Menu Review: is My Cloud BTC Scam or Legit Mining Site? Review: is My Cloud BTC Scam or Legit Mining Site?

Share This! claims to be a Bitcoin cloud mining website with 20,000 active users. They also claim to be a private mining room that has access to cheap electricity, hence they can keep mining Bitcoin while keeping the cost reasonable. The site was created on 11th of Feb 2019.and registered to an anonymous person. There is no information about their corporate details meaning that this site is probably operating on its own accord. On their platform, they only claim that My Cloud BTC is owned and operated by a team of blockchain developers. What they do not realize is that this description is so vague that it hardly communicates who they really are. Also, instead of providing evidence of their data centers right away, the site insists that investors must send a request of the same to the email info @

For every new user, My Cloud BTC offers free 100 GH/s of free hash power. This is a very common offer on the internet as nearly all platforms that claim to offer cloud mining of Crypto currencies is offering some sort of free hash power for mining. The site also claims that users can start mining for as little as $15 and at the same time, another section of their site claims that investors need a minimum of $25 in order to get started with any of their investment plans. The minimum withdrawal is 0.0015 BTC, which is indeed a low threshold. On top of this, My Cloud BTC is giving 10% commission for each referral.

The question is whether My Cloud BTC can be trusted to provide legit Crypto currency cloud mining services. Is this service trustworthy enough? Is there real proof of mining? Do we have users who can testify about the kind of services they have been receiving from My Cloud BTC? That is because the site claims to have over 20,000 active users, which is quite a big number. We should be able to find their testimonials and reviews all over the internet.

In our opinion, this site is still new, and the truth is that it cannot outperform or compete with more established Bitcoin cloud mining sites on the internet. You can see those sites in this page. 

My Cloud BTC review

While the site tries very hard to appear legit, the fact of the matter is that My Cloud BTC fails to persuade most users of the quality of service which they claim to offer on their website. Their FAQ page appears to have been copy pasted from Zero Mining, which makes us think that either they stole this material or My Cloud BTC is owned by the same person who runs Zero Mining. Definitely this looks like a lazy attempt to fill up a web page with the intention of selling right away.

My Cloud Btc

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Also, their alleged user numbers (20,000 Plus active users) does not add up because even on Alexa, the site is ranking 19 million. If they truly had 20,000 active users, the domain would simply be ranking at the top. So this clearly disqualifies the alleged number of users which at this time appears to be nothing other than a marketing trick.

Is there evidence of Bitcoin mining?

If this site cannot be honest with their prospective customers who will first land on their website before proceeding to order an investment plan, then there is no reason why we cannot believe that the rest of the promotion material is just taking us for a ride. For a moment, just think about this. The site is demanding that users should send an inquiry asking for evidence of their mining farms. Is this something that should be readily available on their website for every visitor to see as soon as they land on the website?

It definitely beats logic to hide this kind of evidence. In fact, if indeed data centers exist here, it would be advantageous to provide that video on their website as more and more people would trust that this is a legit Bitcoin mining service. But this is not the case. And we also suspect that something is fishy. There is no reason why a supposed Bitcoin cloud mining operation should hide their mining facility and only demand people to make an official inquiry for this data to be released.

Who owns

You should take note of the fact that My Cloud BTC is very secretive when it comes to ownership information. The site does not disclose anything to do with the owner or the company behind their website. This is a red flag as a genuine company should provide their physical address, the names of the director and a phone number if possible.

Therefore, to cut the long story short, My Cloud BTC does not provide details of ownership. This is a red flag. Moreover, they claim to operate in all countries except USA, North Korea, Iran, Canada and United Kingdom. The fact of the matter is that these countries have strict regulatory policies for businesses that claim to provide Bitcoin mining services in the cloud. In the US for example, all companies or websites operating like My Cloud BTC are required to register their offering as a security. This requirement is enforced by the SEC which is very keen on following up these matters. Most scams have since avoided operating in the US because of these strict requirement.

Now, you need to understand that My Cloud BTC is not a very reliable operation, which is why it is anonymous and is not registered with any financial regulatory authority.

Our best advice for you

You can still mine Bitcoin with established Crypto currency cloud mining services because they have good resources and have been in the game for a long time. As for My Cloud BTC, we cannot advice you to try their services unless the above concerns are sorted out. It is most likely a fraud. But even if it’s not, we still need to see a number of user testimonials and feedback before trusting that their service is genuine.

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73 Replies to “ Review: is My Cloud BTC Scam or Legit Mining Site?”

  1. I Registered on my Cloud btc.
    Start investment 2 days from now the webpage is not available.Am scared am hoping to see if it will operate again.

      1. The website is operating. Register and use your own referral link bad register once again with a different address. You get a discount

      2. The web page operates for awhile I invested $99 only withdraws one time now I can’t access my accounts,anytime I tried to sign they’ll request my identity information,such as drivers license,pa**port including cards and so much more,but provides invalid emails.
        I suspect this to be scam.
        So stay away.

        1. It’s the same to me. Only that they don’t ask for ID pa**port and so on. I just can’t access my account. I had a doubt on a technical issue but now I am sure they do it intentionally.

            1. Delta, I opened the account through my phone and I accessed it always through my phone. It is not that the problem. I’m talking about mycloudbtc. com. I wrote to their support using the email icon in their site. They said they cannot do anything, I wrote again and they suggested me to write to [email protected]. I did twice but Google confirmed me that the email cannot be sent because the recipient refused the connection. All this makes me believe it’s not a coincidence but a scam. How many days ago did you buy the first plan? I bought first the 10 $, later the 99 and later the 999 $ plan. It lasted 15 days or so. I earned less than 50% of what I invested.

              1. Me an my three family colleagues, we opened same account and we have similar issue only one withdrawal allowed, later they say that multiple account etc. and no mails are received (bouncing)

                seems they are fraud company

        2. Olha, estou pela mesma situaçao, fiz um investimento de 10 dolares, conseguir sacar dai então fui mais adiante, investir 99 dolares esperei da o minimo de saque, apareceu que a rerirada foi feita com sucesso, porem nem na transação do proprio site e nem na mimha carteira de Btc consta a retirada, então fica a dica não invista nesse site, perdir mais de 99 dolares nesse site, e tambem o site me parece ser do mesmo proprietario pois tem as mesma caracteristica o supporte é o zero mining de ambos site. No meu caso eu entrei em contato com o suporte fiz a reclamação do meu saque, ate ai beleza fiquei esperando por emails deles e nada, dai então fui fazer o loguim de novo, e estão falando que á um problema no processo de loguim do meu usuario, lembrando que isso aconteceu depois que eu investi mais um pouco e fiz a reclamação. Estou até hoje sem acesso a esse site eles me pediram para entrar em contato com o email fornecido deles la, eu ja perdi as contas de quantos emails ja mandei pra eles, mandei de todos os idiomas e nada, então estou aqui pra falar pra voces ficarem esperto a quanto isso eu tenho cadastro em outros sites q ja investir e estao pagando perfeitamente. Qualquer coisa entra em contato.

  2. I have been with and I was able to withdraw once. I will wait a couple of more days and try another withdrawal.

    The platform looks weird. I am looking forward to the next possible withdrawal.

    However, one platform that I suggest to get away from is These b******s will trick you into paying fees that are not described anywhere in their page, have a fake certificate and are fraudulent.

  3. Update from yesterday: I was able to withdraw a second time from The page indeed looks sketchy. I only risk 99 usd, so not a big deal.

    Regarding, they shutdown my user account, proving this site is a total scam. Learn from my mistakes and stay away from these mofos.

    I am also mining with IQ mining, I was able to withdraw twice, the quantity is quite low. I will keep you posted.

    1. TKS for the feedback. I will wait more widraw from you to see if is valid. I only have 1 ths so I can’t do widraw yet… The minimum is to hi.

      1. Yes, it’s 0.002 BTC. However, whenever I withdraw, they take a chunk of it, approximately 0.0004. So far I’ve been able to withdraw here. Will continue to post all my withdrawals.

          1. It continues normally until today at least. Payout as promised and withdrawal any time if 0.015 bitcoin minimum balance is available. Withdrawal is processed immediately and arrives in my personal wallet within seconds.

  4. Hi,
    I have purchased 2 plans from my cloudbtc since beginning of May. One 10 $ and another 99 $. I have performed 3 withdrawals until now. Yesterday I bought the most expensive plan (997 $) but although it has pa**ed more than 24 hours the plan is not active yet. I can see it at my plans option but it has not mined anything at all. I wrote to them several times but I got only one reply which suggested me to read their FAQ. There is no explanation in FAQ about this.
    I will give update if something changes.

    1. 2 hours after the first post my account was credited even for the 997$ plan according to the conditions. Technically they don’t display this plan the same as previous less expensive ones (I have 2 others, 10 & 99 $). I even withdraw the income very fast. Until now so far so good.

      1. I got the free one, the 10, 99 and 999 ones. So far so good. I hope to get the the biggest plan when I collect some more money. Let’s see what happens in a 20 days when the paid out income becomes higher than that invested. I am really putting my hopes on this.

          1. Yes. Using my phone to access it. I found some bugs. Number one. Never deposit to the account, if you want to buy something, get the plan and pay the invoice to the address given. Never deposit to the wallet there.

            Another bug is sending to wallets within the system. If you have two accounts, never send from one to another. It doesn’t work. If you send to an external wallet, it will work without problems.

  5. Update… 1 hour after the first post I got the first mining income from the 997 $ plan. Technically this plan is not shown like the other lower cost plans and the progressive mining during the 24 hours is not displayed. At least this happened for the first day. So far, they are paying normally and allow withdraw of bitcoins very fast.

    1. Hi this is now around a weekend from your start, how do you see the furthere days beyond the first day.
      Do you get specified #btc credits and could you withdraw them >

      1. The process goes normally until today. They credit bitcoins automatically once in 24 hours and they allow immediate withdrawals if you have a minimum balance of 0.0015 bitcoins. The withdrawal process takes only 2 seconds to see the bitcoin at your personal wallet.

  6. Hice una compra de 997 usd BTC en mycloudbtc y la.transferencia esta registrada pero no me sale el contrato en pantalla y no mina, que puede haber pasado?

  7. Si hago una compra de 997 y el.dinero no llegó completo, pero esta registrada la transacción,.pero no mina, q puedo hacer para completar y q empiece a minar?

    1. You have to wait more than 24 hours to get credited for the Mining process of 1 day. This plan doesn’t show progressive mining during the day like other less expensive plans but you get credit regularly every 24 hours (every day the credit process is postponed by 10 minutes). At least I have experiencing this for 6 days.

    1. I’m not sure for that but you must have at least 0.0015 bitcoins at your account to be able withdraw which takes long time for a free plan.

      1. With the bitcoin prices you return your money within 20 days. Everything else is additional income, right? Have you experienced this?
        Let us know emmm.

  8. Today I couldn’t access my account at all. I wrote to them but I got an answer saying you have to try again because they have no access to my pa**w***. Anyone else is having the same problem?

      1. Non, je ne peux pas encore accéder à mon compte et je suis sûr de ne plus y accéder.
        No, I cannot access my account yet and I am sure I will not access it anymore.

      1. It’s 6 days now that I cannot my account. I don’t belive I will be able to access it anymore… Anyway I will update info if a miracle happens…

  9. I didn’t lose my pa**w***. I used the Remember me option so username and pa**w*** were saved automatically. Don’t let any amount there but transfer it immediately to external wallet when there is a payout.

    1. Mike, technically you can buy the same package twice or more but I suggest you read my reviews above before buying. If it’s fine for you to lose money then go ahead…

  10. definitely a scam. stay away ‘ I invested on one 99$ plan there just to test it, after few days later I have done my first withdraw then bought more plans and now I am having the pa**port and ID document problem as well and cannot access to my account.

  11. H***o all… I bought $997 plan and have withdrawal request 0.01 btc and still waiting for more than one hour for withdrawl. Anyone requested like this and get payout

    1. When I was able to access my account I performed several withdrawals. This process was executed in a second. I have done it even for higher amount than yours. But I think these details are not important. They are a scam who create you at the beginning the idea that everything works fine and later in a way or another they block you.

    2. Have made four withdrawals. First one took 4 hours, 2nd and third less than an hour, and the 4th one, took two days. All good so far

        1. Hi em. Its my third week now, and i can’t access the site anymore. Was able to withdraw 3/4th of what I invested. It says I have abused the site and needs to email them my drivers liscense and home billing. I’ll try to provide what they needed and see if I can still log back in. How about you were you able to recover your account?

          1. Hi Gee, I cannot access my account anymore. They didn’t ask me anything, when I try to sign in the site says username or pa**w*** is wrong (I’m sure I use the right ones). They make you believe everything is fine until the second or third week and later they block your account. They pay back 50 or 70 % of the investment and that’s all…

            1. I can’t access my account, it says incorrect pa**w*** and username. I paid 997. I haven’t made any withdrawals.

  12. Caballero esto es una estafa no lo duden tiene. Diferentes maneras de robarte el dinero, a veces no depositan el dinero, otro es q te cierran la cuenta y te piden información. Te dejan ganar por un tiempo y luego te cierra y así, retirense a tiempo, cundo haces compras grandes es cuando empiezan a estafar

  13. I invested 99usd,and 4 10 usd. Was able to withdraw thrice. Yesterday was supposedly my fourth but till now, its not yet in my btc wallet. If i wont be able to withdraw again after this, i lost more than half of my investment.

  14. its a scam say away my acout its block same problem abuse of acout only work 15 days and then block acout stay away from this scam site

  15. I cannot access to this site it’s shows to do KYC anyone got this problem and got solved. I have invested $999 plan in that but I didn’t do anything here to do KYC.

    1. Same with mine they asked me kyc, drivers license and home billing after my 3rd week. Cant access my account now, its a total scam.

      1. Yes I referred totally 10 members, now everyone invested but now all of there account were blocked and asking KYC. So pls don’t invest there anyone after your 3rd week or 3rd payment all our accounts will be blocked. I contacted support they said ok they will check but still now no response. Contact me [email protected]

  16. I purchased 6 devices each of 10 dollar but on my dashboard listed only 3 devices. my 30 dollar just vanished. I have proof to send them btc, I have emailed them 100 times but no solution and no replied, just a reply came from them that was a threat that if I further spam they will block my account. I am just emailing them to inform my 3 devices or refund my 30 dollar but they threaten me they block my account. actually they are not a fraud also they a t******** who threat after taking money. we should complain to the police.

    1. Don’t invest here friend I lost $1000 by investing there friend. Pls don’t waste money starting they are giving but after 3 weeks they block your account. They block all my referral accounts who invested there thousands of dollars.

    I have bought the 10$ plan and the plan was online for 1 day an then goes missing. after 10 days i dont have the plan yet.
    The earnings are only from the free plan.
    Several times i contact support and the responso is to buy again.

  18. H***o users, I’ve not been able to log into my account, it says incorrect pa**w*** and username. I don’t know what happened to my account

    1. Same with me. And it makes me lost my investment alot. They are fraud,deception. Now they are change name server be be careful !!

  19. Scam alert !!! Dont make invest to this server. They are deception and fraud. And now they are change name to be
    be aware guys !!!

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