Nevis Trade Review: Stock and Bonds Investing Scam

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Nevis Trade Review: Stock and Bonds Investing Scam

Nevis Trade is a company that is allegedly trading Forex and binary options assets. They are also involved with digital currency trading and stocks. Unfortunately, the platform does not seem to be legit. There is a high possibility you will be entrusting a Ponzi scheme with your funds.

The company has all the critical features of a scam, and this is why we do not trust them. The platform is asking for a lot of money as an initial deposit. Investors who have been involved with them have not attained the same amount of profit.

The shady venture is accepting investors from all over the world. The platform state that they are eliminating the barriers involved in investing. Nevis Trade lacks transparency, and the entity is not credible.

The only thing that is a guarantee you will get from the firm is losses. The information they avail is misleading and malicious. It only proves that you are dealing with fraudsters. Critical information is missing from their website.

We do not know the strategy that the company is using to attain the alleged profits. The platform does not have investment services or products. The firm wants it to appear as though they are a diverse entity that is dealing with multiple assets.

Nevis Trade Review, Nevis Trade Platform

The products that Nevis Trade claims to be dealing with are volatile. You cannot predict the outcome. The platform does not have a trading software, and they depend on their team. Unfortunately, the information regarding the team, as well as the founder, is missing.

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Nevis Trade Review

The platform promise investors that they will attain financial freedom. All you have to do is sign up into their fraudulent firm. The entity is bragging that it is the best in the market. However, so does all other Ponzi schemes in the market.

However, the info is only meant for marketing purposes. Nevis Trade guarantees that you will attain daily returns of 1000%. The promises the firm makes are unrealistic. No system in the market can yield such amount.

There is no evidence of clients that have gained the amount they project. That is clear evidence that the company is only bluffing. They will say anything to make you deposit funds with them. There are several methods that you can use to earn money

You can invest with legit crypto trading software in the industry. The system will trade automatically, and the profits you generate are appealing. However, you should not have the mindset of getting rich within a short span.

You will only end up falling for the promises of these scammers. Investors need to be very keen when it comes to their fund safety. Companies like Nevis Trade will only provide bad experience to traders. The platform is availing misleading and false data.

There are a lot of complaints from those that have engaged with this entity. Investors have lost funds, and the company will exit the market sooner or later. Ponzi schemes do not survive long in the market. The red flags are all over the website of Nevis Trade.

Trading Strategy

Nevis Trade does not disclose the strategy that it is utilizing. The company is an HYIP. They will use the funds of new customers to cater for the withdrawal request of pioneer investors. The cycle goes on until there is no cash coming into their system.

The firm is allegedly making huge returns by using various investments. They are pooling funds and generating huge returns by the end of the day. You won’t find legit investment ventures offering daily ROI.

Investors usually have to wait for a substantial period before receiving their income. The data available on their platform is insufficient. The person who designed this venture was in haste. Their only interest was to get money from innocent investors.

They have eight investment plans, and the more funds you deposit, the higher your earnings. Unfortunately, if you make the mistake of trusting them with a vast amount, they will only blacklist you. Therefore, you won’t be able to contact them.

You can attain returns ranging from 2.5% up to 1000%. The minimal amount of money that you can deposit is $10. They accept funds up to $150,000. Those who make the small investment will be able to generate profits at the initial stage.

Nevis Trade will do this to gain your trust. You will then be tempted to deposit more cash to earn more profits. The problem will start immediately. You make this unwise decision. The entity will steal all the amount without having any second thoughts.

Withdrawal and Deposit

The company is accepting funds using multiple methods. The withdrawal requirements vary depending on the way you are using it. For crypto, the least amount you can cash out is $3, while for fiat currency, it is $2.

The process takes up to 2 days on maximum. However, you should keep in mind that once you deposit with the digital currency, you cannot trace your money back. Considering you are dealing with scammers, the funds will be deposited in their wallets.

Those who use other methods like Payeer will cash into the bank account of the con artist. Be wary of an investment scheme that has too good to be true promises. Most of all, the platform has not verified their results.

Additionally, we have not encountered any investors who have received the returns they project. Nevis Trade only has negative reviews from their clients.

Contact Details and Regulation

To contact this venture, you can either email them, [email protected], or call them at +44(20)38077324. Nevis Trade also has live support. They have availed multiple methods, which is a positive thing.

The customer support is being accused of being unprofessional. The company is unethical, and you should not trust them with your money. The only thing that you will get is unprofessional treatment. Their only interest is to satisfy their greedy needs. Nevis Trade will not help you attain your financial goals.

However, it does not change the fact that the platform is not legit. The company alleged the director is Ingram Tyler. Nevis Trade proclaims that they are based in the United Kingdom. Their office address is at St Norbert Road, Brockley London, UK, SE43 HA.

The entity also states they have offices in various countries like Thailand, Nigeria, Russia, Poland, and Bangladesh. The company is insinuating that they are a multinational country. They feature a registration document on their website.

Unfortunately, this is not enough information that can show its legitimacy. The legit investment scheme in the market has a regulation certificate. If they are indeed based in the UK, they should be in the FCA database.

Final Verdict

The company does not specify the strategy it is using. Moreover, they do not have trading results to show their venture is indeed profitable. They require a minimum deposit of $10. However, this amount cannot earn you the returns the firm is showcasing.

Nevis Trade is not a legit investment venture. The firm lies about its location to win the trust of investors. You can invest with a legit cryptocurrency trading bot in the market in which the software is transparent, and the information of the developer and the team is availed.

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