cryptocurrency portfolio by either mining or trading them. For trading, make use of these trading robots.

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