Multi Mining Review: Scam, Take Warning Seriously

Multi Mining Review: Scam, Take Warning Seriously

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MultiMining.Website is one holistic deception and manipulative project which masquerades as legit mining operation when the fact of the matter is that they are not legitimately mining altcoins.

The youthful demographics is the target here. The operators of this site know very well that Cryptocurrencies is something that most people don’t understand. For that reason, the owners of Multi Mining have out up a crooked investment hoax with the intention of misleading investors.

The fact of the matter is that nothing is guaranteed with this site. Although they are shouting on top of the roof that mining operations are running in full throttle, you might be shocked to discover that this is not the case at all.

Read the full review to learn what MultiMining.Website really is and whether or not you stand to benefit from them.

Note: You can now mine Bitcoins only with these legit companies. 

Multi Mining Review

What exactly is Multi Mining? Multi Mining is basically a website that operates as a legit cloud mining platform where investors can deposit a specific sum of money to earn a specif interest on a daily basis.

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The higher the amount of deposit, the higher the return on investment. So, to make Multi Mining a profitable venture, the operators of this website have set a considerable threshold amount for visitors who want to become eligible to these profits.

The higher the amount that you’ll send, the greater the chances that you’ll cry for losing your investments. Remember that when you send your Bitcoins, there is no recovering any of it. The site’s administration will simply refuse to refund you and instead remind you of the fact that you should have read their terms and conditions or earning disclaimer before sending any money. You must hate that part where the admin tells you that there is nothing they can do to return your Bitcoins. It’s really sickening.

multi mining review

Ownership of Multi Mining website

The big question is: who owns Multi Mining and can they be trusted?

Well, first of all, Multi Mining website is building their credibility the wrong way. You see, they are using the easily falsified UK corporate database to pretend that their operations are fully compliant with the law.

According to our investigations, MultiMining is backed by BitExplosion Ltd which is a UK corporation filed under company number 10757009.

This corporation was registered in May 5th, 2017. However, the website where mining operations are supposed to take place at was registered in September 2017.

As we have told you before, these UK-based corporations are only used by scammers to create a false sense of credibility.

We are very concerned with the provided address for BitExplosion Ltd since it is not real. It seems that these scammers just made use of an anonymous renting service through which a false address would be procured.

The alleged director behind Multi Mining is someone called Chris Palmer. His correspondence UK address is 99 Malcom Rd, Llanelltyd.

The problem with this address is that it does not seem to be valid. To top it off, we searched for any correlation between Chris Palmer and Multi Mining website and found nothing at all. There is no evidence that Chris Palmer is an employee at Multi Mining.

Do they mine Bitcoin for real?

If you enroll with this website, you will be required to choose any of their 4 investment plans.

These plans can only be funded in Bitcoins, meaning you cannot reverse these payments once money has left your wallet.

The minimum amount of Bitcoins required for this investment to start working is 0.01.

The maximum which they are asking is 5 BTC. The plans have ridiculous names as they are known as Crab, Fish, Shark and Whale plans respectively.

multi mining plans

The last plan is supposed to make you 0.0012600 BTC every minute. Affiliate bonus is 30%, 40% 50% and 100% for each plan respectively.

The about us page tells us that each one of these plans will expire in 4 months from the time of the purchase. Now, if we take a minute and assess the return on investments claimed by this site, we are convinced that they are absurd and unrealistic.

We have always said that if something is too good to be true, it should be treated as a scam because chances are that it’s a hoax.

In fact, after going through those investment plans and asking several questions about where the money is coming from and whether it’s realistic to earn such amounts of Bitcoins by the minute, we have resorted to dig deeper to expose even more red flags.

And now one of the big question marks here is why exactly did Multi Mining pursue the deliberate attempt to build false credibility. And the second question is why they are offering such a high return on investment when every other legitimate mining operation is keeping it realistic. Where exactly does this money come from? If they can answer those questions, we will be glad to test them with our 0.01 BTC before doubling that investment later on.

How popular is the site?

The site appears to be very popular in India. But upon close investigations, we discovered that they were making use of traffic exchange websites to make the site appear popular when that is far from the truth.

Now, this is a malicious marketing approach. The intention is to make a site look popular. But the truth of the matter is that the site isn’t very popular. This is intended to bring the scammers more revenue in the long run. So if you come across a site like this one sometimes in the future, don’t be deceived to think that its popularity is a sign of legitimacy. That is not the case, but a game played by scammers.

Can you trust this site?

Multi Mining cannot be trusted. Anyone who ignores these red flags will definitely rip losses that are equivalent to whatever the innocent victim invested into it.

These scammers know how to defend themselves against accusations. For instance, they won’t process withdrawals because they have set up a very high payout threshold which people hardly reach. By doing so, they are hoping that you will give up and abandon your money on their system so that they can steal it later on.

The reason why Multi Mining website is giving these promises is because they want to entice as many victims as possible. Yet we know very well that any investor who comes here will never attain the promised returns. If those returns are ridiculous, nothing will ever chance that fact.

So to this end, we can only conclude that Multi Mining is an illegal investment program which is aimed at ripping you off. No doubt about this assertion.

Our best advice for you

If you want to know where bona fide cloud mining scams are on the internet, don’t look far away. Multi Mining website is one of them. But it has managed to keep a low profile to avoid getting basted the way we have done in this review.

The longevity of your Bitcoin wallet is in serious jeopardy if you keep losing your coins to any investment scam that pops up on the web. We don’t want that evil to befall community. Please check here if you want to mine Bitcoins.

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