Nexus Global Review: is a Scam?

Nexus Global Review: is a Scam?

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Nexus Global is allegedly the first multi affiliate platform that claimed to have outstanding earning potential. The platform offers various products that combine with incredible compensation plans and that they aim to have binary and uni-level that involves the traditional European industry.

The platform aims at providing services in ICO, Forex, and mining solutions. The company aims at opening various doors for many billion-dollar markets, and it claims to have a good association with various companies providing exclusive Nexus products.

Investors have also urged the use of profound expert-level knowledge, yet this information lacks any support evidence. You are not provided with any visible evidence that you can verify you’re dealing with professionals, and you are just dealing with criminals also in the process. Review

Investors can purchase hash power packages, and fully automated Forex trading that includes the Forex explosion of the software also includes Forex trading with Argo markets and also applies 2 Pro Traders Strategy.

Nexus Global Review, Platform

The binary plan includes direct sell bonuses of up to 10%. Investors can earn a direct sell commission for every member they managed to recruit into the platform, and you receive 10% of what the deposit. There’s also another 10% inclusive of the mining package price of your direct referral activity.

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However, the affiliate program for the mining package price is not available to every investor and that the bonus is a binary plan related bonus. The platform was allegedly created in 2017, and the operation started in May 2018 -December 2018.

The claim also to have more than 120 thousand partners, and they boast of being the fastest-growing company in the industry. The company aims to provide services in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Support is guaranteed as they claim to have offices all over Europe and the main office is in London and Salzburg. Furthermore, they also claim to have offices Johannesburg, Hanoi, and Manila, among other locations.

Do not be so quick to fall for this statement; this is because no location address has been provided to verify the officers are there. The company vision aims to be a simple control panel and that they do not have automatic prolongation of the contracts.

However, they fail to provide enough information about how the software operates, and you risk dealing with an anonymous platform to make profits for you. No information regarding the whereabouts of the owners is provided, the kind of qualification they hold, and for the team of employees.

They claim that mining is for everyone, and bitcoin hash power packages for every purse is available from $25.They claim that the packages are freely selectable and no limit for any account the mining and that you can decide to purchase an extra package.

The platform guarantees investors mining products, and the daily payout of mining result start after every 21 days. Nexus Global promises investors that with their strategies, you’re guaranteed to find the right mining product for every financial situation and that you start profiting even without experience.

However, promising investors’ massive returns constantly is a thing of the past, and you should not fall for this catch. In the past, it was possible to generate massive returns within a short period, but nowadays, due to the vast competition guaranteeing customers’ constant profit is not entirely true.

The market faces high volatility, and crypto mining, just like any other business has some good and bad days. You may incur losses while trading, and you should invest with legit mining tools that have tried-and-tested and will generate profits for you.


Nexus. Global has mini packages that you can choose and benefit profitably; Bronze is split into 3, bronze 1 costs $25 and is a micro stater with 100 GH/s. Bronze 2 costs $50 for 200 GH/s as the Mini Starter, and Bronze 3 costs $100 with 400 GH/S, and this is the main Starter.

Silver Investment plan is also split to 3; Silver 1 that costs $500 with 200GH/s, Silver 2 costs $1000 for 4000 GH /s, and Silver 3 costs $3k dollars. The plans are Nicknamed KickStarter, Miner, and Pro Miner, respectively.

A gold investment plan is also split into three Gold 1 generating 2000 GH/s for $5k; Gold 2 costs $7.5k  for 4000GH/s, and Gold 3 costs 10k for 1200GH/s. These investment plans are overpriced, and you do not know the kind of advantages you receive apart from the hash power.

Funds Safety

Nexus Global does not guarantee the safety of your funds; this is because you do not know the people behind the Investment firm and the kind of qualification they hold. The platform also fails to provide any banking information, yet they expect you to share your details while purchasing their products.

There is also no evidence of any successful payments made to an investor or any withdrawal. If at all, the software is making any profit, then the traffic ought to be higher, and they would be recognized all over the internet.

Regulation and Customers Support

Nexus Global provide their services to investors all over the globe, and as expected, they should provide regulatory details. However, no information on the same is available, and they might be generating funds from the public legally without following the correct procedures.

Regulated platforms will showcase a high level of transparency. The owners of this investment firm risk facing criminal prosecutions and is probably the main reason they do not provide any information that leads to there whereabouts.

Unregulated platforms do not last long in the market, and your funds may end disappearing in the wrong hands. Different countries have set up various measures to protect their citizens from scammers, and you should be easily able to verify them.

There is no contact support information provided, and you may not find any response towards your query. They claim to have offices in multiple countries, and they fail to provide any information about the same via addresses.

Domain Insights

Nexus Global was registered in 2017 December, and the registration expires in 2020 the same month, and the domain name for the platform is

Final Verdict

Nexus Global does not reveal any transparency, and you risk dealing with an unregulated platform because no evidence of the same has been provided. The platform also does not have any past trade transactions that you can use to prove any trading activities taking place.

However, the platform has no retail-able product that you can sell, and invite new members might not be easy. Unregulated platforms rarely stay for long in the market, and they break the laws whenever they choose to do so.

You do not know the kind of qualification the platform owners hold and cannot verify that the information provided is their real information. There is no positive feedback also regarding the platform, and if you’re looking to make profits, you should use tried and tested tools that will invest in cryptocurrency and generate returns on your investment funds.

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3 Replies to “Nexus Global Review: is a Scam?”

  1. Hola mi nombre es Overdan Machado soy de Honduras, y hoy quiero pronunciarme en contra de la estafa que con mucha alevosía tramo Cristian Michel Scheibener CEO Nexus Global.

    Hace 1 año y 4 meses me uní a Nexus Global, y pague por la membresia de afiliación que fue dicha por parte del CEO Cristian Scheibener y por el mes de marzo 2018 menciono que haría un sorteo entre todos los que
    Hola mi nombre es Overdan Machado soy de Honduras, y hoy quiero pronunciarme en contra de la estafa que con mucha alevisia tramo Cristian Michel Scheibener CEO Nexus Global.

    Hace 1 año y 4 meses me uní a Nexus Global, y pague por la membresia de afiliación que fue dicha por parte del CEO Cristian Scheibener y por el mes de marzo 2018 menciono que haría un sorteo entre todos los que nos afiliáramos y que los favorecidos se haría un webinar en el mes de abril en cual el mismo daría a conocer los favorecidos.

    El señor Scheibener, realizo el mismo el webinar el día martes 10 de abril y salimos 5 personas favorecidas, dejare un link para su comprobación.

    en el minuto 20:58 el señor Scheibener empieza a mencionar a los ganadores del sorteo de un viaje con un acompañante a el destino que el ganador eligiera.

    Me comunique personalmente vía Whatsapp y correo electrónico con el señor Scheibener. Luego que después de 2 meses de no tener ninguna respuesta afirmativa. Y que él siempre se mostrará como que me iba a pagar estos viajes del sorteo. Tengo pruebas de la comunicación que el personal de ellos (NEXUS GLOBAL) aceptando que yo había ganado.

    Yo quiero a el obligarlo a que me pague lo del viaje y demandarlo por la razones de haberme dañado y jugado con la parte mental y psicológica de mi persona. Quiero saber si puede demandar a este señor.

  2. Hola soy stiven ingresé a media global en 01/04/2018 invertí lo que me dijeron y hasta donde me habían dado a conocer en los diferentes webinar decía que el monto mínimo de retiro era de 30 USD no importaba que estuviera en tu balance de btc o si lo convertirás a USD, lo que tengo no lo puedo retirar además aún hay dinero que se depósito fuera del btc y tampoco sé puede retirar es igual que hasflare.

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