Mr Meta Trader Review: Is this a scam?

Mr Meta Trader Review: Is this a scam?

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Mr Meta Trader is a company that is allegedly being run by an excellent programmer. The founder claims that he has the best skill in MT4 and MT5 forex trading. The person brags that he has the ability to make Forex trading successful.

The founder makes bold claims of transforming investors’ trading strategy into an EA. They will automate your trade. All you have to do is book an appointment. Mr. Meta Trader will have a Skype call with you to discuss your needs.

The person behind this company is Gosta Hulden, allegedly known as Mr Meta Trader. He claims that he is a programmer with 20 years of experience in analyzing data. Gosta is a Forex trader who wants to help others achieve their goals.

He programs EAs and has multiple indicators that investors can use. The programmer has an educational background as a system developer from the University of Gothenburg. Additionally, he is a mechanical engineer who went to the Chalmers University of Technology. The founder has also worked at investment bank credit with the Oracle database. Review

The founder of this company claims that he is the best in what he does, and that will get personal services. He is transparent, and you will know whom you are working with, unlike other scammers in the world.

Mr Meta Trader Review, Mrmetatrader Platfprm

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Mr Meta Trader brags of his IT programming experience. He allegedly has been doing this since the 90s. One of the key features that define him is keeping constant communication with his clients.

Gosta Hulden will help you to make your existing idea into a successful EA. He allegedly started programming Meta-trader in 2008. He will then listen to what you want and set the price depending on the services you want.

You need to be very keen on the services that the Mr Meta Trader is providing for you to gain profit. However, we feel that the company clients’ feedback are cherry-picked. There is no visible proof of the services that the platform is offering. There is multiple Forex trading EA that is in the market that has proven to be profitable. Check them out to see their trading history.

The founder takes his time to analyze your requirement and go through your need on a Skype call. Additionally, he assures his clients that in case they encounter a bug on the EA that he develops, he will fix them. You can send Gosta Hulden your written requirement via email, or if you don’t have the info in writing, you can schedule a call.

How to Proceed to your Request

You need to think through the MT4/MT5 when coming up with ideas that your trading EA should look like. Specify the price action, entry conditions, chart pattern, indicators, among other features.

Clients also need to be clear whether they want the EA to trade after a close of a candle or on intra bar trades. Time filters are important, and it is better to be clear with star and end time. You also need to think through the management of money, and lot size. Moreover, you need to specify exit conditions like trailing stop, TP, SL, BE, and any other additional exit situations.

In addition to this, the client should use communication on whether they want fully automated or semi-automated news site.  You need to be very clear with what you want beforehand to enable Mr Meta Trader to design your desired outcome.

What he focuses on is developing MT4 and MT5 EAs. However, you can also count on him to create scripts, indicators, trade managers, or another service you might be having in mind. You can contact Mr Meta Trader for free to discuss your project.

Unfortunately, we will never get to know the performance of the EA that he develops. Not even a single client has disclosed this information. Additionally, there is no estimation on the price of the EAs.

There is a lot of information that is missing from this company. It would be better if the founder was transparent on some of these critical matters.

Contact Details

You can reach the developer of this company via email at [email protected] or on Skype. The clients of Mr Meta-trader come from all over the world. The majority of them are from Australia, the UK, and the USA.

The company allegedly has excellent support from what we gathered from its customers. However, they do no avail of a telephone number that you can easily use to reach the platform. You will have to book a Skype phone call.

Mr Meta Trader does not have an office address, and it seems he is working as a freelance. We always emphasize on working with a company that specifies its location. From the information we gathered on his LinkedIn account, he is from the United Kingdom.

However, on his Up-work account, it indicates that his office is in Richmond, United Kingdom. We could not verify this claim. Any regulatory body does not regulate the company in the area that they are accepting customers.

Mr Meta Trader must operate by the law. He is offering financial services and collecting funds from members of the public, and hence having a registration and a regulatory document would do much good.

It will also ensure there is a body that will oversee his operation. Mr Meta Trader will be more transparent and create trust with investors knowing their money is in safe hands.

Customer Feedback

We checked to see if Gosten Hulden has been endorsed by any person. On his LinkedIn profile, we came across one recommendation from an alleged customer. It shows that this trader was satisfied with the services he got.

Mr Meta Trader has developed the EA the client wanted in less time than he expected him to take. All the reviews left on Forex Peach Army are positive. The customers indicate that Mr Meta Traders has the right experience, and he is a professional in what he does.

The Forex trading EAs that he develops is working, and he has the best communication skills. Bug issues are resolved within no time, and his support is excellent. The developer is being endorsed as an honest person who keeps his word.

Currently, there are no negative reviews left behind by any client. It seems like this person is reliable and someone you can trust. The company does not disclose whether it issues a refund if the system does not operate as per the clients’ requirements.

Final Verdict

Mr Meta Trader is a company that has acquires multiple positive feedback from their clients. From these statements, they do not seem to be a scam venture. However, the EAs that Gosta develop have not been backtested. Additionally, no performance report can show how effective are the EAs.

It is best that Mr Meta-trader come clear and avail information on the average price of his services and products. Additionally, he should disclose his office location for transparency purposes. In the meantime, you can try out reputable Forex trading EA in the market that indicates their performance.

It is important that you see it for yourself what a trading software can do. Knowing the winning rate and the drawdown that you can expect from the software is better. The testimonials are not enough if there is no proof of live trading.

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