Miny CC Review: a Suspicious Crypto Investment Company

Miny CC Review: a Suspicious Crypto Investment Company

Miny is a cryptocurrency trading company that happens to be a scam. The platform claims that it earns investors passive income. The only thing that you need to do is join them. The company also has its token.

They also claim their services are accessible in 198 countries. The founder of this platform is known as Thomas Norberg, who is a crypto enthusiast. The company is located in Hong Kong. Additionally, the venture also claims that the people behind the firm are professionals and entrepreneurs,

Miny states that its main focus is to ensure that mining is accessible to every investor in the market. They want to see investors’ succeed. The entity also claims that it is transparent in all its activities.

They are conducting cryptocurrency mining automatically. The entity also assures clients that their money is in safe hands. Investors are the only people that can access their wallet. The entity also saves time.

The platform promises investors they will earn a passive income. You can earn monthly profits of 19%. The rewards are paid using their token. The minimum amount that you can deposit in this entity is $50. Review

The platform is also involved in crypto mining activities. You can mine BTC, ETH, LTC, and Miny. The company brags about having the best mining software, human resource, and hardware to facilitate its investment services.

The company only needs money to make their token a dream come true. Unfortunately, the entity will not survive long in the industry. The system will collapse; we do not know when, but it will eventually come to pass. Review, Miny Platform

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It is important to note that mining is not as profitable as it used to be. The returns of 19% are a ridiculous offer that raises eyebrows. Miny does not disclose how it plans to handle inevitable mining costs.

The mining price is determined by the current price of the currency that you are mining. If you calculate the electricity bill, mining difficulties, hardware, and token prices, you will not attain the ROI that Miny projects.

Moreover, digital currency is volatile. You cannot attain the same outcome every passing day. It will take time before you can recover your initial capital. Additionally, you also need to make sure that the Miny token will survive the market.

Multiple entities enter the market and collapse half between the line. Investors need to invest with reliable mining companies that have a trading history.

Promised Returns

There are two methods that you can use to earn an income in Miny. You can either invest in their token or refer new clients. The entity affiliate program has insane bonuses. We tend to believe that this is a pyramid scheme.

The company is offering a 132% bonus on their 20th level. The more people you bring, the higher your chances of earning more. The mining platform will have to generate high profits for them to attain their promise.

Considering that their token is not reputable, it is hard for them to meet their clients’ expectations. The unrealistic returns are enough evidence that Miny is a Ponzi scheme. Nonetheless, it does not require rocket science to notice the red flags.

Is Miny Token Valuable?

You cannot exchange Miny token with other currencies in the market. There is no exchange in the entire world that pairs this suspicious altcoin with the popular currencies. The company is not accepting any other form of payment apart from their own.

You will invest your hard-earned money for useless tokens. The company is using this mode of payment to ensure they are on the winning side. No matter what happens, this entity will only be counting profits.

Miny is a company that is using false information to win over clients. The price of their token is made up, and it is worthless in the real world. Furthermore, their milestone is to be featured on popular exchanges; unfortunately, we do not see it coming to pass.

Miny Contact Details

Miny company is allegedly located in Hong Kong. This is the only information that is available on their website. Nonetheless, the entity does not feature their office address. They leave that to investors to figure out.

We cannot determine whether the platform is indeed based in Hong Kong. Moreover, there is also no telephone number that you can use to contact the support team. It is also difficult to verify their mining activities. The platform can only be reached via email or live chat.

Miny does not indicate the location of their mining farm. As you can see, the entity has various loopholes. Moreover, if the company is legit, then they should not be operating anonymously. They should indicate their location for transparency purposes.

Miny Regulation

Any government does not regulate miny in the globe. The entity is operating against the law and risks being put behind bars. They feature necessary information on their FAQ page. A platform that works without a license should not be your investment partner.

Considering that this venture is an outlaw, choose another alternative that offers fund safety. The company sounds very convincing. Additionally, their website also looks professional. It is, therefore, challenging to suspect anything is off the hook.

Ensure that you only stick to licensed investment ventures. They operate following the law, unlike Ponzi schemes that do not care about their clients. You will not yield any returns by engaging with this suspicious entity.

Additionally, the only thing that we have is the name of the founder. The platform does not feature any relevant data that shows his whereabouts. The entity is an anonymous firm.

Media Endorsement

The company features several quotes that have been featured on various media. Miny brags that it is endorsed by Bloomberg Business, CNN, Yahoo Finance, and Forbes. However, the entity is not featured on CNN or Forbes.

The company pays the other media coverage as a marketing strategy. Any investment platform can pay for a press release. The possibility of this scam paying a copywriter is very high. Therefore, do not take this as an endorsement.

Is Miny a legit Investment Company?

Miny might be paying investors for now. Nonetheless, do not get it twisted; this does not make the platform a legit form of investment. The possibility of the entity using existing clients’ funds to pay out their clients is very high.

It is also hard for us to determine whether the company is paying out clients. The existing reviews available are from the trust pilot. The feedback appears to be cherry-picked. Furthermore, given the nature of this company chance of them paying clients to review them are high.

Miny will go down one day, and traders’ money will be trapped in their system. You will not be able to get it back because this is an unregulated business. Stay away from this suspicious platform to avoid losing cash.

Final Verdict

Miny is a company that has been around since September 2018. The company has high traffic coming on their website from Russia. The survival of this entity depends on the money that is coming in their platform.

There are better crypto mining companies that are genuine and reliable. Finally, make sure that you get relevant knowledge before investing blindly in every platform.


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