MTI Trading International Review: Do Not Trust False Claims of

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MTI Trading International Review: Do Not Trust False Claims of

MTI Trading International is a crypto trading platform that is promising significant profits to the affiliate members. Its website,, claims that the company is capable of providing the highest amount of profits in the crypto industry.

However, it is difficult to believe these claims considering the fact that it is a newly-established platform. Hence, it is important to review MTI Trading International in detail and determine whether it is actually capable of providing any profits.

What is MTI Trading International? presents the company as some kind of revolutionary platform in the crypto industry that is capable of providing significant profits to the users. The website also states that MTI Trading International is an automatic online investment company. Even though the primary focus of the company is on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the platform is also dealing with other currencies.

A surprising thing about this company is that it is openly lying about its origins. The company is claiming that it was founded in 2016 and had headquarters in South Africa. However, there is no proof of the fact that it was established in 2016. In fact, was registered in June 2020.

The registration of the website shows that MTI Trading International is a new platform. It is lying about being a well-established platform in the crypto industry to attract investment.

Features of MTI Trading International

It is important to discuss are many different features and promises of MTI Trading International in detail to determine the overall authenticity and legitimacy of the company. Some of these features are:

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Quick Expansion

MTI Trading International is falsely claiming that it was formed in 2016 and has become the fastest-growing company in the region. However, it is completely untrue. was registered in 2020. It has not been able to make its mark in the crypto industry. In fact, there is not much external information or marketing material available about this company.

Modern Trading Solutions is claiming to provide a wide range of crypto trading solutions. Yet, the income structure of the company revolves around recruiting affiliates. There is no evidence that the company actually has access to any crypto trading or mining equipment.

Moreover, the company is trying to target as many people as possible by claiming that even if you do not have any trading experience, you can invest in the company. These tactics point to the fact that MTI Trading International does not actually provide crypto trading services. Instead, it is only mentioning these things to seem genuine and attract users.

Withdrawal System

MTI Trading International promises that once you buy one of the four investment plans from the company, you will get the golden opportunity of sitting back and relaxing. The experts at the company will do all the work for you and help you in making significant profits.

Moreover, you will be able to withdraw these funds whenever you want. Yet, does not provide any further information about this withdrawal system. It is also not clear that whether the profits will be given in USD or in the form of some crypto coins.

Such kinds of ambiguous details make MTI Trading International an unsuitable platform for investment. You cannot expect to make any significant profits from it. There is a very high chance that you might even end up losing your investment. Therefore, you should consider investing in genuine and trustworthy crypto trading bots that provide a variety of trading preferences for both beginners and experts. 

International Platform is claiming to be a global platform that has access to an extensive crypto network around the world. As a result, the company is inviting people from all over the world to invest in the company. However, the marketing material of the company is primarily targeting South Africa. 


It is important to note that even the most reliable crypto platforms involve some kind of risk. However, MTI Trading International is claiming to be a risk-free company with reliable insurance. Yet, there is no specific information available about such policies that can show this company is a fully reliable platform. Therefore, you should not trust this platform because you will end up losing your money.  

Official Registration

Under the FAQs section of, the company claims that it was officially registered in 2012 in England and Wales. However, this claim completely contradicts the initial introduction of the company. Such kind of contradicting information from MTI Trading International shows that the company is not being truthful about its origins and making false claims to attract more investment.

How to Join MTI Trading International? provide contradicting information about how to join the platform. At one place, it states that you have to invest at least $20 to participate in the income structure of the company. However, the FAQs section of the website states that the minimum deposit is $500.

It shows that the company is not being straightforward with its joining criteria. A $500 amount is a huge fee to join a new platform like MTI Trading International. If you invest this kind of money in this company, there is a high chance that you will not be able to recover it.

MTI Trading International

Income Structure of MTI Trading International provides the following three main investment options:

  1. Invest $20 to $500 in the company and get 110% ROIs over the next ten days.
  2. Invest $501 to $5000 in the company and get 115% ROIs over the next ten days.
  3. Spend $5001 to $200,000 in the company and get 120% ROIs over the next ten days.

Like most of the other Ponzi schemes, MTI Traditional International also offers referral and recruitment commissions. The website provides the following breakdown of these bonuses:

  • Members of level 1 can earn a 5% recruitment commission.
  • Affiliates of level 2 can earn a 2% recruitment commission.
  • Members of level 3 can earn a 1% recruitment commission.

The company does not offer any further details about the income structure. However, it is quite clear that this platform has very few earning opportunities. The business model of the company is completely against its initial claims of being a reliable crypto trading platform. 


There are many things that is lying about to attract more investment. For instance, it claims that it was established in South Africa in 2016. However, it is not true as the website was registered in 2020. 

The company is making such false promises to attract more users and get more investment. The business model of the company also makes it clear that MTI Trading International is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. It does not have any role in the crypto industry. 

The purpose of such tactics is to convince users about the legitimacy of the company and make them invest in the company. However, the company does not have any external source of revenue. The only way it is making money through is by inviting affiliates and making them recruit other members. 

MTI Trading International will ultimately collapse when the recruitment stops. This is a traditional Ponzi scheme that will collect as much money as possible before its collapse. Therefore, you should not invest any money in this platform. 

If you want a reliable and trustworthy alternative to, you should consider using the crypto trading bots. Both beginners and trading experts can use these bots for crypto trading and earn a significant amount of profits. 

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