Nexxus University Review: a Cryptocurrency Course MLM


Nexxus University Review: a Cryptocurrency Course MLM

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Nexxus University is a multi-level marketing company that works in the niche of Cryptocurrency. They provide certified cryptocurrency course to their users.

Moreover, they offer their affiliates an opportunity to earn money online. Affiliate can earn commission by recurring other affiliates so they can do the same.

If you are thinking to join the Nexxus University MLM opportunity, then read this article till the end. It might change your opinion about joining the company.

In this article, I will do the unbiased review of Nexxus University and tell you about their products, compensation plan, and everything else you need to know about the company.

About Nexxus University – Nexxus University Review

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The company was born from the other company GCR marketing, which was originally launched as Global Coin Reserve in 2014. During the initial time, they use the out-and-out matrix pyramid scheme.

But after one year they change their company name to Global Currency Reserve and set up a scheme in which affiliates are paid up to to $2999.95 a month for recruiting new affiliates.

At that time, Bob Wood come on the board and get rid of all the excessive GCR affiliate membership options. GCR affiliates were supposed to mine the coin through GCR. However, at the time of launch, the coin is collapsed.

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So, later on, it was announced that Nexxus University is an alone MLM company. It is quite challenging to understand the past history of Nexxus University, but the conclusion is that currently, Nexxus University has no link with any other company. It works independently of other companies.

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Nexxus University Products

The company doesn’t have any retailable product or service that affiliate can market. So affiliate market the opportunity itself to earn commissions.

They provide their affiliate with the following education courses.

  • The History Of Money
  • The Bitcoin Solution
  • Understanding Cryptocurrency

According to these courses, the earning of the affiliate is determined. The earning of an affiliate depend on how much they pay in monthly affiliate fees.

  • Bronze: The fee for this $9.95 a month and with this affiliate get the course of The History of Money
  • Silver: The fee for this is $24.95 a month and with this affiliate get access to The Bitcoin Solution course.
  • Gold: The fee for this is $49.95 a month and with this affiliate get access to the Understand Cryptocurrency course.

However, there was no information about who designed and created these courses. Moreover, Gold affiliates also get additional access to Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification Program.

Nexxus University Compensation Plan

The company compensation plan pays its affiliates both direct and residual recruitment commissions. If any affiliate recruits five affiliates within first 14 days after joining, then the company pays the commission of $10 to the affiliate.

Moreover, their compensation plan total consists of 9 affiliate ranks along with their qualification criteria. We have discussed their affiliate ranks below in this article.

In the below affiliate ranks PV stands for Personal Volume which means sales volume generated by affiliate own order and the recruited affiliates orders.

Affiliate Ranks

  • Bronze: To qualify for this rank, either an affiliate needs to sign up as a bronze affiliate or generate 10 PV per month.
  • Silver: To qualify for this rank, either an affiliate needs to sign up as a silver affiliate or generate 25 PV per month.
  • Gold: To qualify for this rank, either an affiliate needs to sign up as a gold affiliate or generate 50 PV per month.
  • Diamond: To qualify for this rank, an affiliate needs to recruit and maintain at least two Gold or high-rank affiliates.
  • Double Diamond: To qualify for this rank an affiliate need to recruit and maintain at least five Diamond or high-rank affiliates.
  • Triple Diamond: To qualify for this rank an affiliate need to recruit and maintain at least seven Double Diamond or high-rank affiliates.
  • Platinum: To qualify for this rank, an affiliate needs to recruit and maintain at least ten Triple Diamond or high-rank affiliates.
  • Double Platinum: To qualify for this rank, an affiliate needs to recruit and maintain at least ten Platinum or high-rank affiliates.
  • Triple Platinum: To qualify for this rank, an affiliate needs to recruit and maintain at least ten Double Platinum or high-rank affiliates.

Residual Recruitment Commission

Nexxus University pays the residual recruitment commission by using the expandable 2×4 matrix. In a 2×4 matrix, one affiliate is present at the top, and two affiliates are below it, which forms level 1.

Similarly, two-two more affiliates are present below the above two affiliates, which form level 2. In the same way, it goes so on up to 4 levels which is the final level of the matrix.

Moreover, the Silver rank affiliate gets the commission through a 2×5 matrix. Also, the gold rank affiliate receives the commission through the 2×6 matrix.

After all this, the affiliates get the 5% from the matrix positions which look something like this.

  • 50 cents for recruiting every bronze affiliate.
  • $1.25 for recruiting every silver affiliate.
  • $2.50 for recruiting every gold affiliate.

Infinity Bonus

Nexxus University also pays the infinity bonus to their affiliates. It is a generational bonus that pays their affiliates beyond the twelve levels of the matrix.

A generation is defined as a Platinum or higher rank affiliate found in any matrix leg.  The first affiliate of the first generation only earns 5% commission of the total volume of membership pays by the affiliate in that generation.

If any platinum or higher rank affiliate found deeper in the leg, then the commission that affiliate will earn is as follows.

  • Platinum ranks affiliate earns 5% commission on the first generation.
  • The double Platinum rank affiliate earns 10% on the first generation and 5% on the second generation.
  • The triple Platinum rank affiliate earns 15% on the first generation and 10% on the second generation. Moreover 5% on the third generation.

However, if second or third Platinum or high-rank affiliate is not found in any leg, then the infinity bonus is paid out to the entire depth of the level.

Final Verdict about Nexxus University

Now by reading this article till now, you might have a question whether it is a scam or not. So the answer to your question is not Nexxus University is not a scam company.

Nexxus University is a genuine MLM company like other, but it doesn’t guarantee that you will earn money with their MLM scheme. I will rate Nexxus University 3 Stars out of 5 Stars.

The reason behind this rating is that there are a lot of issues with the company. One of them is their past history. Although it is a legit company, I would not recommend you to join their MLM scheme.

Instead of investing in the Nexxus University, you can invest your money in legit Crypto Mining Companies. These companies are safe and far better than MLM scams.

I hope you guys find the Nexxus University review helpful and it gives you detailed information about the company.

Thank you!!!



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