MyBTC Review: Scam Operation Targets The Financially Naive

MyBTC Review: Scam Operation Targets The Financially Naive

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Currently, there are many BTC scams that there are idiots out there. But you see, ponzi scams are trying to say that all they need is enough idiots who can follow them. That statement can be proved by this domain – The extension PW is not trust inspiring. Even the name My BTC suggests that this is yet another Bitcoin scam. Fortunately, people who read this website have now discovered these tricks, and are not going to fall for such cheap tactics. These tactics still work though. However, the financially literate can never fall for this trickery. Rest assured.

Now, this review is a warning to those who think that generating free Bitcoins with this site is real. Yes, the site is selling 4 investment plans. But it does not say what it does in order to multiply the investment of their members.

As you can see, this ponzi scam is even promising to triple your investments in a matter of hours. For example, the first investment plan is asking 0.001 BTC and claiming that you will make 200% returns in just one hour. Clearly this is a fairy tale and a dream that cannot be realized. There is nowhere in the world people can double their Bitcoins in an hour. So that is why My BTC is a scam.

My BTC Review: Evidence suggests that it is a scam

You do not have to be an expert in these things to know that my BTC is a Bitcoin scam. The promises are definitely too good to be true.

Their investment plans are too good to be true and quite ridiculous. Any wise person would conclude that they are not real since one cannot generate 350% in 48 hours. This is just not possible no matter how you want to look at it.

Unless you get hold of some BTC wallet and steal all the coins there, we do not see how earning 350% in 2 days can be possible.

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Also, investors who fall for such obvious scams are definitely gullible. You cannot navigate your way profitably into the Bitcoin investment world if you are this gullible. But thankfully, even if you are not experienced and cannot tell a scam from a genuine investment programs, our reviews will always be spot on and honest about these opportunities.

my btc

So, let’s start by asking where the site My BTC is getting this money from. How exactly are they generating this money? Apparently, no one knows. The site does not tell us whether they mine or trade Cryptocurrencies. It is therefore impossible to say where these crazy returns are coming from.

Now, if someone is not able to tell you where your money will be coming from, there is no point trusting them with your investment. They must be able to explain how they will generate profits for you before you can ever consider giving them your hard earned money.

So this is the truth. You will give them your Bitcoins and they will say thank you. You will never hear from them again.

Because they are scammers, they have made it easier to deposit Bitcoins into their address. However, it is virtually impossible to get money out of this system as the option to cash out is not available. So how exactly did they pay the people who they claim to have paid in the list of payment history?

Things don’t seem to add up as many questions cannot be answered by this site. My BTC is therefore lying about the whole affair. They are making it up.

My BTC payment history

This is the most interesting bit of it. The site is claiming that all these people were paid on various dates. You have to remember that this list cannot be verified. The Bitcoin addresses are randomly generated. The various amounts of Bitcoins that this site is claiming to have paid out were definitely not paid. But if this site is sure of what it is telling us, we would like to see concrete evidence supporting this data.

Now, we have approached the admin of this site. Remember they are anonymous, so we were speaking with an anonymous person on the other side of the internet who refused to confirm that these payments were real.

The contact link has since been removed, and there is no way visitors of this website can ever contact the owner of this site.

That is a red flag that must not be ignored. This site is definitely operated by a real human being. So they must present a way to contact them. The fact that they are making it impossible to contact them means that they are scammers who only want your money and nothing else to do with you.

Anonymity is a sign that this site is operated by scammers

Have you asked yourself why the owner of this site is not known and cannot be contacted? Well, you must know that this is a clever scammer. He does not want to be known, and definitely doesn’t want to be contacted. But on the other hand, he wants you to send him your Bitcoins.

How amazing? They are taking you for a fool. They know that somehow, they will manage to persuade a few people who will buy their story and send some coins hoping to double them in an hour.

The site is actually looking to feed on your greed. My BTC knows that people are naturally greedy and will respond if promised more money in a short duration. That is why they are promising to double your investments in an hour. But the condition is that you must first send them your Bitcoins. If you do so, the true colors of this site will be exposed. They will have stolen whatever you sent them.

Our best advice for you

My BTC scam is clearly out to cause massive losses. There is no such thing as doubling your bitcoins in an hour. Let’s stick to these options if we want to mine Cryptocurrencies.

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