ABSystem Review: a Bogus Investment Scheme

ABSystem Review: a Bogus Investment Scheme

Absystem has a trading bot. The arbitrage bot is allegedly convenient and uses only winning strategies. The company assures clients of fewer risks while investing. The problem is that you cannot rely on this firm as it is shady. Offshore platforms tend to follow the same pattern. They exit the industry unceremoniously.

Absystem Review, Absystem Company

The software claims it observes all the prices of the assets in the industry. It can purchase forex assets from countries that have low prices and reselling at a higher price. They utilize an arbitrage strategy. Hence, the traders allegedly can recover their capital.

Absystem highlights some of its benefits. They trade around the clock, and the bot can work with over XNUMX exchanges. The platform wants clients to become better investors. The firm also boasts about having responsive support. Sadly, this is only for marketing purposes.

The firm is targeting both rookie and professional traders. However, you will not find an expert trader wasting their time in this venture. Their deal is too good to be accurate, and there are better opportunities in the industry. 

Invest with the best forex trading bots that have been in the market for years. These are companies that are reputable and have an idyllic trading history. They have great security protocols to safeguards the funds of clients. Review

Absystem claims it has the best education for its customers. The information is available via ebooks and articles. It is a noble act for an investment scheme to care about improving traders’ skills. Clients can trade over XNUMX assets. The available products are; forex, stocks, indices, metals, shares, and commodities. 

The platform clients can trade confidently. The venture states it secures the funds of clients in separate accounts. However, this is an offshore broker. They do not partner with a reputable financial institution. Customers could lose their money in the blink of an eye.

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Absystem has competitive trading conditions. However, they are exposing their customers to risky limits. Once you lose, the broker will make money. They do not care about their clients. The system is only after completing the con artist rich. Avoid this company!

Furthermore, the individuals behind this venture are unknown. There is no transparency. The firm may even charge hidden fees that are not mentioned. It is also hard to get lucky as some Ponzi schemes withhold the funds of customers.  The venture does not credit the team despite claiming their success comes from their years of experience. Without evidence, this is only another mere bluff.

Absystem Trading voorwaarden

The leverage of the firm is XNUMX:XNUMX, and the spread is XNUMX pips. There are four trading accounts. They are designed to suit traders of all levels. The Silver package offers a leverage of XNUMX pips which is unfavorable to customers. It also has over XNUMX trading tools and provides XNUMX signals every week. Account managers are available XNUMX/XNUMX. Review, Features

The gold package is meant for traders that have experience. It comes with XNUMX signals in a week, over XNUMX tools, and has a spread of XNUMX pips. The platinum plan takes a deposit of $XNUMX. It has an average market spread of XNUMX pips, XNUMX trading signals in a week, and a personal manager. 

The diamond account has the lowest spread. There is risk management, personal analyst, and manager. Absystem is hiding behind technology. This is no superior venture. The broker has MTXNUMX, but this should not be a green light for joining the firm. 

Opname en storting

The minimum amount that you can deposit in the silver account is $XNUMX. The mode of payment is via digital currencies. Wire transfer and bank card payment is only available for traders that are willing to deposit more money. The entity does not process less than$XNUMX for wire.

Other methods minimum withdrawal is $XNUMX. The company is charging fees that they do not clearly outline. You can expect the worst from them. 


Absystem offers its services to XNUMX countries in the world.  The company lists several phone numbers on its website. There is also an email address. However, investors who invested with the platform before accuse the firm of being unethical and having terrible support. 

They are only professional when they need more funds. Later on, the broker blacklist clients. The actual location of the firm is also unknown. It hinders any attempts of the authority going after them.

Investing with a genuine firm grants the best customer support services. Ensure that you research a venture before depositing your hard-earned funds. You can learn a lot from those that have engaged with the broker before.

Regulation Status of Absystem 

The venture lacks a trading history; they speak highly of their prowess in the market. The entity has a registration form from the Commonwealth of Dominica. This is a country that does not have a financial regulator for online assets. This makes it a haven for the Ponzi schemes. 

Absystem is targeting investors from countries with strict jurisdiction. The platform features addresses of Spain, Russia, and Poland. The regulatory body of Austria FMA blacklists this broker. BaFin, the German watchdog, also warned their citizens against dealing with the firm.

There is no segregation of funds. Moreover, it will be a daunting task tracing down the company. Trading with a licensed platform gives you peace of mind. You have all the assurance that the venture has only the best interest of investors. The investment firms report their daily trading activities to the regulatory bodies. Price manipulation is unheard of as the watchdogs can revoke their statement.

Negative Feedback from Investors

Absystem has several dissatisfactory reviews from investors. The company has been stealing from clients. The firm is not registered online, and their team is a crook. There is no trading taking place. The moment you share your personal details with the platform, they begin reaching out with huge claims.

The alleged account manager requests clients to install Anydesk applications on their computers. This is to walk you through opening an account in Coinbase and that of the company. This software allows the con artist to control your device. They want to see your bank balance to know if you are worth the take. 

Absystem is a Ponzi scheme that uses false information to trap innocent victims. Once you lose money, the venture cuts all communication. The Ponzi scheme goes the extra mile of blocking users. Regardless, there are also some false reviews to confuse clients. You never lack such data with fraudsters. 

These are markets of the scam. They make investors believe they are paying but cannot avail the proof of payment. Avoid this unprofitable scheme at every cost. 

Het Domain Insight is a platform that has been in the market since December XNUMX. The registration expires after a year. This is a company that has no hope of being in the industry in the future. The traffic visiting the website is insufficient. 


Absystem is unregulated, and investors have lost money after investing with the company. These are two major red flags that should be taken seriously. Their domain name is also young. There is enough proof that the system is a complete waste of time. 

Invest with some of the best forex trading bots that use proven strategies. These are genuine platforms with a world-class customer support team. They treat clients professionally and care about their safety. Additionally, the firms have a license. 

Can Investors trust Absystem?

No, the survival of this venture in the industry is slim.

Is Absystem a profitable compant?

Unfortunately, this is an offshore company and they will soon be out of the market

What do investors have to say about Absystem?

There are complaints from those that have traded with the broker before.


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