My Traffic Powerline Review: Avoid At All Costs

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My Traffic Powerline Review: Avoid At All Costs

My Traffic Powerline is another MLM scam claiming to help website owners drive quality traffic to their websites and earn profit. Our review exposes why this MLM-type service is a scam.

It’s sold as a marketing tool to help drive quality traffic to any website for a fee. Those who dare enroll or buy the service end up ruining their decision. It’s a fact that no one gets to profit from this platform.

My Traffic Powerline Review: About the owner

There are two victims on this platform, the buyer who ends up buying this phony service, and the affiliate who directs users to buy the software. Both are the target of the scammer behind this service.

We will highlight why you should stay away from this platform and any other using the same features. My Traffic Powerline is another scam that won’t drive traffic and won’t release commissions to affiliates.

Let’s dive right into this platform and see what pans out.

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About My Traffic Powerline

Jeremy Duncan is the brains behind this platform and has over the years created other MLM scams before. He is no stranger to being exposed for creating and selling unrealistic marketing software tools to the online community.

The online networking space has a market for trending products that would highlight a website visibility. There are plenty of tools that do that, Jeremy just claims to offer the one tool that outmatches all the others.

With a clever sales pitch, he has managed to lure several affiliates to sell this empty dream. These affiliates get paid once investors sign up and subscribe to the software. Once the subscription ends, Jeremy will close shop and defraud everyone.

Complaints have already started that his tools don’t do anything to drive traffic. As expected, he has been selling hot air to unsuspecting newbies. And that’s the reason why we MUST expose his tactics and products to the world.

According to Jeremy, each advertiser gets 100 premium and Real-time clicks to your website. And this means generating leads thanks to clicks. That’s the whole idea behind this platform. And that’s why we insist it’s best to stay away.

There’s also a claim of having a team-building effort to help websites rank better and have more engagement. Unless you use the conventional methods, Jeremy and his team will fleece you of every penny you have.

Some of the features and tools he claims to offer include auto-responder tools, Email Builder, and Lead Capture. He even has the audacity to claim he owns part of TeamViewer. That’s where we draw the line.

Accounts and Product Plans My Traffic Powerline

There are three compensation plans available on this platform. Each plan targets either the affiliate, buyer, or both. Let’s take a closer look at what each plan brings to the table and how Jeremy defrauds investors.

Fast Start Bonus

There are two welcome bonuses available for affiliates on this platform. These include a one-time bonus of $25 for each new user you refer and buys a monthly subscription of the product. There’s also a second bonus worth $50.

With the second bonus, the affiliate has to ensure the referred party buys the annual subscription. Now these are two contradicting amounts seeing the actual price of the product. Its clear Jeremy is taking advantage.

Matrix Payouts

Here’s another payout with the 2×12 forced matrix product. For the first plan, affiliates earn $0.60 per person on your affiliate matrix. There’s a total maximum payout of $4,915.20/mo. available for the taking.

Jeremy claims that the amount is still available even if it’s a spillover and you don’t have anyone to sponsor. Which means he will expect the affiliate to buy the product on behalf of the client and sell it outside the realm of the platform.

Check Match Payouts

Another affiliate level bonus setup where affiliates get a percentage for checks made by referrals or anyone that clicks on the website. Basically, an affiliate for clicks directed to his website.

There are rules though, such as the number of required persons to click, and they have to be unique. Jeremy claims affiliates have the chance of making over $1,228.50 off each 4 unique clicks made to his website.

These are the account features for affiliates who end up promoting the software and get nothing. There’s no verifiable withdrawal from any affiliate signed up on the platform. With complaints rising, we suspect the website will soon shut down.

Contact and support

Once you purchase the tools or become a sales person on Jeremey’s team, there won’t be any communication. He only makes contact pre-sale or pre-purchase. Once he gets you over the line, there’s no more communication from his team.

And that means he leaves buyers out in the cold even after realizing the software doesn’t work. It’s best to stay away from such platforms and use realistic website traffic puller tools used in the industry.

As an investor, communication plays a vital role especially in the online space. That’s not the case here as Jeremy plans to put everyone on hold. You will notice the platform also doesn’t have a direct line.

On the contact page, all you get is a contact form where members leave their details. The platform claims to respond within 24 hours which is not the case. We have a platform that wants to control the communication aspect.

You should check how fast a platform responds to queries. If there’s no direct access and the owner insists on emails, stay away!

Fund Safety My Traffic Powerline

Your funds as an affiliate are not safe, Jeremy won’t pay any commissions to users. And that’s why you must avoid the platform. The software he uses also has hidden backdoor locks that try and gain access to your PC.

Yes, Jeremy wants to gain access to your PC and try and find any financial details. Once you download the software, he gets easy access to everything you do. He can even send ransom malware just for you to buy an antivirus program from him.

Stay away from

None of the software products on sale have proper security protocol measures. These include DDoS protection, SSL encryption, and website protect gear. That’s why we find his products phony at best.

License and Registration My Traffic Powerline

My Traffic Powerline and the marketing tools on offer have not been tested in the real world and do not produce the results as claimed. These are sales products that don’t add any value to your website.

Jeremy Duncan is not a certified sales person or online network executive as he purports to be. That’s why we have to expose all his failed antics to get anyone to buy non-existing products. He is a certified scam artist.

Lost funds with My Traffic Powerline

For those who have lost funds with the platform, we can only advice you get professional help in recovering funds. Even affiliates can get part of their funds once they use an expert. These experts have years of experience.

The team behind the recovery plan partners with law enforcement to ensure clients get their funds back.

Verdict My Traffic Powerline

Please stay away from My Traffic Powerline.

Note: The best investments are those offering investors genuine ROI. Try them today.

Do leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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