Nasdaq Method Scam Review: Don’t Use This Software

Nasdaq Method Scam Review: Don’t Use This Software

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In this review, we will expose the Nasdaq Method software. It has come to our attention that the owner of this site is intending to scam traders by first convincing them to use a trading robot that wasn’t built with any real trading algorithm.

Nasdaq Method is presented by someone called David Campbell. Do not be surprised when you find out that this man is using a fake identity in this promotion.

So why exactly does this man want you to use this trading robot? He claims that Nasdaq Method is able to generate $12,000 per month in pure profits. Now he wants to give it out for free to anyone who will listen to him.

The question is, can you really make money with this trading app? And can you make this much in a duration of one month?

Definitely we are dealing with inflated figures. Traders should know that earning $12,000 per month is is something you can do when you are trading a big account and actually using a robot that has been proven to work. However, chances are that people who will fall for this trick and not wealthy traders. They are typically people who are looking to start trading with $250 or even less.

The other thing worth taking note of is that we generally can’t estimate what we will make in any given month. Traders’ profits may vary based on the circumstances of the market.

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There are a lot of misconceptions and lies that Nasdaq Method wants you to believe. But if you read this review till the end, you will save yourself from the turmoil that comes with losing money unnecessarily.

Nasdaq Method review

The truth about Nasdaq Method is that it is a very dirty scam. It is a cloned version of another scam called Nasdaq Inside Trader. You can read its review here. 

Nasdaq Method

The first lie that is that Nasdaq Method website is using to draw your attention is that this software appeared on CNN Money and Forbes. This is something you can verify yourself. But rest assured that neither of these websites mentioned anything to do with this software. It is very easy to verify these claims as all you will need is to visit the aforementioned website to search for the software in question. You will quickly notice that search results are not returning the name of this software.

The fake reviews

Yes, these reviews and testimonials from random actors on the video cannot be relied upon. These people claim that they made a lot of money while trading with this software.

You must know that these people are liars. They have never traded before. They have never used this trading robot in their lives. They were paid to act. They are only doing the job of reading a script which we are all too familiar with.

These people get hired for 5 bucks only. Pay them $5 each and they will do an entire video on your project. They are also very familiar as we have come across their faces in several other scams. Rest assured that what comes out of their mouths is nothing but empty lies and promises.

The scam software

Nasdaq Method is a popular scam robot. It has been used several times by scammers to fleece innocent traders of their hard earned money. You see, this robot is exactly like Bitcoin Method or even the Crypto Method.

Now, this software is also notorious for using a demo with fake price feed. It is programmed in such a way that it can win most trades when you are testing it. However, the results which you get from testing it will be very different from what you get when you transition to a live trading account with the same software. Why? Because they are using fake price feed and manipulating the robot in such a way that it will have 90% win rate.

Besides, we have also talked to a lot of traders who have used the same software that Nasdaq Method is using. They say that this software losses money. Some of them even submitted proof to us showing how this software losses money. This confirms what we have been stating here ever since this white label was introduced a couple of years ago.

By the way, anyone can buy this white label and re-brand it using their preferred name.

The truth that the admin of this website does’n’t want you to find out

How exactly does this software work? No one knows. The site is not even explaining to us how it works. Instead, they just tell us that this software makes money. We want to learn the trading strategies in order to decided whether or not it is worth risking our trading accounts using it.

But so far, the owner has shunned any discussion relating to the actual trading strategies that this software uses.

We see that more focus is being directed towards you investing with their recommended broker so they can earn a commission.

The truth is that Nasdaq Method loses money when you use it for trading. It will start trading your account and only stop when it wipes it clean. That’s a reality that everyone who considers using this software must live with.

Our best advice for you

We are not convinced that this software is owned by David Campbell. His real name has not been revealed. The owner of the site is anonymous and not willing to discuss these details with anyone.

We therefore can’t believe that his name is David Campbell. It would take a lot of convincing for us to believe him.

But this is also a serious red flag. If this guy has a robot that can make $12,000 per month, he should be proud of it. He shouldn’t be hiding under a rock.

Come on guys. He is not being real. There is no reason why he should hide his identity. Probably he is a scammer, and that’s why he is too careful not to reveal his details to you. Just be careful when you are dealing with such people. At this point, we are asking you to explore other alternatives because clearly Nasdaq Method is a scam.

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