Moneypile EA Review: Is this EA a Scam?

Moneypile EA Review: Is this EA a Scam?

Money Pile EA is a Forex robot that promises clients results they have not seen anywhere else. They want clients to believe they the world’s best trading robot. They claim that most traders lose money due to lack of education in Forex trading, lack of a trading strategy, or a reliable trading system.

Money Pile EA vows to solve this problem for you and make you part of the 5% profitable traders. It is common for Forex trading robots to start by promising to make you a profitable trader. They are aware that investors in this space are looking for an easy way to grow their accounts.

Unfortunately, most of these companies are a scam. Additionally, most of them cannot deliver on what they promise.

You need to ensure you only use Forex robots operated by experienced individuals. A wealth of knowledge and experience comes in handy in the Forex space. Such robots will give you consistent returns without compromising on your peace of mind.

This review will assess whether Money Pile EA belongs among the best Forex trading robots. We will see whether the robot can deliver what the developers promise. In the meantime, use only the top Forex robots in the market to ensure you make real money. You only need to be patient and consistent.

Money Pile EA Review

The website for his company is not professional at all. The design is poor, and the image quality is low. There is no way experts run this company. Such companies generally offer poor services and cannot deliver on their promises. Avoid them at all costs.

Money Pile EA Review, Money Pile EA Platform

Moreover, it is hard to understand anything on the website. There are many spelling mistakes and poor grammar used. There is no way we can trust such individuals with our money.

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Luckily, the company offers a 2-week free trial program. While this may be helpful, it may not be enough to test the full range of the robot.

The company claims that the robot works best with two major currency pairs, EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs. Moreover, it works best in the M30 timeframe.

The licenses for this Forex robot cost anywhere from $899 to $9,999. For a single license, clients have to pay $899 and $1,299 for a duo license.  Additionally, clients can buy unlimited licenses for $5,999 and $9,999 for the Master Code. These are very high prices. It is hard to see someone spending $899 for something this unprofessional.

We hope the company can justify these prices with verifiable trading results. Moreover, we would like to see the trading strategy the robot uses.

Trading Strategy

The company says that the software uses some special strategies and ideas to guarantee profitability. Additionally, they claim that the robot uses a multi-frame analysis formula based on an algorithm formula for trading currencies.

Further, they say Money Pile EA applies market rules, trends, and corrections normally used by professionals and large institutions. It might convince novice traders but not us.

The description the company provides offers no insights at all. Investors always want to know the inner workings of a trading tool before they invest their money. That is the only way they can assess whether the tool best fits their portfolio.

This lack of transparency is worrying. Clearly, the company is hiding critical information from the client base. Moreover, the description is all over the place and has poor wording, and this makes us believe that we are not dealing with professionals here. These are just crooks after investor’s money.

Founder and Customer Support

The website does not feature any information about the developers of the robot. However, there is a name attached to the registration of the website. Details reveal that the owner of the software is known as Matar Saad. However, this is still not good enough.

The name Matar Saad has been associated with some of the biggest scams in the Forex space. Some scammers are cheating fake companies under that name just to trick people into sending them money. Matar Saad is just a Pseudo-name they use to conceal their identities.

Moreover, it was the same that created The website was eventually shut down, and now they are back for more money.

You can even see it in the email they provide. Clients can reach the company through its email [email protected], and it is the same email for These are big-time scammers only after your money. Do not trust them with your money. They will just disappear with your money and leave you high and dry.


Even more worrying, this company has no permit to run its operations. It means they are operating illegally, and they are aware of it. There are too many risks involved in dealing with companies that have no licensing from relevant authorities.

Eventually, the law will catch them. They will then exit the market and come back with a new name. Therefore, they cannot be trusted to be in the market for long. You do not want to be their customer when the law comes for them. Your account will go down with them. Avoid this trading robot like the plague.

Account Management

It is not common to see Forex robot developers offer account management services. Saad and his group of professional traders pledge to grow your account in no time. Sadly, we do not recommend using this service.

The professional traders advertised here are unknown. Who knows what their trading history looks like? Moreover, there is no guarantee that they are active traders. There is no way you should consider the managed account service.

They are asking for a minimum deposit of $1,000. On top of that, they as for an additional setup fee of $100. Once you send them this money, forget about hearing from them. They vanish and want nothing to do with you.

Trading Results

One of the reasonable ways a company can prove their legitimacy is by providing verifiable trading results. Setting up and uploading trading results on a third party website only takes a few minutes. There is no excuse for not doing it.

This company provides their MT4 login credentials for clients to assess their trading results. Unfortunately, this is not reliable. The company sets up demo accounts with FBS to trick customers into believing their claims.

Please do not fall for their desperate moves. These are amateurs who know nothing about the Forex markets. With a company that is this shady, we only expect Myfxbook trading results. That is the only way we can be sure we are looking at real trading accounts.

Final Verdict

The details on this review are enough for us to draw a verdict. Money Pile EA is a scam company that is only after your money. They are moving from website to website to steal more money from the unsuspecting public.

Moreover, they lack transparency in the most crucial parts. The high prices of their Forex robot are not justified. Additionally, the website lacks professionalism. There are many too many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The company simply cannot be taken seriously.

There are many legitimate Forex robots that will offer you better services. Such robots are developed by professionals that operate in full transparency. Your peace of mind will not be compromised.



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  1. Well I run this EA for 3 months now on real and demo and results are a stunning 24% a month profit and drawdown is 95% of the time between 2% and 5%. I think its even better to set the lotsizes lower so profit will be 10% a month but then its still a great robot.

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