MyDHLife Review: 5 Facts Pointing to High Risks with

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MyDHLife Review: 5 Facts Pointing to High Risks with

MyDHLife is an ongoing Crypto and MLM platform introduced by Steve Sughrim. Here’s our detailed review for more on the products and services on offer.

My Dominion Heir Life is the full name of MyDHLife.

Bon Voyage 1,000 was the first product introduced by Steve alongside his partner Scott Bland. These two have been in the MLM business for over a decade. What’s interesting about the two is that there’s no success story on any of their products.

If you believe MyDHLife is any different, woe unto you. We have a platform that fails to offer much in terms of accountability and transparency. These are the Crypto MLM products that rarely deliver the expected ROI.

About MyDHLife

MyDHLife comprises several other products including travel and wellness. It’s one of the few products out there offering investors crypto products. Steve decided to delve into the Blockchain era after seeing the positive effects of Crypto in the finance world.

For those who don’t have the full story, MyDHLife was officially launched back in 2020. The platform was later shelved before finally showing its head this year. And there are complaints from the initial project which failed to disclose vital information to clients.

Customers are unhappy with the way things turned out. And we believe the same will happen to the current crop of clients.

Here’s our MYDHLIFE REVIEW overview.

About MyDHLife

After the original MyDHLife model flopped, Steve and his team decided to revamp the project by adding crypto products and services. These include guaranteed daily profit margins from crypto investments such as Masternoding and Staking.

Steve has a LinkedIn profile showing his address in Redmond, Washington D.C. This is probably the place where Richmond is operating other scams as well. We started seeing Steve way back in 2012 and 2015 when he promoted Paid2Save.

It was another finance niche product flop that claimed to help investors earn huge ROI by investing and saving. The platform where investors saved would later collapse with no member receiving any funds as a result.

The service prompted authorities to issue an arrest warrant where he served two years for financial improprieties. He was also to pay a fine of $2 million to help victims recoup lost funds from the project.

What made authorities suspicious of Steve was the fact that he used a different persona and documents on this project. Steve used to go by the name Davanan Sughrim which seems to have changed a few months ago.

Now, we have the same person selling a reboot of a failed project to the public. We don’t have to tell you the risks involved in such cases. The scenario is likely going to end the same with Steve already having an exit strategy.

We suspect Steve is planning to leave the country once he shuts down operations and head over to Asia or Europe.

How MyDHLife project works and the high risks involved

There are several products available for sale on the MyDHLife platform. These include educational materials, health and wellness, not forgetting crypto projects. All these are available with legal services and Entrepreneurial packages said to be available as well.

Steve tries to be a jack of all trade type and seems to thrive in such an environment. It all starts with members having to choose a package and getting learning materials for free. For entrepreneurs, Steve claims to guide your business to success for a fee. plans

Once investors sign up with the platform, that’s when all hell breaks loose. The platform fails to offer much in terms of authenticity and proof of concept. Al l the educational and learning materials are extracts freely found on the web.

There are two victims on this project, investors who sign up and affiliates who promote the platform. Steve has been doing this for years and knows how to sell a pitch to investors. And he does this by slowly taking investors into different stages.

It starts as a funnel program where after signing up, he introduces different packages to choose from. There are 7 packages to choose from each offering different discounts and profit margins. Travel discounts include hotel and bookings as indicated on the brochures.

Please note that Steve has set aside educational programs separately from the seven packages. He ensures he fleece every penny from investors depending on the service offered. Truth be told, none of his services work.

Scammed by

A few hundred people lost their investments with the original MyDHLife project. These customers claim the current project is a reboot with the difference being the addition of crypto and legal services.

From what we have seen, Steve tries to operate a noble project with the intention being to scam investors. The platform certainly doesn’t have the professionals to offer legal or any other service provided.

The team behind these projects remains anonymous and that’s one of the biggest reasons why we have to avoid the platform. You certainly don’t want to invest in an anonymous project where transparency is out of the question.

Steve has managed to hide from authorities by failing to give any information about his team members. And that would suggest the funnel is a process undertaken by one or two of his support staff.

There’s nothing tangible about these products and the fact that no success comes out of them is irrefutable. You won’t get even a single member promoting the services of mentioning them for their aid in any success story.

Affiliates and Bonuses

As indicated earlier, Steve offers an affiliate and referral commission base for investors. That means investors get to earn passive income as affiliates by referring close family and friends into the picture.

Steve promises 300% ROI passive income guaranteed for referring five to fifteen clients to the project. Affiliates also get half the percentage as commission since they don’t sign up as members but as promoters of the project.

Bonuses are available as well at the end of each month with members getting a promise of earning $100 minimum. The maximum bonus earned is $2,500 or $20 in daily ROI. These are out of the world bonuses not seen in any crypto-related project.

Customers’ Thoughts MyDHLife

A few of the customers have come out with claims of being contacted directly by people who claim to be advisors. These advisors would ask for a fee for information that would lead to a successful undertaking.

Once customers paid for this information, they were led to a staking pool where they would purchase nodes. These nodes were to offer guaranteed daily profit margins. And that’s when Steve would rope investors in by luring them to deposit their life savings.

When the time came for withdrawal or vesting period lapsed, this was when the platform decided to part ways. No one would hear from the project with Steve cancelling all accounts. Members would get an email termination letter for breach of terms.

Is MyDHLife Legit or Scam?

With the previous project scamming hundreds of naïve investors, we see more of the same with this project. The MyDHLife is a scam and no one should dare invest or buy any learning materials from Steve’s platform.

We hope authorities will soon catch wind of his whereabouts.

Verdict MyDHLife

MyDHLife is a platform notable for its ruthless approach in shutting accounts with large balances. Please stay away.

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