MTSoft Review – John Harrison Hawking A Fresh Scam

MTSoft Review – John Harrison Hawking A Fresh Scam

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An old scam just just resurfaced online with promises that are impossible to achieve. For example, it claims on the sales page that traders will make $14,500 every day in pure profits without fail.

While considering these unusual claims, we can’t help but wonder if indeed it’s true that users of this magical trading software will become millionaires in a matter of months.

The scam that we are talking about here is called MTSoft by ”John Harrison”. Notice that we put that name in quotes because this scam is obviously using a fictitious character by that name in order to deceive traders. The real name of the developer is unknown.

To be honest, MTSoft is the same exact robot that was dubbed The Mirror Trader by the same fictitious character.

Now, this guy just recycled the old scam, shortened its name and decided to promote it again. We cannot have any more of this nonsense because it is evidently clear that this is a fraudulent piece of binary options trading software designed to lose money from the word go.

Apparently, MTSoft trading app by ”John Harrison” is free to use. Just deposit $250 and leave the robot to do its thing. Come back in the evening and you will find that your trading account is 14k dollars richer. Sounds too good to be true, hence we have to investigate these claims.

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MTSoft review

MTSoft Review: what we know about this project

It’s only unfortunate that scammers are recycling old projects to fool traders, and they are insisting on implementing this trend for the unforeseeable future.

In the case of MTSoft trading system, the only thing that changed is colors and logos. Otherwise, they are peddling the same software that scammed traders a couple of months ago.

This is a big shame because even the pitch video is the same as that which was used in the sales page of the Mirror Trader scam.

These frauds obviously mean to be very lazy with this work. Yet they intend to make money by fleecing naive investors who are not willing to do their due diligence.

When you look at the two systems side by side, you will see that nothing has chanced. Even a blind person will see that all contents of the previous scam were recycled, including testimonials. We actually wonder how this developer is expecting to attract sales with the current mistakes which were blatantly presented on the MTSoft software website.

We also have a couple of fake reviews endorsing MTSoft software. You and me know very well that this software is just a re-branded version of its money-losing counterpart — the Mirror Trader.

We perused the website just to read these fake testimonials. These success stories don’t make sense because for one, they tend to associated MTSoft software with wealth. Some of the people who are allegedly telling their success stories here make irrelevant statements such as ”I am going to my vacation in Maui, thanks to this software.”

We don’t understand why scammers love to use fake testimonials that never convince. Also, we discovered that MTSoft scam website was using random internet photos of people who have nothing to do with this scam. In fact, these people are not even aware of the fact that their photos are being used illegally on the web.

But of course this nonsense is effective when applied on a naive and desperate trader who thinks that making 14k dollars a day is reality. These random photos are evidence that this software does not have any success story from real users.

The first thing you have to know is that MTSoft software is so new. It was launched just the other day. There is no way it could possibly have so many active users within those few days of launching it.

MTSoft scam testimonials and members of the team

Besides, we do not believe that any rational trader would sign up to use it. This is because the evidence is there in black and white that this is a money-losing piece of bull crap.

The fact is that no one is using this software. They had to create their own success stories. As you can see, this is pure fabrication. It’s an illegal activity which places this project in the category of binary options scams.

On the same note, the so-called members of the team are people who do not work for this developer. We can assure you that these people have nothing to do with MTSoft project. They are just stock photos, period!

MTSoft is a white label: It’s quite evident

Now, white labels are a big problem indeed. This particular scam was tested and that test was quickly over because we identified the same features and elements found in the Mirror Trader, the Blazing Speed Trader, and the Desert Millionaire for example.

Those similarities were too obvious. Any trader who has been scammed by one of these will not have a problem identifying the face of MTSoft on the aforementioned trading systems.

Think twice before you subscribe to MTSoft or any other software that makes wild promises

For a trading robot to make 14k dollars a day, it must have an abnormal high win rate, right?

Of course no trading system can have 99% accuracy when it comes to trading. Trading systems are meant to make your work easier. They are not your ticket to riches.

Anyone who claims that they have a trading robot that makes people wealthy in a fortnight is definitely a snake oil sales man.

A good example of a trading robot that is currently being promoted by these snake oil salesmen is MTSoft software.

Basically, anything that is being said about this software is too good to be true. It just points to the fact that we are dealing with a stubborn scam that does not want to go away despite being basted several times.

This guy who keeps calling himself John Harrison is a shameless bastard because he does not mind being sen promoting a sham project, even if he does it hundreds of times on the internet.

First of all, he is an eyesore. His face and words are so irritating because every time he appears on the internet, he is always looking to create trouble in form of luring traders to invest in a fake robot that will ultimately make them suffer losses.

He is probably part of the reason why many families are arguing over financial matters because one spouse cannot understand why the other keeps investing in bogus internet trading systems that continue plunging the family into more debts.

The truth concerning this matter

MTSoft teams up with a scam/unregulated broker, asks you to deposit $250 because by evening, you will make $14,500. So you follow their instructions and when that time comes, MTSoft will have lost part of that balance.

That’s the typical scenario of how it usually goes down on anyone who ignores our advice.

Our best advice for you

Rule out the possibility of including this scam into your trading arsenal. You will not go far by the way. Those who have succeeded in binary options trading use systems that we recommend here. Others simply lose money because they get sucked in by scams like MTSoft.

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  1. The only winner here would be John Harrison, or whoever the ‘mastermind’ behind the product is. I wonder if a regulatory body could become involved to stop scammers like this.

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