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Miningsky is a notorious scam in the market. The mining niche is plagued with scammers. It has become challenging to make a decent earning in this niche.

The platforms will insinuate that they are performing mining activities, but in reality, they are only using new investors’ money to pay up those that are withdrawing funds from the system. is a pyramid scheme that investors should keep off at all costs. The platform is operating in a shady manner. There is no credibility or transparency in the platform.

The company has not provided any evidence to create confidence with their clients. Legit Crypto mining firms will always offer information that proves there is mining taking place. They will disclose their location, their mining farms, the hardware that they are using to mine. Additionally, the firms go a mile further by stating the winning rates and the draw downs that they encounter. Review

Why would you trust anonymous people with your money? The owner has made sure no evidence leads to who they are. The only reason the Ponzi scheme act like this is to ensure the law does not catch up with them. does not meet the requirement of a mining farm. Moreover, the platform is a re fabricating of another pyramid scheme by the name

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The information only proves that the platform is not to not trusted. The fraudulent company is too lazy to come up with its content that they have slightly modified another website data.

What is even worst is the fact that Hashshiny is also a scam company. It will take someone who knows the market a minute to realize that the firm has a link. Probably they are being run by the same person.

The two websites have a lucrative mining platform that does not create credibility—the small details matter in everything. However, is a platform that lies even about the time they have been in the market.

The company claims that they have a mining history and that it has been in the market since 2016. Well, guess what the information is false.

Miningsky wants to scam investors that they have a history and an excellent reputation. More reasons as to why you should be more careful. Trust only legit mining companies in the industry. Review, Miningsky platform


The law requires all investment ventures to get a licensing certificate for them to carry out their services. does not have regulation or registration documents. We checked with multiple financial watchdogs in the market,

Unfortunately, the pyramid scheme is not in their database. We have stressed the importance of sticking to a licensed company. The danger that comes along with Miningsky are numerous, and there is nothing positive about the firm.

Their system will collapse sooner or later, and it is the investors who will suffer the most. It might be a daunting task or the authority to catch up with them as no evidence leads to who they are, or how they look.

Contact Details and Support

Miningsky claims that they are located at 122 Walter Hardwich Avenue. The pyramid scheme randomly picks a location to deceive investors that that where they run their operations.

The company requires users to deposit $50,000, which, if you make it will be their win game. The money is enough to exit the market, and also cashing in all that money is naive.

Investors should be cautious and avoid believing everything that comes their way. The ploy is familiar with Pyramid schemes, and you need to watch out for these red flags.

The company does not offer customer support services to its clients. There is no email address or a telephone number to reach them. At this modern age, a platform that does not cater to the needs of their clients is unheard of it.

The various business will invest highly in an excellent support team. If you have any problem regarding your investment, nobody will help you to resolve the matter. Is this the company that you want to trust with your money?

False Testimonials

The Ponzi scheme has a testimonials section that is very enticing. Newbies who come along these reviews will quickly deposit funds in the company.

Nonetheless, it would help if you did not believe whatever you read blindly. All the available data points that the company is a notorious Ponzi scheme that investors should keep off.

Additionally, there is no evidence of payment. Happy investors should provide screenshots to verify they are indeed earning from the system.

The Doman Insight

We managed to gather useful data regarding from Unfortunately, the data of the founder is missing. The company began its operations in December 2018, and the expiry will happen in the same month the year 2019.

Purchasing a short term domain names verify our claims that the platform has no intention of staying in the market past this time. We can assure you the company will exit the market before the expiry of their registration.

Legit or Scam?

The evidence is black and white. The suspicious platform has a similar website with another Ponzi scheme. The company falsely claims they have data centers in Ukraine, Venezuela, Trinidad, and Belarus.

It is ridiculous since no one has heard about this platform. We can get real investors to back up the narrative of Miningsky. If the firm is performing very well in the market, why is the platform not among the top 100 best mining companies in the globe?

So many unanswered questions. To visit the pyramid schemes offices investors’, have to deposit funds worth $50,000. Owe unto those who fall for their catch. First of all, what Miningsky. Ask their clients if unheard of it.

Every penny matter, and they should treat all their clients the same. If you deposit a considerable amount of money, you will not yield any returns. The worst-case scenario is that you will lose all your deposits.

The company does not offer their clients funds safety. If you look keenly at their website, we could not find the SSL certificate. Additionally, Miningsky does not segregate investors’ money in a reputable financial institution.

The information regarding withdrawal is insufficient. The information on methods available to cash out is missing. The platform will leave their clients high and dry.

Do not chase unrealistic opportunities in the market to find more reliable platforms. Miningsky is a company that is trying so hard to stay relevant. The firm even features fake data centers on their website to appear as a transparent entity.

The pyramid scheme thrives by utilizing an affiliate program. Cause the company is not generating any ROI, they urge their clients to invite as many people as they can for them to earn a commission.  Cause, these are just empty promises to top on the list.

Miningsky Final Verdict is another a pyramid scheme in the market that investors shouldn’t trust with their cash. The platform is operating anonymously, and there is no evidence of mining taking place in their system.

The red flags that the company displays are enough for everyone to see the platform is an illegal entity. Stick to reputable mining investment companies that will focus on attaining your goals.

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9 Replies to “ Review: Is Miningsky another Scam?”

  1. ohh so huge amount 30k.. if you want to invest again i have a company legit atleast 1k invest every monday pay out .. im not a scammer .. try me.

  2. I am very sad to write this. I invested in Miningsky 3 week before. From that time I felt some disturbance in the site.

    I withdraw my first profit. But second withdrawal done by somebody. I checked and find my wallet address has been changed by somebody. I lost that second withdrawal amount.

    After that I saved my wallet address again in the site. But it was useless, they added their wallet address there again. I tried to change it again,but can’t. Editing deseabled there. What is this. Can you help me pls

  3. I invested 500$ month back and the another 500$ dayr or 2 later.Unfortunately the second investment was sent to the same address as initial one.I emailed them for weeks,but no help. Now I see I can’t withdraw either. It’s a scam site

  4. No reply in chat, ticket system doesn’t offer any way to use it, pending withdrawals of BTC over 6 weeks, no response to emails to the guy who is supposed to be running it…this is useless….very much smells of a scam…small withdrawals work, but anything a bit larger pending

  5. somebody needs to learn how to do math before posting that something is a scam. at $16 per day youd have an ROI of roughly 128%. so…. 28% profit (before mining pool fees and maintenance) last time i checked 128% of 3000 was about 2000 shy of 6 grand and 33% shy of 12 grand.

    1. Your math is wrong Scott. As they said in the article -before maintenance fees. The ROI is 187 days before fees ($3000/16). Roughly doubling their investment in a year.

  6. By all appearances this is a scam but too late now. They have absolutely no customer service, I have sent many emails since May 2 when my issue arose. I have never rec’d a single reply. Sometimes there appears to be a chat agent going by “Maya” and I used to get answers until I started complaining about my balance not being correct. The net amount earned on May 1 was not credited to my account on May 2 and she initially promised it would be corrected within 36 hours as they had server issues. It’s now 2 weeks later and the chat agent doesn’t respond even when it appears to be online and available. The balance is still not adjusted. The only positive thing is that I have been able to withdraw so far but I doubt that will continue long enough to recover my investment. Be very aware!

  7. BC-For Immediate Release-Skychain Technologies Inc.(the “Company”) hereby notifies shareholders, investors and users(collectively, “Legitimate Users”) of its website( along with Legitimate Users of its MiningSky website( a currently unidentifiable person or persons have created a website that the Company believes is an attempt to re-direct Legitimate Users to such website with a similar domain name that is totally unrelated to Skychain or MiningSky. The URL being used is and in technial lingo can be called an attempt to Hijack or Typosquat our legitimate websites. The company warns all Legitimate Users that any communications or transactions with this Hijack/Typosquat site are at your sole risk. the same person or persons may have also incorporated a Federal Company using the name of MiningSky io Cloud Mining Ltd. Please be forewarned.

    “Bill Zhang”
    CEO and Director

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