Money Tide Scam: Review of By Dr. Al Larson

Money Tide Scam: Review of By Dr. Al Larson

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What the hell is energy field trading? Well, a certain old guy who runs a website called is selling this weird idea to all Forex traders out there.

This old man is in fact over-qualified because he has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He also claims to be a veteran of World War 2, a Pilot, a Mathematician, a Scientist, a professional trader, a Landscaper, a Programmer, you name it. That list is just too long.

His name is Dr. Al Larson, the owner of Money Tide. Throughout his Money Tide website, he teaches a lot of weird theories which he relates to day trading. He talks of market astro-physics, Market Chaos theory and many more theories that are hard to related with Forex trading.

Dr. Al Larson of money tide

Moreover, this sick old man has also published a number of home study courses which he claims will give you the secret of trading successfully. These courses have equally weird names too.

These include Face of God, Fractal of Pi, Cash in on Chaos, etc.

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He also appears to relate Forex trading with nature elements such as moon tides.

In all this, I can only conclude that this is an adorable old guy who seems to know much about this world where we live in. You might describe him as a certifiable nut who needs to get back to his medication as soon as possible.

This man claims astronomical performance and even says that he has never lost a trade for nearly 3 decades.

This whack-a-doodle simply loves to take investors for fools. You can see it all in his Money Tide website. He claims that he can see the face of God, and that each time he does so, he gets a super secret trading formula which he is now selling for $6,000.

He also claims that secret energy fields are emitted from an unidentified alien planet which permeate the human body so that traders can easily use those energy fields to trade Forex, futures, stocks and many other investment instruments successfully.

Money Tide Review: This is a silly joke

The website masquerades as a trading educational portal and signal service. A good example of a typical scam trading educational website is RedBridge Capital .

Money Tide sells a list of items with ridiculous names. These include Face of ‘God’ Trading course which goes for $1250, Chaos Trading Course – $300, Stargo Trading Course – $2600, WinXGo Trading Software – $1800 and many more.

Honestly, I adore this old guy because of the crazy stuff he sells at Money Tide. Dr. Al Larson must be given some attention. But never buy his products.

Overview of Money Tide website

First of all, this website is an eyesore. The writings are all crammed into one place, and are almost ineligible. Money Tide looks like a website that sells mystical ideas as opposed to teaching investors how to trade.

Dr. Al Larson also hosts his videos on YouTube where he teaches his nonsense to those who dare listen.

But truth be told. Money Tide sells snake oil. You shouldn’t spend money on such products because your trading career will suffer.

His alleged track record

This old man claims a neat track record of trading the Emini SP500 futures contract. In fact, he says that he has never lost any trade since he discovered the ”secret energy formula” thing.

Please note that we are talking of a man who claims that he has never had a losing trade in the last 3 decades.

I examined his supposed track record and found that indeed it was flawless.

According to these records, Dr. Al Larson has never lost a trade since February 2002. He also alleges that he has made a profit of $4,000,000 from his trading activities.

Now, this claim takes the icing of the cake. He says that one of his clients made $2,000,000 because he traded with his secret formula for 5 months only.

Nota Bene

Charts like the ones you’re seeing down here should not be treated as evidence that Money Tide sells valid trading courses.

graph on money tide

graph at money tide

Secondly, moon tides or other elements of nature do not affect your results when you trade any market.

But of course your trading is affected by how you analyze the market through technical analysis, fundamental analysis and methods like price action analysis.

The idea that energy fields have an impact on the results you get is utter nonsense.It is a hoax, and that’s the reason Money Tide website comes across as a scam

If you want trading courses that work, I implore you to search this list of approved Forex products because they are worth your time and money.

Speaking with Dr. Al Larson

Obviously we had to reach out to this old man so as to obtain some sort of evidence that would prove his trading superiority.

While contacting him, we figured that it would be easier for him to produce a big bank statement since he was the owner of a trading course which is famed for teaching investors how to see the face of ‘God’ and apply that knowledge in trading.

For heaven sake, Money Tide is owned by a man who claims to be a scientist. Scientists do appreciate working with evidence, don’t you think so?

We are actually talking of data samples that can be measured and scrutinized by others who actively trade in this industry.

Unfortunately, this ”scientist” did not want anything to do with being asked about his trading records.

What he did was to produce anecdotal evidence that since investors have no problem paying him 36k to access his magical systems, it must be real.

Honestly, who would be crazy enough to pay $36,000 in order to see the face of ‘God’ through Money Tide website?

You see, arguing with someone who strongly believes in their lies is a complete waste of time. The truth is that this guy has been selling his bogus trading courses through Money Tide website for so long. And whenever he makes a sale, he assumes that this should be used as evidence that his secret of trading really work.

Our Best advice for you

This old man is a rascal. His methods of trading are misleading. The products and ideas behind the trading courses he sells are equally ridiculous.

No sane trader would trust the so-called Money Tide website. It does not look like a Forex trading website. But it certainly looks like a website that teaches mystical stuff.

Actually, it was hard for us to figure out what was happening until we saw a few trading charts. That’s when it occurred to us that Money Tide was a trading educational site.

The thing is, you should never trust this site because the idea behind it is invalid. This old man’s track record can never be verified, although he tries very hard to fool investigators that he has a track record of not losing trades for the longest time you can imagine.

But when confronted, he beats around the bush. He does not want anything to do with such questions. They spoil the kind of business he does at Money Tide.

Sorry if we wasted your time with this Money Tide review. But a number of people had requested us to review the site and the products that this old man sells.

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2 Replies to “Money Tide Scam: Review of By Dr. Al Larson”

  1. It is an overall Scam, the idea from making money from ”chaos” is terrible, i was first intrigued by the product so i tried it. All i can say is that it is absolute bs, his claim on ”forecasting” trade stocks is also rubbish as it is clear that trade stocks can never really be accurately determined otherwise why isnt everyone else doing it ?

  2. I have followed Dr Al for several years, never took a course or invested any money, my trading friends called him “The Planet Weenie” I have seen him trade the S+P emini and he has shown when he has had a loss or when he was stopped out of a trade.

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