NFT Rewards Review: Is Robert’s a Legit or Scam Marketplace?

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NFT Rewards Review: Is Robert’s a Legit or Scam Marketplace?

NFT Rewards is the brainchild of Robert Craddock, who was behind the scam, Zeek Rewards. Here’s our thorough review that highlights the facts and features.

Robert Craddock is the CEO and President of NFT Rewards, a Crypto NFT marketplace that claims to offer lucrative NFTs. He has years of Crypto MLM products and service placement including ‘virtual shares’ of the collapsed Zeek rewards.

Zeek Squad was part of the selling point for all of Robert’s NFT products and services. Gregory Caldwell is the CEO and long partner of Robert, both with warrants of arrest issued against them in Canada and Scotland.

NFT Rewards Review: Check the high risks that come with

Most have heard of the Zeek Rewards, which was a $900 million Crypto Ponzi scheme. Robert was exposed as the leader behind it and would go after anyone who dared incriminate him. Craddock is not the only Master of exploiting naïve investors, and so is Gregory.

The two have come up with such scams before including ZTeamBiz, which used to sell bogus leads and shares to investors as a reward for buying Zeek Stocks. In 2012, the SEC finally dumped this share and issued a cease and desist order.

Robert and his team didn’t stop there. He managed to convince investors to deposit funds into a pool that would net $400 percent ROI in 6 months.

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Find out more in our detailed NFT Rewards Review.

A brief overview of NFT Rewards

With the funds in his pocket, Robert would also harvest email addresses of these clients. It was a campaign to harvest data for future investments. In 2013, Zeek Rewards was in turmoil with the SEC going after the brass.

Robert decided to flee the country after charges were filed against him and the team behind the project. In March 2015, Robert was indicted with fraud including filing bogus invoices for the old and frail fund.

He pled guilty to all charges and was sentenced to eight months in prison. After his stint with the penitentiary, he has now come up with an NFT project with rewards being at the center of each. Let’s take a closer look at what each plan offers.

Late last year, Robert started an email campaign with the NFT Reward scheme urging investors to get in early. He introduced first-come-first-serve products with the first NFT for sale dubbed NFT Pay Pro.

Insiders were likely onboarded of what was about to happen in advance. And this promoted several crypto lovers to join the project. It was a reward project that also offered a bid offer to some of the investors.

The bid offer was to collect funds to all investors by claiming their bid was the highest of them all. Of course, Robert had initially placed a minimum bid of $250,000. With over 12 bids in total, he made away with a cool $25 MILLION for starters.

He then closed the bid project and started marketing the NFT Reward scheme.

How Robert Managed to Lure Investors to Sign Up with NFT Rewards

NFT Rewards used the same principal as the NFT Pay Pro with the difference being a marketplace in place. Note that the website fails to direct users to the auction or collection page. And this should be a worry for investors.

You must bid on an NFT that’s available for verification using the Blockchain network. What we have is Robert sending emails with pictures of the NFTs up for bidding. And that’s a red flag for investors who sign up with the platform.

There’s also the wallet hacking issue we have to highlight. According to Robert, investors must integrate their wallets to the platform. And this means having to assign wallet keys for easy sign ups.

Robert is merely attempting to gain backdoor entry on your Crypto wallet. Three victims have already lost all their wallet balances after integrating them with the system. Users are also sold the feature of creating and selling NFTs on the marketplace.

That’s not really the scenario as investors have already lost huge with this platform. What we have is a platform failing to offer much in terms of authenticity and diversity. Transparency is out of the question as the project is not listed on any Blockchain network.

There are four token standards available on the platform. These include ERC 20, 721, 998, and 115. Members can create both fungible and non-fungible tokens and sell them for a minimum of $0.01.

Buyers who think the NFTs are highly valuable do not know the half of it. Robert has made sure buyers and sellers don’t interact with Robert setting the final sale. You get an NFT going for $35,000 with the creator only getting $3 for it.

Scammed by

Another high risk aspect of this marketplace is the educational and learning guide for beginner NFT creators. The platform promises to delve deep into helping newbies learn the skill of NFT creation, at a price.

With Robert claiming all aspects of the platform are decentralized, there’s no turning back once you vest. The platform won’t even offer any live chat or direct access to a creator. All you get are learning materials you could easily retrieve from the web.

What happens on the NFT Rewards marketplace is the fact that no one has any leeway. The owner takes all the credit and leaves creators with nothing but sorrow. Those who buy NFTs on the marketplace at a high rate are also in pain.

When valuing these NFTs in the real world, they are shocked that the NFTs are nearly worthless. The NFT reward scheme is where Robert convinces investors to stake in a pool of valuable NFTs created on the platform.

Once the vesting period lapses, he will claim the NFT is increasing in value and the best way to move forward is to add funds. That’s when all hell breaks loose as you won’t get any of your initial vesting amount.

And that’s how Robert manages to scam naïve NFT investors through his bogus NFTs marketplace project.

Customer Reviews and Ratings NFT Rewards

From his earlier and latest NFT Rewards projects, customers have come out highlighting their experience with each. Robert is a known felon with a few months in incarceration. He has a knack for scamming naïve investors.

A reboot of previous scams will likely attract interest from investors who lost funds from the first round. And this is the case as the victims want Robert held accountable for his actions. It’s time to stay away from the platform and everything he claims to offer.

Most of the victims fell for the daily profit margin guarantees for staking services on offer. We strongly believe this will be his next round of service under the NFT Rewards project. With testimonials available, there’s no reason to sign up with NFT Rewards.

Is NFT Rewards Legit or a High Risk NFT Rewards Program?

Based on his past record with NFT reward programs, it’s clear Robert has over the years failed to offer much in terms of decisive services. Everything he touches seems to be a trap for naïve investors.

Our Verdict NFT Rewards

From where we stand, it’s best to stay away from NF Rewards and ensure no one gets to indulge in these empty NFT Reward schemes.

You can earn passive income by trading crypto asserts such as NFTs using trusted platforms.

Go for these 100% dependable projects.

Please drop a comment or write to us with any queries.

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