Mirror Trader Review Revealing the Ultimate Scam

Mirror Trader Review Revealing the Ultimate Scam

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Binary Option Trading can be fun and a profitable venture if you understand the job. However, the entire scenario can be the opposite if you lack the understanding about binary options and binary options trading bots.

Note: A good alternative to this Mirror Trader Scam is the Super Simple Bot.

The bad news is that there are many trading scams out there and one such scam is Mirror Trader. This scam can eventually ruin the career of any trader so you have to be careful with your choices. Now if you wish to know more then make it a point to go through every word of this review and you will find out the truth.

Mirror Trader scam video details

Mirror Trader is new scam by John Harrison. The video is presented by John and he has a lot of positive things to say about this scam system. The video starts with a big lie that the investor can make about $300,000 a month. Now that is a pretty huge amount. It is definitely not an easy job to earn such a big amount with a scam system like Mirror Trader. The video is just an attempt to pull the trader into this trap.

Mirror Trader

Note: Be on your guard against the scammers and choose the reliable trading bots.

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The lies do not end here and the presenter says that the trader does not have to pay a penny for this trading bot Mirror Trader, but that is not the case in real. The investor always has to pay in the form of deposit and usually the deposit is shared between the scam system and the scam associated broker.

The presenter tries to use different pressurisation techniques. He says that there are limited spots and another 21 spots will be taken up soon. Now this is a smart way to play with the psyche of a new trader who is just in a hurry to earn. Usually the new traders jump at the opportunity of signing up with a trading bot. However, the investor should not make this mistake at all.

Mirror Trader Scam

Further the presenter says that he needs about 21 more people to join him. The reality is that he needs the deposit of about 21 people more. The more people get fooled by this system the more the maker of Mirror Trader will earn. Thus the logic sounds pretty simple.

The presenter says that trading with Mirror Trader is a risk free opportunity, but that is not the truth. The risk levels are quite high when the investor trades using a scam system like Mirror Trader. This system claims to offer a daily profit of $14,500 to the investor. Well there is no way that the trader can earn such a high profit figure. Next the presenter says something unbelievable. He says that the trader can trade using Mirror Trader even if he has no experience.

A wise trader should not even think of trading with unknown trading bots if he lacks the experience because that makes him vulnerable to losses. What is most evident in the video is that John refrains from presenting the real facts. He does not present a trading strategy to use when trading with Mirror Trader. He fails to unveil any convincing features of the system. He even fails to present some convincing points in favour of Mirror Trader.

The presenter is keen to just show the account profits. Well an experienced trader needs credible proof and not profit figures. He needs to know the answer how Mirror Trader can make so much profit? The entire video fails to answer this question.

Interestingly the video shows a glimpse of the dashboard of Mirror Trader. Well the investor has the authority to set the settings of some of options. For example, he is allowed to set the risk levels. However, everything seems ambiguous because there is no detailed explanation of how the trader will be using these options. Mirror Trader video fails to offer a proper walkthrough of the system and that is what makes it so disappointing.

Mirror Trader Scam Review

Note: Avoid the scammers and choose the genuine trading bots.

According to the brief overview of Mirror Trader presented in the video, it is mentioned that the trading bot makes use of super-fast technology that is basically an OC3 connection known as OC192 connection. The presenter says that the accurate speed enables Mirror Trader to gather the market data fast. The presenter states that this fast speed allows the trader to win all the trades. When anyone watches the video he will feel the need of a detailed explanation that is missing.

Mirror Trader website the perfect personification of a scam

The website of any trading bot reveals a lot and the same happens in case of Mirror Trader. When the investor will look at the website he will get the feel that is a scam. The website is filled with useless information. There are useless testimonials on the website of Mirror Trader that an experienced trader will realize at a glimpse that this system has nothing useful to offer. The website is more focused on revealing the profit figures of the investors.

There is no guarantee whether these profits are real or not. This magnifies the risk. Interestingly there is no email address on the website of Mirror Trader so there is no way for the trader to contact the system easily. This means he has to hold on to his questions forever.

The video is placed on the website, but the essentials of a website like home page and about us page are missing. There are a number of credibility badges on the website, but none of the badges are clickable. This is what makes Mirror Trader a pretty bad choice for any potential investor. If the trader decides to rush into a sign up then he is putting his privacy on the line because the scammers love to gather email addresses and flood the inboxes with unsolicited emails. Thus the investor has to be careful with his choices.

What a trader will miss the most on the Mirror Trader website is the demo account. The reason is that the investor will not be able to explore this system at all without the assistance of demo account. The demo gives the trader an insight about the system. Mirror Trader deprives the trader of this opportunity.

Now an investor will definitely want to know about the risks of Mirror Trader. Well this review will surely highlight these risks. First of all the trader will lose the deposit amount. It is quite difficult for a new investor to gather the deposit so he just cannot afford to lose the money so easily. Another risk for the trader is that he will lose his confidence if he suffers financial losses because of the scam trading system Mirror Trader so that surely makes this system a bad choice for the investor.

Now the closing lines are that Mirror Trader should not be the choice of any trader whether new or experienced. The trader will not profit at all if he signs up with this system. The best way to shun such trading scams is not to opt for them in the first place and choose from out list of original binary robots. The new investors need to play it safe and only opt for reliable trading bots. The investor should spend time and effort in exploring the credible systems and this will be the wise choice on the part of the investor. Say a big no to Mirror Trader.

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