Next Investments Review: A Clever Scam

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Next Investments Review: A Clever Scam

Next Invest is a platform that manages other investment platform known as next bitcoin and next investment. The company is clearly another Ponzi scheme in the market that investors should be wary of.

The platform claims that it has an experienced team that handles their activities. Unfortunately, this is just another way to fool naive investors. They do not publish the background or images of their team. Moreover, this entity also claims that it has a trading software.

Next Invest is involved in arbitrage trading. Those behind the company are running it in anonymity. They allegedly have transacted a high volume of BTC. They are accepting investors from all over the world. The platform brags of handling a large number of investors as well as funds.

Unfortunately, there is no proof to validate their claims. The website is only filled with generic information and marketing content. When we checked to see whether there are facts, we realize that the scammer behind this entity is bluffing.

The company wants it to appear as though they want to help novice traders when, in reality, they only want to steal from them. If you make the mistake of depositing funds in Next Invest, you will never recover. Instead of wasting your valuable time and resources in this fraudulent entity.

You can try out these legit crypto trading software in the market. Transparency is a major element when it comes to investment. Clients need to know the people they are trusting with their funds and personal data.

Next Invest Review

The company claim that their main focus is to offer digital currency investment to investors across the world. The company claims its partnership with a different organization known as heritage generation. However, these two entities are different and do not have anything in common.

Next Investments Review, Next Investments Platform


The person who is running this entity is only after investors’ money. They do not get into details about what they are offering. Additionally, we do not have a financial report or managerial report that can validate their services.

The firm is trying so hard to stay relevant in the market despite not having anything to offer. The entity does not have an investment product or services. Therefore, trusting them will be an unwise decision. Next Invest Is an offshore entity that is located in Brazil.

The company claims that they are the leading cryptocurrency services provider in Brazil. However, if you choose to trust them, you will only become poorer. There is nothing legit about this company; therefore, it is best to stay away.

The Ponzi scheme allegedly claims it has partnered with the most famous exchanges in the market. These include; Kraken Exchange, Binance,, among others. Sadly, this information is misleading and incorrect as these exchanges do not have anything to do with Next Invest.

The tactic of associating with renowned exchanges, celebrities, and other famous entities in the market is common with Next Invest. They do this to try and win the trust of traders. The Ponzi scheme, in reality, is not performing any trade or partnering with any reputable organization.

How Does Next Invest Operate

One thing that you will note with this platform is that they do not get into details of how they are running. The company is only making huge claims and making ridiculous promises. They lack originality, and you can tell this by the information that they avail on their website.

If you are a keen investor, you will realize that Next Invest is only the bragging of their team, yet they have not credited them by showing them to the public. It is clear that this is a losing platform that targets naive investors. They have all the traits of a Ponzi scheme, which is the main reason you should stay away.

The possibility of this company is in the market in the next few years is minimal. Scam ventures do not last long in the industry. Once they are exposed, they come back again using a different domain name. The firm claims that investors do not need to worry as their main focus is their security.

Sadly, you will be exposed to multiple risks once you register for this entity. Next Invest also claims that they do not have just one software, but they have multiple robots that run on multiple exchanges in the market. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of them having any trading system.

Next Invest allegedly claims that they are utilizing top-notch tools to ensure investors get the best experience. The trading software will give investors a particular profit in a month. The platform also assured traders that they would be exposed to minimal risk by engaging with them.

The platform is using false information to attract more victims. They do not mention the accuracy of the trading software. Furthermore, we are also not aware of the platform drawdown and average win rate.

Contact Details and Regulation

Next Invest is not regulated by any authority. The company claims to be from Brazil, and we believe this is for them to avoid being questioned about their licensing. Next Invest is offering its services across the world, yet they have not met the requirement of various government s.

We checked with the various financial watchdog in the market like FCA, NFA, CySEC, FTA, and ASIC. Sadly, the company is not on its database of these renowned regulatory bodies. Therefore, those who chose to invest with them will not enjoy security.

The firm is also not incorporated. Therefore they can do whatever they please without answering to anyone. Such companies can change their own terms and conditions as they please. Investors are likely to suffer from any decision the scammers make.

The company is not reputable in the market. We could not find any feedback from those who have engaged with them in the past. It is a major red flag that should not be taken lightly. It is always important that before you venture with any platform, you establish the quality of their customer support service.

Next Invest does not care about investors—that why it doesn’t have any contact detail. Legit investment would not risk its PR in such a manner.

Next Invest does not specify their actual location. It will be hard to trace them once they exit the market. Legit investment platform will display its official location. Investors will also have multiple methods that they can contact the support.

Final Verdict

Next Invest is a Ponzi scheme that you should avoid at all costs. Ironically the platform claim that there are scammers in the market offering unrealistic promises to investors. The entity claim it is not like those companies, and they will be in the industry for the longest time possible.

The company assures investors that they will achieve their promises and their maximum ceiling is at 15%. All you need to do is deposit your money and relax, awaiting your returns. This is not how cryptocurrency investment works and those who trust these shady entities will end up regretting.

Invest with legit cryptocurrency bots in the industry to avoid losing money. These entities will ensure you attain your financial goals without compromising your safety. Next Invest is an anonymous entity that is not worthy of your trust.

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