Moon Dash Review: Why Fall for a Scam Faucet?

Moon Dash Review: Why Fall for a Scam Faucet?

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As usual, the internet never lacks scams to talk about. We happened to bump on a site called MoonDash. The domain can be found at The safety of this website is questionable even though they claim that money will change hands. Lack of an SSL certificate is no longer an excuse anymore. If a website is claiming to generate revenue for its users, it must have that license installed. Moon Dash is operating like any other scam faucet. Will you fall for this silly game? Definitely not. The site has no Dashcoin to give, and they know it. You will have to use some logic to know what they are up to.

Perhaps you might think that these accusations hold no water. Let’s dig dipper to find out what Moon Dash is and whether it can generate the alleged income for you.

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Moon Dash Review

When you see the name Moon and the phrase faucet attached to it, the first thing you should do is to run away as fast as your legs can carry you. The first thing we did when we came across Moon Dash website was to run the domain on to check its popularity. To our surprise, we found that this website is extremely popular on a Global scale. With an Alexa rank of 5000, this site must be very popular. However, most of the traffic is coming from Iran, meaning that the scam is focused on robbing Iranians.

What exactly is Moon Dash offering? They claim to generate free Dashcoin for their users. You can claim as many times or as few times as you want in a day. To increase your earnings by 300%, the scam needs you to take advantage of their daily loyalty bonuses, referral bonuses and Mystery bonus. Moon Dash uses Coin Pot for its transactions. Coin Pot is a web-based Cryptocurrency wallet which is also controversial. When you team up with another controversial element to gain Dashcoin, you will end up with disaster.

moon dash

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Moon Dash is allegedly allowing users to claim Dashcoins every 5 minutes. But they also have the option to claim what has accumulated during the day once at the end of the day. Unfortunately, there is a trap. This is a trap that we are dealing with here since claiming ”free money” is easy. But getting it into your wallet is the task.

Look, Moon Dash alleges that it pays. But when you actually claim those funds, you will be asked to send a processing or mining fee in order to get your money. You can rest assured that this is different from the economic reality that we are faced with in the real world. If you send the funds, you will lose them because the site isn’t mining Dash coins. And if it doesn’t mine them, it means it doesn’t have coins to freely distribute. The entire project is centered around collecting funds from internet randoms while lying to them that funds will be sent as soon as they pay the mining fee.

This is definitely a game for the gullible internet user with some free Crypto currencies to spend. As you can see, the site is displaying a lot of ads, which they gain revenue from each time a user clicks them. This is a second revenue stream for the anonymous owner. It is not a revenue source that will be shared with you.

By the way, mining is increasingly becoming expensive. To mine efficiently, you must have real high tech and efficient equipment. You must be willing to invest heavily and keep updating the hardware to meet the increasing difficulty. This site does not look like it can invest in this hardware. They don’t look like they even have the funds to incorporate a company and buy mining equipment. As a matter of fact, the site looks shady in design and in presentation. You cannot make money with such a website. Rest assured that if any form of transaction is going to take place here, it will be the other way round. You send money one way so they can pocket it. But they will definitely not pay you back.

Beware of anonymous admins

This site looks pretty much like a time waster. After ”mining fake Dash coin” for some time, the anonymous admin will ask you to send funds to them. You cannot send them money in order to get your money out from their system. This is not logically sound,.

The reason they are anonymous is because they are committing fraud, and internet fraud requires criminals to generally maintain an anonymous life behind a computer. Based on what we can see, we can deduce that there is no reason for the admin of Moon Dash to play the honest guy. They should never return your money or mine Dash coin for you because they do not have what it takes to pay you for doing nothing.

Is Moon Dash safe because we don’t spend upfront to mine?

The thing is, such a website will put you into temptations which you are not ready to face. Imagine someone telling you that you have a lot of Dash coin which should be sent to your Dash wallet. But before that can happen, they want you to send a ”mining fee”.

You should tell them to deduct that ”mining fee” and send you the balance. If they refuse to do so, then it’s clear that what they are telling you isn’t real. Unfortunately, many gullible investors still fall for these foolish tricks. A fraud running a simple script on their site pretending that they are generating coins and then asking you for a mining fee is definitely a sucker.

Our best advice for you

Forget everything related to mining faucets. You should be realistic in your investment approach. One way of making money as a Dash coin investor is to trade them. You’ll need special trading robots for that job. Forget all the other noise.

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