My Cash Method Review: Reliable or Scam Trading Solution?

My Cash Method Review: Reliable or Scam Trading Solution?

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My Cash Method website promises the good life which most rookie traders dream of. However, what traders don’t know is that such blatant expressions are nothing but marketing declarations.

People have lost money to robots that market themselves in the same manner than My Cash method is promoting itself.

This service, dubbed My Cash Method software claims to offer copy-trading rather than automated trading.

The software is supposed to pick up signals from the owner, who is allegedly a seasoned trader too.

But how much can we trust Mr. Michael Thompson? And what guarantees are there that this robot will yield the stated profits, hence giving us the good life?

Apparently, it seems that no one is interested in answering these questions. That’s why we investigated the My Cash Method website and came up with a conclusive report on the same.

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My Cash Method Overview: Here are the facts

The software which Mr. ”Michael Thompson” is giving away for free is supposed to serve you like a ”managed account” where you deposit your trading capital so that the owner or person in charge can copy trades into your account.

That’s the idea of copy-trading. However, before you fall for this idea, you need to ask yourself whether or not the person you intend to copy trades from is a real trader or just an imposter.

In this business of copy-trading, the track record and reputation of the master trader is more important than the software they are offering.

And if this guy is not able to prove his track record or success which he falsely clings to, then we can comfortably dismiss him before damage can happen to us financially.

Unmasking Mr. Michael Thompson

The guy claims that he is a professional trader who never losses trades.

my cash method owner
Alleged owner of my cash method

He does not even remember the last time he lost a trade. Indeed he must be very good at it. However, we still wonder how on earth someone can trade with such precision.

It’s hard to believe that ”geniuses” exist in a market that is so hard to predict.

But even if they did, we wouldn’t have a ”professional trader” averaging at 100% strike rate.

It seems this guy was determined to fool us. This made us conduct a thorough background search on him.

We searched the name Michael Thompson and guess what, all articles that were coming up on Google were only mentioning him in relation to the My Cash Method software.

There is no information about him. He doesn’t even have a professional profile on sites such as LinkedIn, which makes us wonder if indeed this man is a professional trader.

Where else has he taught guys how to trade? Is there any reliable source of information (apart from online reviews) that can point to the fact that Michael Thompson is a trader?

Actually, making a dumb decision to copy his trades will likely land you into crippling losses since we were not able to verify his background as an ”elite trader”.

What is more, the authenticity of the binary options brokers affiliated with this robot is questionable. It is best to avoid it or use these alternatives if you must trade for money.

Abnormal profit claims

Mr. Thompson tells his audience that My Cash Method has a strike rate of 100%.

It’s unbelievable when someone tells you that a program can be so accurate in a market that is not predictable.

These are just cheap lies that cannot be backed by any substantial proof.

Our years of experience tells us that no developer has ever come up with a robot that can win trades 100% of the time.

Therefore, when frauds from hell come out to tell these lies, we can’t help but laugh and mock them.

As if this is not enough, Mr. Thompson hypnotizes his audience to ensure that they will never wake up from their dream.

He claims that he has made a few beta testers millionaires within a short period of time.

The alleged ”beta testers” were given airtime to feature on the video and to convince you that indeed this robot works.

However, the saddest thing is that some people may never wake up from this dream until they’ve been robbed of their $250 in the name of ”investing” in My Cash Method software.

Besides, we don’t like the fact that this man is telling us that his robot is used to making $1083.72 per hour.

That’s an unrealistic profit figure. Even the best robots in the industry don’t make that much.

And as if that is not enough, the man shows us ”proof” in form of fabricated bank statements with the intent of fooling us that his system works.

Don’t be fooled anyway. Making a million dollar profit in a short time span is not a feasible thing. It even gets worse when you use bogus robots like My Cash Method software.

Highly preposterous claims like the ones made by Mr. Thompson are considered marketing declaration which cannot be backed by any proof.

You therefore stand a fair chance of throwing your money into the trash bin if you go ahead to use My Cash Method.

What reasons is the owner of this robot using to justify it?

If you pay attention in the beginning of the promotion video, you will hear the man say that his software is nothing like what you have seen elsewhere on the internet.

Immediately he follows that statement with the assurance that his software is not like other scams which are infiltrating the internet right now.

This is supposed to be the only reason that motives you to use My Cash Method software instead of solid evidence that this robot actually performs as touted on the website.

In other words, the presenter wants you to risk your money on this software based on this reason alone.

After all, they refused to give us facts in form of hard evidence that My Cash Method has actually been generating profits for its users.

Are the testimonials real?

You don’t expect those testimonials to be real either because the people who feature on this video were clearly paid to do what they do best — acting.

my cash method fake testimonials

You don’t want to make a purchase decision based on lies that you heard from someone who doesn’t even know how this software looks like, let alone using it to trade.

The overall look and feel of the website

This website looks very similar to those we’ve seen being used by scams in the past.

There are just a few minor changes here and there. The only things that make a difference here is the logo and colors.

Otherwise, the website is pretty basic and does not look like it is owned by a millionaire for that matter.

Furthermore, this website does not have SSL protection, which basically mean that anyone carrying out any form of financial transaction will risk exposing their banking details to hackers on the web. That’s not something you want to experience.

my cash method emblems

Our Best Advice for You

My Cash Method is not a trusted binary options robot. If you want a good robot that can assure you profits from your investment, you will have to consider these alternatives instead.

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  1. Ich bin derzeit bei my cash method mit 250 USD investiert.Pro Trade setze ich 25,00,-USD-bei Gewinn ergibt das pro Trade durchschnittlich 16,25,-/ab und zu auch 18,00,-!Anfangs fand der my cash method bot gar keine möglichen profitable Signale-(in der Zeit tradete ich manuell+gewann 65,-USD),jetzt immerhin zeitweise!Allerdings setzten die wohl Samstags+Sonntags mit dem Handel aus-erst Montags gehts wieder weiter!Von den eingezahlten 250,-USD sind momentan noch 129,25,-USD übrig!Ich warte jetzt mal ab,wie das sich weiter entwickelt!Wenn ich genug gewonnen habe,um meine 250 USD abziehen zu können-dann will ich einen anderen Roboter ausprobieren!!!Als Broker hab ich 8 zur Auswahl-ich hab StoxMarket genommen.
    Das Ganze geht mir zu langsam.Ich brauch für private Vorhaben bestimmte USD-Summen–die wollte ich mit dem Bot erwirtschaften.

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