Moon Bitcoins Review: Avoid this Company!

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Moon Bitcoins Review: Avoid this Company!

Moon Bitcoins is a company that does not hide the fact it’s a scam. We are surprised that people are falling for their lies. The platform claims clients receive free BTC. Trust us when we say this is a fraud unworthy of your money.

The platform does not have mining hardware or software. The location of the mining farm or the mining technique the firm uses is also unknown. Whoever designed this website has zero knowledge regarding the services they are offering.

Moon Bitcoins Review, Moon Bitcoins Company

We fail to understand how any investors would risk their safety by trusting such a scam. They even brag about having multiple clients. However, the firm manipulates data, and the traffic that is visiting the entity is low. You can check this up on Alexa.

Cryptocurrency mining used to be one of the easiest ways of generating money in the past. However, the time has changed. The cost of mining is high. You need to join a mining pool if you don’t have enough funds to set up cloud mining.

Moon Bitcoins is a platform that provides inadequate data on their mining activities. The venture targets noob investors who are inexperienced in mining. They generate free BTC to the wallet of their customers. The entity is a faucet that shall soon collapse. Review

The company features data showing investors that have recently deposited money in the platform. The company fails to disclose the people behind the organization. The reason for scammers to operate in the shadows is to avoid being incriminated.

Moon Bitcoins is offering services that are delicate and require the trust of investors. Therefore, you have every right to know the people handling your funds. The venture is shady, and their lack of transparency should keep you off the venture.

If you trust this mining scam, your money will be zeroed. There is a high need to be cautious when investing. The market has several scammers that pretend to be offering investment services. Avoid platforms with loopholes. The scammy features are all you need to walk away.

Additionally, there are complaints from customers that have used their services in the past.  After examining this firm, we couldn’t spot any advantage. The lack of proof of payment is also another forewarning to take seriously.

Here is a list of trustworthy cryptocurrency mining companies that are transparent. These platforms have great endorsement from their customers. Additionally, their results are verified. You will enjoy quality customer service.

Investment Accounts and Returns

The client usually checks the plans that a company offer before everything else. It is the reason many individuals end up scammed. This is because they start counting their chicks before they hatch. Please don’t get us wrong; there is nothing wrong with seeing what you will generate.

However, before you make any decision, it’s essential to double-check the info.  Moon Bitcoins has a free version and paid plan. The venture brags it makes $1 million GPU mining daily. The free unlimited BTC mining plan requires a deposit of 0.05 BTC. Review, Moon Bitcoins Mining Contract

There is no contract, and for a lifetime, you will be receiving the payout. Additionally, there is also no contract. The returns are mind-blowing. There is an addition of 4 other investment accounts. The platform does not have any advantages.

Ponzi schemes are out here exploiting customers. They exit the industry before meeting their promises. At other times, they refuse to process the withdrawal requests. Since the ventures are not licensed, there is nowhere to run.

Contact Info and Customer Support

Moon Bitcoins is a venture that is allegedly based in the USA. They feature an office address and an email. The scam features icons of various social media platforms, but you will be redirected to the home page once you click the link.

What their point of pretending to be transparent, yet we can double-check the info. Moreover, the actual locale of this Ponzi scheme is unknown. Therefore, if they disappear with your earnings, you will not recover.

A genuine platform will have a sound channel of communication with customers. They will respond on a timely basis. Additionally, you can call the firm at any time, and they will handle your issue.  Avoid sharing your personal information with scammers. They can sell your data, putting you at greater risk.

Moon Bitcoins Regulation and Registration

Moon Bitcoins is a company that does not have a license or a registration form. If the venture is based in the USA, it must comply with the NFA. It is one of the stringent financial bodies in the globe. They ensure that investors are protected, and fraudulent firms do not exploit them.

The body can’t permit this scam to operate. The company can withhold withdrawal from customers. Unfortunately, the government will not intervene because constant warnings have been issued against investing with offshore firms.

Additionally, you won’t get fund safety from this platform. Moon Bitcoins does not segregate the money of customers. Once you make a deposit, the funds go straight to the fraudster’s account. You will not recover the money.

Furthermore, the company is accepting funds via crypto. Issuing a charging back will be a nightmare. Many benefits come with trusting a licensed venture. Customers stand a chance of being compensated in case of bankruptcy.

Moreover, the company also operates in full transparency. The fees are disclosed, and the trading and the qualification of the team are displayed. You will know the people handling your money. The technique of mining that the venture uses is clearly outlined.

Moon Bitcoins Clients Feedback

The only available clients’ feedback is negative. Investors are dissatisfied with the firm. They are warning customers against trusting this Ponzi scheme. You will only waste your time with this scam. You won’t generate desirable results.

The promise of doubling Bitcoin is a dream that will not happen. Moon Bitcoins is a fraudster that will ruin your plans. We are yet to encounter a successful client that has gained the free BTC. The only thing that the entity is good at is making false promises.

You will be shocked once you check your balance, only to realize it’s zero. Whenever you come across a venture promising to make you rich, run! The majority of these entities are scammers. Additionally, this platform registration proves they don’t intend to be around for long.

The company has been around since March 2020, and they recently renewed their registration. The firm is ready to defraud more people that are innocent. Refrain and watch out for the safety of your funds.

Final Verdict

Moon Bitcoins claims that BTC generated in their company are legal. It, however, takes time to earn a lot of money. You need to be patient to make a decent return. Faucets do not serve long in the industry. It doesn’t make sense to generate free BTC.

Unfortunately, this platform will not exist for long. The company also states investors only need a computer to mine. However, the method is outdated, and since they are mining BTC that require expensive tools, you do not stand a chance of competing with large mining pools.

Additionally, this Ponzi scheme is unlicensed. Therefore, you put yourself at risk. The entity is exploiting investors, and the best thing is to stay far away. You can earn real-time profits by mining with the best companies. They already have mining rigs and hardware running.

What do clients have to say about Moon Bitcoins?

Investors are not pleased with the company. There are multiple negative reviews.

Is Moon Bitcoins Regulated.

No, this is an offshore illegal company.

Are Funds safe at Moon Bitcoins?

No. Deposits goes to fraudsters wallet.

Is there proof of payment from those claiming the company is Legit?






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