Mirror Trading International Review: MTI is a Scam

Mirror Trading International Review: MTI is a Scam

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Mirror Trading International operates in the Forex trading MLM niche instead of investing in the real deal. The company is incorporated and based out of South Africa. Heading up Mirror Trading International is CEO and founder Johann Steynberg. Prior to founding MTI, Steynberg (right) was promoting Syntek Global.Based on his Twitter account activity, at some point Steynberg took an interest in cryptocurrency. Earlier this year Steynberg was advertising a “turn $25 into $75 over and over again” opportunity on Twitter.

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Mirror Trading International Review

Back to investing $25 and turning it to $75 over and over again. And we guess that this didn’t work out. Read on for a full review of Mirror Trading International’s MLM opportunity.

What exactly is MTI? According to the statements published on their site, the platform is described as follows:

We are both a trading and networking company. On the trading part, the  system of MTI utilities advanced trading software with built in artificial intelligence that dynamically adjusts to trading and market conditions.

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The system is fully automated and you can sit back and relax and receive your daily statements, detailing the results of the trades for the day.

How do they operate? within 24 hours. According to the site, once your account is funded, it will be linked and trading will commence. Once this has commenced, they claim to compound returns so that accounts can grow bigger and bigger. You are free to deposit into your account at any time. Withdrawals from MTI will be processed within 24 hours and the member will receive their funds via BTC within 48 hours

Mirror Trading International’s Products

Mirror Trading International has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Mirror Trading International affiliate membership itself.

MTI’s Compensation Plans look as follows:

Mirror Trading International affiliates invest $100 or more on the representation of perpetual trading returns.

How long is the investment period?

The investment period is continuous and you will continue to earn profits as long as you keep the minimum balance of 0.01 BTC in your trading account.

Recruitment Commissions

Mirror Trading International affiliates earn a 10% commission on funds invested by personally recruited affiliates.

Residual Commissions

MTI pays residual commissions via a binary compensation structure. A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (left and right):


The first level of the binary team houses two positions. The second level of the binary team is generated by splitting these first two positions into another two positions each (4 positions). Subsequent levels of the binary team are generated as required, with each new level housing twice as many positions as the previous level.

Positions in the binary team are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of affiliates. Note there is no limit to how deep a binary team can grow. How many binary team levels does an MTI affiliate earns residual commissions on is determined by how much they’ve personally invested:

  • invest $200 to $999 and earn residual commissions down ten binary team levels
  • invest $1000 to $4999 and earn residual commissions down twenty binary team levels
  • invest $5000 to $9999 and earn residual commissions down thirty binary team levels
  • invest $10,000 or more and earn on your full binary team (unlimited depth)

Residual commissions are calculated weekly, based on 20% of company-wide generated returns. Mirror Trading International states that of the 20% set aside, affiliates earn their share based on “the total business your team structure contributes”. Although not explicitly clarified, residual commission payouts are clearly based on binary team investment volume.

Joining MTI

Mirror Trading International affiliate membership is tied to a minimum $100 investment.

Full participation in the attached MLM opportunity requires a minimum $200 investment.

Note that all fund transfers within Mirror Trading International (both paid and received), are made in bitcoin.

What you should know

Mirror Trading International combines pyramid recruitment with a passive investment opportunity. Johann Steynberg doesn’t appear to have a Forex trading background, so it is unclear where and how Mirror Trading International is trading.

This is important because Mirror Trading International’s passive investment opportunity constitutes a securities offering. Securities in South Africa are regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

Although Mirror Trading International might be incorporated in South Africa, neither the company or Johann Steynberg appear to be registered with the FSCA. This means that Mirror Trading International is operating illegally in South Africa.

Indeed if MTI is not registered with securities regulators in every jurisdiction where it solicits investment in, the company is operating illegally worldwide. The only reason they would opt to commit securities fraud is if they aren’t doing what they say they are. Namely paying returns from trading revenue. art of securities regulator registration is providing audited accounting demonstrating trading revenue being actually used to pay returns. MTI would also have to make disclosures regarding what happens to investor funds to their investors and the public.

Again, this is not optional. By failing to register and providing disclosures, Mirror Trading International is committing securities fraud. As it stands the only verifiable source of revenue entering Mirror Trading International is new investment.

Using new investment to pay existing affiliates a daily return would make Mirror Trading International a Ponzi scheme. The math behind Ponzi schemes guarantees that when they collapse, the majority of participants lose money. And even if it does not collapse, many people will be losing money because they have to take money from investors to make payouts.

Our best advice for you

This investment scheme is a scam as you can see. To become a member of the MTI club, you are required to open an account with MTI using the registration link on the page. Alternatively, investors are required to use the special link provided by a person who invited them. This kind of investing is quite dangerous and people must never deposit funds to such a trading scheme as there is no assurance of trading and definitely no guarantee of returns. If you want to trade professionally, visit this page. 

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56 Replies to “Mirror Trading International Review: MTI is a Scam”

  1. Just one question though, have you joined them to be able to give this opinion about MTI Mirror Trading International? You can only make an informed accusation if you have been part of them and been scammed by them. I’m in MTI and NOT ONCE have I been scammed or money withhold when I wanted to withdrew. I don’t have to do anything and my bitcoin is growing. MTI is growing by the thousands per week right now and not once have any member complain about them. I’ve got a downline of nearly 500 and my whole team and I will never get into any other program ever again.
    Next time, before you post a smear review about a company based on your own opinion, first join them and post your own experience and not based on what you think they might be or what other, who aren’t members of the program either, say about it.
    I just wonder if you will even have the guts to post my reply

        1. Your Bitcoin is increased daily. Irregardless of the value of Bitcoin, the amount you have will increase daily.
          There are also incentive programs and binary bonuses paid out every weekend apart from your Bitcoin growing everyday.

      1. amigo despierta, los trabajos en la economia neoliberal todos son sistemas piramidales donde el empleado nunca jamás gana lo que un ejecutivo, hasta no ascender pero esforzandose y simplemente siendo esclavo del trabajo no entiendo tu termino piramide a que te refieres exactamente?

      1. YES So have we all… BUT NOT MTI…. Do yourself a favor and Get involved and SEE and ASK ALL the questions freely and they WILL be answered!

        Standing on the Sidelines and commenting will accomplish NOTHING..

        I DARE YOU!

        1. Hi, I have been a member of MTI for some time. I am more than satisfied with their performance and legitimacy. I would be happy to tell you about my experience. You can also access their website using my link if you like; [Link Removed]

    1. Agree, most of the so called survey individual is likely a scam, they are asking attention to someone then enticing of what they have!

  2. Nabreska you are Correct!!! Myself and my Friends and Family is also part of MTI, and this is a good Way to make more money, and if you think for yourself you can start with any amount of Money, and you can withdraw your Bonuses and Money at any time…no ha**les… everybody in MTI heard about your story. (In Afikaans hy het SUUR DRYWE) Just because you way of doing things didn’t work doesn’t mean other people is Scammers. When I see stuff like this it make me even more Mad… (Sulke Mense sien nie die Son Skyn vir ander nie)

  3. It is not correct for anyone to call MTI a Ponzi scheme because no member is paid from funds of new joining members. Instead the daily trading profit is split between the investors, the broker, MTI itself for admin expenses and affiliate income. When new members join 100% of their funds are placed in a trading pool and none of these funds are used to pay any member.
    The company uses a well known and credible trader. As someone has said before for you to know this information you need to be an active member and see how the company in operation.
    People have been scammed by platforms who purport to be trading when they are in fact not.

      1. It’s FXChoice, but they don’t want you to know that for some reason. I got shouted at quite severely for asking perfectly innocent questions.
        I’m giving MTI a wide berth for the time being; might be back later. But I’m leaning more towards Ponzi because of the track records of some of the leaders. Sadly.

  4. You can buy a portion of Bitcoin and have it increased everyday by doing nothing, starting with R300 minimum. When I heard about Bitcoin it was R400 it’s now valued at $7200 currently this is in 7 year span. Don’t let the opportunity pa** you by join MTI today add me on WhatsApp 0724112269

  5. I think we have a Winner here, been watching and a***yzing all the moves and trades is pretty awesome to my surprise…not sure how the Bot they have can do so many trades with such a low Draw-down, like minimal risk..goeing to check that affiliate portion, see some friends are smiling just to much…I must get into all their benefits. ciau

  6. This has change my life in the best way possible. I can only thank MTI and the person that introduced me to this amazing company.

    1. I will sponsor you no problem here is my no 0761003366. Contact me and I will show you all the prove you need. I will put the money where my mouth is…

  7. I have been in MTI for 7 months and I have not had 1 day of losses. All these ROBOTS they advertize for sale at the top, THAT is where the SCAMS begin AND END.

    Mirror Trading International is the FIRST Registered and FULLY Regulated Trading System using Bitcoin as a base Currency and suppl**** PROOF on a Daily basis that I have found. I will NEVER join anything else again. MTI is the ONLY SYSTEM and Community I will EVER Trust!

    1. Gosh you have never had a loss? If this system is so good why do they want to use other people for trading. Waddles, quacks and swims then it is a PONZI. Why are all of you people so naive.

    2. It is posts such as yours that make my blood boil. The statements you make are stupid although I suspect you may be part of the Ponzi. MTI is the “first Registered”. What do you mean? If you think that it is the first registered entity that trades Bitcoin then you are crazy. Millions of companies trade Bitcoin, and other cryptos daily. “Fully regulated trading system”. Full regulated by whom? They are not registered to trade, which they acknowledge in the video above, as they don’t understand that Bitcoin is not being used to trade, only to use for payments. This merely replaces a fiat currency. The illegal aspect of everything about MTI is it is actually soliciting funds to trade (which is their business model) and then supposedly making profits daily from which is claiming to pay. IT IS AN ILLEGAL OPERATION

  8. To Valforex,
    With respect to you and your company, I wish to convei the truth about Mirror trading International since I know that giving false information won’t do well for you. No Disrespect from my end though, but as you really want the truth as I expect, here it follows.

    I’ve gone through this review, and happily can say the following… I’m aware of 3 bad reviews and 22 000 happy investors. People are VERY quick to call something a Ponzi or a pyramid… First of, let me ask this question: Does anyone on this page actually the definition of the 2 radically different things? Ponzi is the surname of an Italian man who started a “Ponzi” scheme in the 60’s… In South Africa it’s known as a stokvel… That means , I pay you, you pay your upline and eventually the money comes back to you with an added percentage. A pyramid is VERY different. You sign up, sign one person on the left and one on the right. You buy products at a discounted prise and sell it to people in order for the upline to ALWAYS make more money than you can ever hope for. I’m in MTI, and it’s a REAL investment… why? because I’ve the BOT at work myself, I’ve met Johann Steynberg and saw the I.T back office in action again together woth the BOT trading. I receive audited statements everyday to. MTI has a contract with FX Choice and they IFSC legislated/regulated. Most important thing to remember is the fact that our BTC is fully insured as I can proof and have proven to a lot of people! You want a real review on MTI? or real fact about the company? ask me, I know the whole company better than anyone else except for the CEO himself. Keep also in mind, people are going of on the narrative that MTI does NOT have a FSCA, FSB or FCBA license… That is true, but why? Easy, let me tell you why and proof to you why! 1) Non of the above mentioned South African Regulators see BTC as a currency or a commodity, therefor NO company in S.A can even get a license from them as they can’t give you one since it’s not a currency like Rands, or a commodity like Gold… So is MTI operating legally in S.A ? THE ANSWER IS YES!!! But these are the facts NO one mentions when they review Mirror Trading International… Please everyone, do your homework and stop falling for these l*** about MTI! I know Johann Steynberg and know my own countries regulations better than Americans, Europeans or ANY other citizen NOT from S.A… I’m making a ton with MTI, and will NOT back of! thanks MTI!!!

    1. This is typical smoke and mirrors. You don’t mention that you are employed by MTI. You are trying to claim there is no registration required because the RSA regulators don’t recognise BTC. In the same breath you say that profits are made from trading Forex. H***o. We have gone from BTC to Forex trading which is regulated. Just what is it. You claim you receive audited statements every day. Great. Please share them and the name of the auditor. This will clear everything up and we can give money too MTI. Somehow I don’t see those audited statements arriving.

  9. People who give heed to the negative press should not be involved without performing due-diligence, without which no one should ever join anything. 
    Due diligence requires understanding the definitions of the terms, so readily bandied about. In this case, terms like pyramid and ponzi schemes, network marketing, Bitcoin, Forex trading, compound interest, sustainability and the implications of registration with all relevant controlling bodies, audits and other legalities involved. Most importantly, it involves verification of information designed to malign people and organisations.

    A circumspect examination of the factors relevant to a proper due diligence in this case can only serve up a glowing report, in my opinion.

    Scaring people away from opportunities which can greatly enhance their lives because you’ve had a bad experience with some other enterprise is a truly evil act, in my opinion.

    A very small proportion of new business ventures actually succeed, with the greatest proportion failing in the first year, a smaller proportion in next 5 and the balance within the next 15.

    Network Marketing is the industry of the future, as many highly respected financial gurus attest, and has made many more millionaires than any other industry. It is a legitimate methodology which circumvents a large number of exorbitant costs of traditional business models.

    Forex trading, which is the prime and original objective of Mirror Trading International, is a primary means, employed by the largest banks on the planet, of income generation, profiting on the FIAT markets of society, with one particular bank, for example, posting millions of trades in the first minute alone, of each trading day.

    Banks and companies should be precluded, in my opinion, from this practice, and individuals should be afforded the exclusive opportunity of this means of profit and influencing the market, along with companies like Mirror Trading International, which represent the interests of individuals and do not profit as companies, but feed all profits back to their investors.

    Mirror Trading International is a legitimate, completely transparent company which is most definitely worth a due diligence by everyone capable of that task.

  10. Since joining MTI in January I have been getting paid daily I am very happy. If you wish to join as well talk to me I will help you

  11. Best way to test a scam or not or a Ponzi or not is to get in early then add your capital…when account doubles itself take out initial capital and leave profit (your winnings) to grow or fail… Cant loose then and if Ponzi so what if not then win… Don’t add extra capital till after first few months or a year, and not till after tested withdrawal of profits.. etc … Like I said if in early get initial capital out asap.. and don’t add extra capital till tested all avenues like withdrawels how sustainable etc…

  12. I think this review of MTI is probably the worst I have seen, what I see here is an opinion of someone with a huge amount of ignorance and desperate to promote his scam to people looking to be scammed, I actually feel sorry for people like this, in the meantime MTI is changing lives all over the world, and rightfully so because a change is needed and poverty must be eradicated in some way or another, I found MTI to be a total game changer in the world and my world have totally changed because of MTI and your generosity Johan, thank you for sharing MTI with me and thank you for showing me your trust and faith in the system by sponsoring me with your own $100 worth of Bitcoin which you still refuse to accept back, you went even further and added another $800 in my pool when my team was growing to fast and I was not qualified to earn more than 10 levels so that I could earn more binary and be able to compound faster, sitll that extra Bitcoin amount you refuse to accept back, you are one of a kind person and I salute you brother, nevertheless your investment in my life have turned my life around and today I can say I have 1 full bitcoin in my pool working for me and I have already earned more than 2 Bitcoins in just over 6 months, not to bad I would say, so if people think MTI is a scam then let them think so and stay out of it, because MTI does not need more people or more Bitcoin to keep on performing the way they do, it is a totally sustainable business model and we will enjoy the benefits many more years to come while many others will copy this cat and write negative reviews about MTI to try and sell their scams to others

    1. It is not a scam. It is a registered forex trading company in South Africa. Nobody gets commission from the previous guy’s money. Your Bitcoin grows everyday not because somebody new join the company, but because the company trade with a trading bot, operated by very experienced forex traders. Every day you can see exactly how much money is invested in this company and what was the trading profit of the day.
      If you have come to MTI, you have come to the right place. And I don’t get anything for writing this to you.

  13. MTI is the best these days believe me i invest with a lot fake companies but when i join mti i found some thing else.
    Anyway i advice u to join as asap dont waste yr time with scam plats.
    Best rgds

  14. este post critica a una verdadera plataforma que esta generando sin riesgos.
    estoy en chile usando la pagina de mti y e generado buena cantidad en bitcoins tenemos un grupo de soporte en telegram entregamos material de apoyo para hacer marketing y tngas afiliados q es totalmente opcional y si supieran que es una piramide entendera que mti no lo es si desean saber mas escribanme a mi ws +56967543051 que tengan un exelente dia e investiguen bien pocas paginas son reales muchas buscan estafarte pero mti no lo es lo recomiendo al 100%

  15. tenemos un grupo de apoyo en telegram , material de apoyo y soporte agregenme al +56967543051
    mti nos esta dando buenos resultados y multiplicando nuestros btc

  16. I don’t really like it neither when some guy make a review to call a program a scam right away. Some programs do pay. BUT, for I have been surfing the Internet for the past 20 years and have seen many programs come and go, I would say I already saw companies like MTI come, generate a lot of enthusiasm among members, then vanish letting many people in tears. Generally this kind of program last about 1-3 years, then faced difficulties to pay and then disappear. For my part, I have a feeling of deja vu with MTI, so I won’t join a company like this. But if you feel that you’ll have the time to invest and make your money back with some profits, it’s your decision. So be careful!

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