NeuroShell Trader Review: een Forex-systeemzwendel?

NeuroShell Trader Review: een Forex-systeemzwendel?

Imagine having a platform that allows you to build your strategies. NeuroShell Trader ( is giving users the solution to creating their strategy. There is a XNUMX percent off for anyone who buys the strategy builder. The vendor fails to show when the promotional price will cease to exist. From what we have seen, the platform is not ideal for novice traders. For the more experienced trader, this system builder is one you should try. Read this detailed Neuro Shell Trader review for more details.

NeuroShell Trader Review

Novice traders have a better chance with authentic forex trading robots. These robots offer the best in services in the form of trading. The robots provide a perfect record that is unmatched when it comes to providing safety for investments. With top-ranked robots, investors get a chance to make passive income. Some experts have tested these bots and found them safe. The trading community is also behind the platform, as most have been using the apps for years.

Over NeuroShell Trader

It has a point and click interface that allows users to create complex technical analysis indicators. Users don’t need to have coding experience as the platform uses AI technology to make these strategies. With AI technology, the platform helps to develop and discover the best trading signals. The platform also has pattern recognition software to help predict the market. When it comes to accuracy levels, the platform is unable to specify the information. And this could be the main problem why users are shying away from the platform.

NeuroShell Trader is all about commodities and stocks, which means its ideal for online trading. The homepage is a bit full of unnecessary information. With the right set of data, the vendor would not need to post vast amounts on info on one page. The navigation of the platform is wanting as the vendor even has two functional websites. A review also found that this platform is going by The second website has all the pricing details of the platform.

Activa gedekt door de robot

As explained, the platform is used by traders to create strategies for commodities and stocks. The problem with their information is they fail to expound more on the types of trading instruments. With a transparent platform, the vendor would have listed down the available tools. And this is the reason why investors have to be extra careful with the platform. Most of the traders want to trade with specific assets. The vendor also fails to inform users of the possibility of crypto-assets being on the table.

Onderscheidingen behaald

The platform has received the award of Best Artificial Intelligence Trading Software. What seems to be odd with the prize is that they claim to have accepted the award XNUMX years straight. Since XNUMX, the platform has been bagging this award from the Stocks and Commodities Reader’s Choice Award. A look at these awards shows the vendor is lying about the winner. The platform is not even in the runner’s up position in the last five years. These are blatant claims that are meant to increase the platform’s credibility. Sadly, we have to expose them.

Zakelijk ontwerper

Ward System Group Inc is the company listed as the owners of this platform. When you Google the platform, it has no official website. And this is a problem as it seems the developer wants to remain anonymous. The developer has also used the image on search engine results as their own. It could mean they are using copyright material which is against trading regulations. There is a LinkedIn profile which does not seem to be updated. With anonymity comes the question of credibility on behalf of the developer.

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Reacties van gebruikers

NeuroShell Trader Features

What is shocking with this platform is that there are no comments from users. And this could be pointing to a platform that does not been received well. Investors are wary of online products that have anonymous features. And this should be accepted as no one wants to use a product from an unreliable source. Without any chatter from the trading community, it means that most traders ignored the platform. It also means the vendor is not promoting his platform on social media pages. We could not see any pages or posts concerning this platform.


With the platform claiming to be the winner since XNUMX, we had to check their domain records. Word Systems Group INC owns the platform, and the site went live on XNUMXth March XNUMX. And this means that the site has changed names from the company’s name to Neuro Shell Trader. It was confirmed as the IP address has changed five times over the past fifteen years. And this shows that the vendor has already sold other products via this line. It remains unclear when the site went live.

Kenmerken van NeuroShell Trader

The platform has a point and click features and if fully chart based. There are over XNUMX technical indicators to be found on this platform. A stochastic percentage indicator is also applied to each target stock with this platform. Users can go ahead and check the full features on the page. Other mentionable features include custom indicator API and third-party add-ons and.  Trading and prediction systems are also available on this platform, which combines hybrid systems. It is one platform that is genuinely designed to conquer the market.

Licentie- en registratiegegevens van NeuroShell Trader

NeuroShell Trader is failing to show whether they have the right documents to offer such services. The contact details point to a platform that is located in the States. We reached out to regulators in the region to find out whether the platform is licensed. It was a shocker to find out that none of the regulators have heard of the platform. Another avenue we tried is the award issuer who claims not to know the platform. And this blows up any confidence we had with the platform.

With the platform lacking a valid trading license, it means that the vendor is unable to protect funds. Users will not be able to enjoy money-back features with this platform. And this is the reason why we have to block the use of this platform. To protect our readers, we have to insist that the platform is not for novice traders. And this is why we need to insist on exposing the weaknesses of unregulated products. Without a valid license, expect no security of funds.

Pros and cons of NeuroShell Trader

Available prices

NeuroShell Trader Plans

NeuroShell Trader is offering users with six different plans, and none is cheap. The price ranges from $XNUMX to $XNUMX, and each plan come with a lifetime license. We are unsure whether the platform charges updates or they come for free. Information on how frequently the developer makes updates is missing from the platform. The most basic plan comes at $XNUMX and $XNUMX. Interested consumers should remember there is a XNUMX percent off limited time offer. The platform is ideal for expert traders with years of trading experience.

Contact en ondersteuning

From what we have seen, the contact page has a message board, email, Phone, and Skype details. Users should not expect a quick response time as we tried contacting the vendor for more information. We have yet to receive any feedback from the vendor, which is a problem. It shows the lack of urgency from the vendor to offer effective communication. There are times that a vendor will need the help of the developer when setting up. It means the user will have to wait until the vendor decides to respond.

Scam or Legit NeuroShell Trader

NeuroShell Trader is a promising tool that is ideal for the more experienced trader. We won’t bash it and would instead insist on novice traders to stay away from it. There is no way a novice trader can understand the different aspects of setting up this platform. It is why we recommend it to experienced traders who want to create their strategies.

Ter conclusie

No trader has come out with proof of benefiting from creating strategies with the platform. And this gives the platform zero credibility as there is no proof of existence. It is something the developer needs to work on.

Zorg ervoor dat u zich aanmeldt bij authentieke forex trading-robots with years of trading experience. These robots are highly recommended by trading experts and the community. It is what has been keeping traders busy and earning a passive income for years.

We wish all traders a successful trading experience.


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