My Easy Mine Scam Review: Mining Is Not Easy

My Easy Mine Scam Review: Mining Is Not Easy

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This review looks at or My Easy Mine for that matter. The website asserts that it’s the most promising cloud mining service in 2018. They believe that they’ve acquired this status by simply coming up with an intuitive design and simplified contract management system which allegedly can help newbies make money.

We need to find out if these assertions are true and can be relied on. But before we do so, we need to write our detailed report of this analysis. It is never that easy finding a good cloud mining service. Even the ones we’ve rounded up in this list had to undergo our careful scrutiny to discover the best ones.

My Easy Mine, on the other hand leaves us asking more questions that they can provide answers to. For example, we found ourselves wondering who was the owner of this site and whether or not it was backed by any corporation.

In our opinion, this site has a high potential of turning into a ponzi scheme. In the worst case scenario, it could be a scam because it just followed the same exact path that scams have followed in this field.

To find out, read this My Easy Mine review till the end. Make wise decisions thereafter. But if you don’t want to undergo the pain that come to doing your own research, we’ve just highlighted the most popular cloud mining services which we work with. Make use of those companies to avoid disappointments.

myeasymine review

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My Easy Mine Review

Mining is allegedly made simple and accessible to all through this website. We do not know how true this statement is.

They also claim that they’ve invested heavily in modern equipment to increase our cloud mining revenue. We do not know of anyone who has already cashed out of this website because it is still very new. In fact, it’s less than 3 weeks old. That short period of time is indeed not sufficient for people to earn any money, given that cloud mining can take some time before people can start generating profits.

They also claim that they are using a unique script which was specifically designed for the project which My Easy Mine is carrying out. Unfortunately, that script has not been mentioned. We cannot verify that assertion as the truth.

The website also claims that they are very transparent, and can give both members and guests access to their stats. But the problem with those stats is that they could just be figures written on a paper or stored electronically. It does not mean that those stats are authentic in any way.

To earn even more more, My Easy Mine claims that they usually hold contests regularly which boost members income significantly.

The problem is that investors are not interested in any contests. Investors want a cloud mining service that is solely dedicated towards altcoin mining activities. Anything that diverts from that aim is not needed at all.

Other claims that we have read on the My Easy Mine is that they have a unique design which should leave investors with a positive impression about the service.

Well, that unique design isn’t reflected on the website’s presentation. The theme looks very basic and unconvincing.

And of course My Easy Mine is also promising guaranteed income and high security of funds. This is quite normal. Any business that wants to attract more clients will preach these things. It does not always mean that the business in question is carrying out legitimate activities.

This is cloud mining and you can’t trust any other Tom, Dick and Harry. If you did, you’d end up losing a fair amount of money in the hands of internet criminals.

Like any other cloud mining service (especially those that promise abnormal returns), My Easy Mine is promising a highly rewarding referral program to those who join. You are supposed to make even more money when you combine this referral program with their regular contests.

How does it work?

You register to get some hashing power. This will automatically activate the bonus hashing power which the site is allegedly offering to new members.

The site does not say about their fees or any other charge that is involved in this work. That is largely preserved as a secret. We do not know why.

A fairly straight forward cloud mining service should tell us their fees so that we can factor the cost of mining into the potential profits.

But if this information is not available, it begins to sound suspicious.

People generally need upfront information on the same. Unfortunately, My Easy Mine does not provide such information which leaves us wondering what next.

And of course the minimum that is required to allegedly start mining altcoins is 0.0005 BTC. You can only send payments in Bitcoins and not any other form.

That is quite alarming because legitimate businesses will always give you a number of options to make payments. If a supposed cloud mining service is asking people to pay only in Bitcoin, it can suggest that they are potential scammers who are looking to make it even harder for people to trace their money once transactions have been completed.

The point is, you cannot change your mind later on when you send payment to this website. That makes My Easy Mine a very risky website to do business with.

Ownership information

My Easy Mine does not disclose any ownership information. Again, this is a very worrying trend. If a site is cautious about disclosing ownership information, you should probably conclude that the site owner is not transparent or even worth doing business with.

We hate to trust anonymous people on the internet. That should be one of the indicators that the site operator is up to some shady activities. Trust this person at your own risk.

Other things worth taking note of

At the time of writing this review, we saw the site claiming that they have been online for one week only. But they also say that they have managed to open over 7000 active accounts for new members. That’s not a realistic thing to do no matter the promotion method which they are using.

myeasymine stats

This is obviously a lie. You cannot acquire such a huge number of customers in a span of one week. It is definitely misleading and meat to create a false sense of demand.

The truth is that only a few people have signed up. They might not exceed 10.

With the kind of mystery surrounding this site, you cannot trust the stats or anything that they say concerning their service.

To us, My Easy Mine is just another ponzi scheme looking to cash in on the Bitcoin cloud mining frenzy.

The manner in which they present this site tells us everything we need to know. It is not rocket science to know what these guys really want to do with your money.

Our best advice for you

To keep your coins safe, don’t utilize cloud mining services offered by My Easy Mine. The service is covered in a cloud of mystery, and secondly, there is no information about their plans. We don’t know whether or not these plans run for a lifetime. We are only told the minimum needed to invest with My Easy Mine. Avoid.

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