MuQuant Review: Is a Legit Crypto MLM PLatform?

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MuQuant Review: Is a Legit Crypto MLM PLatform?

MuQuant is a Crypto MLM platform promising guaranteed daily returns at a stable margin. Our review explains why Chora and his platform are a high risk option.

Kancha Chora is the brains behind MuQuant and registered the Company March 2023. With claims of offering flash loan trades, the platform even opens investors to higher than normal risks, you need to be extra careful.

MuQuant claims to offer the ONLY way to earn the world’s rarest passive rewards including NFTs and other Collectibles. The platform is also involved in arbitrage crypto investment opportunities.

MUQT is the token on offer in the uQuant ecosystem. According to Kancha, there’s a total of 18M tokens in Supply. So far, 962.44K of the total supply was burned with the price set at $0.132.

Why MuQuant is a Scam

It means the token is even more valuable than some of the leading altcoins in the market. If that was the case, we would all try and get our hands on the token. That’s not the case as the market cap of $261.34K doesn’t actually make sense.

After checking with exchanges and Token platforms, it seems these numbers are only available on the MuQuant Ecosystem. There’s no such fact found on any other independent platform or even the Blockchain network.

Learn more in our detailed MuQuant Review.

About MuQuant

Kancha has been around the MLM Ponzi scheme world for years, and we have proof of his collapsed platforms. It comes as no wonder that MuQuant will soon fall under this category and will likely scam members.

Some of his earlier platforms and products on offer include Cloud Token, DasCoin, and uFun Club. None of these platforms managed to stay in the limelight for a year, which will be the same as MuQuant.

Please note that MuQuant has no relatable products or services in the Crypto space. The token on offer is not verifiable under the Blockchain network. All the claim of having over 18Million in supply is not proven.

There’s no Token metrics that would give users access of the tokens. The platform is also taking advantage of affiliates and marketers who promote this platform. Kancha has so far managed to evade law enforcement.

He was last spotted in Maidstone, the UK where he is found to offer investment courses to fellow investors from the Asian community. Before MuQuant launch, he was also seen promoting the Gym Network Ponzi Scheme where he was the lead ambassador.

How to prove MuQuant is a High Risk Investment Platform

Just like any other potential scam, accountability and transparency is out of the question. In any token allocation investment or service, the data has to be available for all to see. The most important data is the total token supply.

And this is easily verified thanks to the Blockchain network where the Token’s address matches the token supply. Without this, all you have is claims that the seller has this tokens in the bag. And that’s when you need to think twice before investing.

With several other platforms under his wing, there’s no proof that investors actually managed to get something out of it. In fact, the opposite is factual as more and more complaints are coming out months after closing other platforms.

That’s why we need to expose the platform for failing to offer the truth. We have a platform failing to offer much in terms of sustainability and market efficiency. There’s no token on offer and the quoted token price is just voodoo.

After buying the tokens, Kancha will take your funds and claim to stake it on an unspecified pool. He claims investors have about 60 days to enjoy daily stable profit margins of about 25 percent.

That’s another key factor to watch out for, claims of guaranteeing daily profit margins. When the time comes to withdraw funds, that’s when all hell breaks loose. No one gets to withdraw funds from the platform.

Commissions and Bonuses on Offer

To try and convince investors to sign up with the platform, Kancha claims to offer a plethora of bonuses and commission to investors and marketers. Investors also get to earn extra as affiliates on different levels.

There are about four levels of affiliates with this platform with commission rates from 25 percent and above. It’s an incentive to ensure members lure in other naïve investors. Once they do, they get part of the commission.

The truth is, the commission is just part of your initial deposit or funds deposited by the lured investor. Kancha knows the art of Mary-go-round and uses it to full advantage. He tosses money on accounts before finally bowing out.

Once investments stop trickling in, he will come out with claims of stopping the token allocation momentarily. And the few days turn into weeks before he finally puts the website down. That’s his M.O when it comes to Crypto MLM products.

Customer Reviews and Testimony MuQuant

Despite claiming to offer arbitrage trading services, customers are now stating the obvious, it was a roost. No trading is taking place despite Kancha claiming to offer a magical AI trading robot to trade crypto on your behalf.

The best way to stay away from this platform is to read the reviews of customers. In fact, before signing up with any platform, doing due diligence is part of the process. Try and find out the experience of other investors before you.

That gives you a clear picture of what to expect with the platform once things go south. And the quota on the web suggests that no one gets to profit from the platform. With Kancha in the UK, we hope the FCA will prosecute him for offering unlicensed trading services.

Kancha has managed to evade law enforcement by shutting down the services and moving to different countries. He has amassed wealth from scamming investors with Token-type investment services and daily ROI claims.

We suspect he is also planning something else once this year comes to a close. His behavior is that of a serial Ponzi scammer who goes underground when things heat up only to come with a similar product under a different name.

Is MuQuant Legit or a Scam?

MuQuant is definitely another of Kancha’s Crypto MLM Ponzi schemes deceiving anyone who buys in. The platform has no business registry or token metrics to prove that these tokens actually exist.

That’s why we have to expose the platform for failing to offer much when it comes to accountability and transparency. These are the facts you need to check as an investor before buying-in any of the sold products and services.

Another factor that makes the platform illicit is the guarantee of making daily profit margins from staking. We don’t have any information on the types of nodes he buys for staking purposes. And that’s why we have to insist the platform is a scam.

Our Verdict MuQuant

After reviewing this product and past products associated with Kancha, it’s best we recommend you steer clear from any of his products. MuQuant is a high risk Crypto investment platform with no verifiable results or performance of invested nodes.

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