Money with Jarvis Review: Is this a scam?

Money with Jarvis Review: Is this a scam?

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We have come across a website called Money with Jarvis whose domain can be found at The website claims that with their investment idea, one can earn returns of between 8 to 12% per month. The average monthly return is however 10%. We have analyzed the idea behind the site’s investment strategy and we think it is quite interesting. They are claiming that they are not using classic arbitrage trading strategy. Money with Jarvis website is also offering a token called CTO and they claim that when they first launched the token, it was $0.3 and now it is $0.4 per token.

Money with Jarvis also claims that they see the value of this token rising up to 12 USD per token. The question is what exactly is going to cause the growth in the price of the token?

They are making the following promises on their website: We need to look at them keenly before we can decide whether or not this website is offering the best investment deal.

You make a profit on an increase in the price of your cryptocurrency as if you normally kept it on the exchange / coldwallet.

You are supposed to gain 10% per month which is paid in CTO token (take note of this). This token’s growth is based on nothing other than projections of where they think the token will be in the next couple of months.

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Lastly, the claim the following: Accumulating CTO and waiting with the decision to change them to ETH, CTO increases in value each week. You earn even more! They are still insisting that this token’s value will grow every day but we have seen that the idea behind the projected growth of this token is actually lame.

N/B: Use these bots to make money as a Crypto trader.

Money with Jarvis review

There is also what they call Jarvis AI bot. They are summarizing the alleged advantages of this bot in the following statements:

When you keep a cryptocurrency, for example 1 BTC / ETH on a currency exchange or coldwallet, you always have the same amount: 1 BTC / ETH – you only have a profit if the exchange rate increases.

No exchange of cryptocurrency into dollars or other tokens as in other projects. You still have your cryptocurrency, exactly the same number as at the beginning.

No time lock of assets as in other projects!
You can withdraw your cryptocurrency at any time (if necessary).

How profits are made using the bot (it is funny)

Jarvis AI arbitrage bot working with your cryptocurrency gives you additional profits in the form of CTO – about 0,3% per day. On average, it is 10% per month of the cryptocurrency value at that moment.

Example: You start with 0,1 BTC, the value of $850 – in the first month Jarvis AIpaid you 10% of $850, what is $85 in CTO.

The value of 0,1 BTC within a few months increased two times to $1700 – then Jarvis AI will earn you $170 in CTO per month (10% x $1700).

A real life example of Money with Jarvis AI in action

John recently purchased 1 BTC (1 Bitcoin), because he heard that its value will increase in the near future.

Purchase price: $7600 (06.06.2019).

John predicts that in 6 months (until the end of 2019) the price of 1 BTC will increase twice to $15 200.

A good friend who also keeps cryptocurrency advised him to keep 1 BTC not on the exchange, but on his own mobile wallet in Cloud Token. He showed and explained to him exactly how the Jarvis AI arbitrage robot works and how much he can gain by keeping 1 BTC in the wallet at the same time of 6 months.

John, keeping 1 BTC in his wallet and providing Jarvis AI with the cryptocurrency, has access to his 1 BTC at any time. Every day, he checks the BTC exchange rate and how much additional profit he made each day in CTO (Cloud Token) – on average, 0,3% per day.

What is important, together with the increase of BTC exchange rate in time, Jarvis generates increasing amount of profit in the form of CTO tokens, due to a higher value of 1 BTC.

Is this thing really profitable?

Money with Jarvis is an interesting website. Apart from providing real examples of how this works, they are also showing us with examples how purchasing 1 BTC in this operation could make us rich in a couple of months. They are also telling us what those who invested in CTO token could have earned. They are using random numbers to do so and we are thinking that this idea is just too good to be true. Are these numbers statistically verified by a third party? The answer is no. So there is no way we can ascertain that the projections or the results which real.

They are also showing us what we could earn if the price of their token was $10. All of this is based on projections and not real facts. You have to understand that when there is no proof of performance or a real product where the value of the token which Money wit Jarvis could be pegged on, then there is nothing that will raise the value of this token.

Who sets the price of CTO token?

Money with Jarvis wants to make investors believe that the price of this token is manipulated by genuine demand and supply. The problem is that there is no proof that this is the case. The values which they are presenting on the sales page of this website are based on mere speculation.

What is more, it appears that the owners of Money with Jarvis are the people who set the price of this token and not the forces of demand and supply. We also feel that the Jarvis AI bot which they claim to operate in order to increase the value of the token is something that does not exist at all.

Our best advice for you

In as much as it sounds interesting, you need to understand that Money with Jarvis is not something you should be considering for your investment. We are recommending these tools to investors of Crypto currencies.

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  1. oczywiscie ze to przekret, w dodatku metoda ‘nagrod za rekomendacje’ uzyta w ich prezentacji tutaj (jest po angielsku niestety) [Link Removed]
    pokazuje na typowy schemat piramidy;
    az zal ze ludzie daja sie na taka scieme nabierac;
    PS. gratulacje dla autora powyzszego materialu , ze ostrzega ludzi

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