Mockingbird Method Review: Saving You from the Scammers

Mockingbird Method Review: Saving You from the Scammers

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Sales video carving the picture of deception

Mockingbird Method is the latest binary options trading scam in town. Daniel Marland is the man behind it.

The issue with the newest trading scam is that they do more harm than good. The newest traders fall victim to the trap, so it is essential to give the right picture at the earliest. Daniel starts off with his personal story in the review and talks about his experience working at a restaurant and how hard it was to make both ends meet for him and his family.

Note: A good alternative to this Mockingbird Method scam is the binary options robot.

Then he tries to create hype by showing his back account after a period of 3 years. The bank account shows a figure of about $2, 314, 109.81. This deception can gain the attention of any new trader who is hungry for money.

Live trades are usually the easy trap to convince traders so next the video shows a snapshot of Daniel’s account.

Well, here the video gives a glimpse of how the system works. The trader has to make a deposit to the broker, for example, Banc De Binary. Click activate to start auto trading and then enter the trading amount.

It is up to the trader to trade with $25, $50, $100, $150 or above that. However, what difference does it make because the truth is that the trader is going to end up losing this amount because this is all a scam?

MockingBird software

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However, it is essential to lead the trader to the point where he believes that this Mockingbird Method system is a scam so every aspect will be discussed in this review. The maker claims that the trader can make money quite easily by accessing the system.

The sales video mentions the win rate of this system as well which is pretty exaggerated, and that is 92 percent. No system in the world can get the trader this winning percentage. If this were possible, all the traders who are into manual trading would pack up their bags by now.

MockingBird software Review

The strange requirements

Well, the Mockingbird Method system is available to 50 people for free though the real worth as per the maker of this system is about $1,000. This is a pretty expensive scam. Now what needs to be thought is why they are giving this free to even 50 people. This means they are losing about $ 50,000. Nobody bears this massive loss right. A trader needs to think logically and then understanding this scam is not going to be a problem.

MockingBird software Scam Review

 The maker guarantees profits

Now the maker of the Mocking bird system guarantees the fact that the trader will be earning profits by opting for this system. This is also a lie because an automated system cannot get the profits at all so what the trader needs to do is to avoid such a system by all means if he values his peace of mind.

 Auto-pilot is no miracle

What most traders fail to understand is that auto-pilot is no miracle so do not expect amazing results. Trading is a difficult endeavor that needs a lot of effort and time. The biggest question is that if at all the trader invests his trust in auto trading what is he going to earn at the end of the day. The truth is not even a dime so why to take the pain to lose the investment that is hard earned.

 The irrational logic and claims

The entire sales video showcases this system as a money minting machine and showcases that the trader can withdraw about 50,000 pounds every week.

Does this sound to be hard to believe?

This Mockingbird Method system is pure torturous, and only a person with little or no rational thinking will jump into this clear cut scam.

Scam Review MockingBird software

Note: Don’t go with the amounts showing on this fake Mocking bird website, see our recommended softwares list, Here.

Do not be led by testimonials

Mockingbird Method has lots of testimonials on the website. The interesting fact is that the visitor cannot trace the people who posted the testimonials. There are no follow links.  There are just snapshots on the website.

It should not matter to the investor what people are earning and at the end of the day it is the personal earning that is important and should matter to the investor so the investor should brush off the thought of signing up with Mockingbird Method if the trader values his money.

 Badges are not clickable

Many badges are present on the website that try to personify the credibility of the website but do not be led into the trap. None of these badges are clickable or offer significant value. They are just there to deceive the trader so watch out for sure.

Investment needed is not that meager

The trader will need to fund the broker with about $250, and that is not a small amount at all. The reason is that for new traders every penny matters and the investor just cannot go along losing this money for nothing. What is needed are wise choices so that the trader does not feel deprived at the end of the day.

Do not fund the platform till there is absolute surety that the money is not going to go waste.  This is why this Mockingbird Method review is highlighting all the significant details so that the trader can make a smart choice.

The pressurizing marketing gimmicks

The investor might find a caption on the website that only a few spots are left. However, this is an assurance that whenever the trader visits a website a spot will be available for the trader. This is just to make the trader make a hurried decision, and the investor has to assure that he does not fall into this trap at all and make the right move at all times. Stay clear of this Mocking bird scam tactic.

 Why giving the email is a bad idea

Do not get too impressed by the video and sign up because when the email is given unsolicited emails will be coming to the account of the trader. Those emails are going to serve any useful purpose, and it is just going to be an agonizing moment to keep on receiving this emails so make the right move at the right time.

 The Live Data Feed

The live data feed is also present on the website. There is no useful information present in the live data feed and it is just an attempt to give the website a more interactive look so the trader truly needs to understand these gimmicks.

 Beta testing a known marketing strategy

The sales video also shows two beta testers Mike and Selena testing the systems. Mike earns about 1040 pounds whereas Selena earns 1080 pounds. Now Daniel has a strange logic for why their trading results are similar. He says that both of them have funded the same broker. There is another catch Daniel recommends the beta testers to use the broker recommended by the system Mockingbird Method. Our list of top scam free binary trading softwares will help you to be safe from such kind of scam softwares. This restriction should not be there, and the trader should be free to make his pick if the system is genuine.

The final verdict is that Mockingbird Method is just another attempt to rip the traders off their money. The traders need to figure out these scams and avoid them by all means if they want to make their mark in the trading world.

Quick money should not entice the investor. A better strategy is first to focus on learning the market strategy and trading trends. This way a trader is not going to get bluffed and lose his deposit. Hopefully after reading about this software scam, Mockingbird Method is not going to be the choice of any investor.

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  1. There is always a problem when an industry or a trade is generating big profits. This is the emergence of unscrupulous characters that come in to take advantage of the money floating around and many unsuspecting customers.

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