SmartCapitalsFX Review: Shitty CFD's en Forex Broker Revealed

SmartCapitalsFX Review: Shitty CFD's en Forex Broker Revealed

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SmartCapitalsFX ( is a CFDs and Forex scam to hit the lucrative Forex trading world. Complains have been rife in the Forex trading community regarding Smart Capitals FX. Ching Khan sent us a disturbing email claiming to have lost all his life savings with SmartCapitals FX. This prompted us to carry out a thorough and detailed review on this broker. Read this honest and detailed review and find the truth!

SmartCapitalsFX Review

SmartCapitalsFX Review:

These scammers have done a very good job of creating a user-friendly website that appeals to the eye. Don’t let the glitter and glamour fool you as there’s more than meets the eye with SmartCapitalsFX. From the word go, we noticed a bunch of anomalies with Smart Capitals FX. This prompted us to delve more into this broker. Why are people complaining in regards to SmartCapitals FX?

Promises are one of the main factors that help scammers trap potential Forex investors. Most of these promises are empty and have no bearing at all. Empty promises thrown to members include real time quotes, history of trading and compatibility. All members should always ask this question before signing up, are these promises real? Some of these promises are over the moon and never real.

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Who Owns SmartCapitalsFX?

According to the About Us page of SmartCapitalsFX, this brokerage is located in Oud Metha, Dubai. This means that we are clearly dealing with an offshore broker. Offshore brokers are notoriously known for flaunting set industry rules and regulations. Company that they claim to own this brokerage firm is referred to us Index Limited. They claim that this is a truly diverse, inclusive and international company.

Folks, we have concrete proof that no company named Index Limited exists in Dubai. This is simply one of the many fake claims these scammers are using to legitimize Smart Capital FX. What’s even more disturbing is that they fail to mention the people behind this brokerage firm. Who actually developed their platform? This and many other questions have been left unanswered by SmartCapitalsFX.

Is SmartCapitalsFX Regulated?

SmartCapitalsFX Scam

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SmartCapitalsFX is not regulated by any known regulatory body here on Earth. What we did was conduct a simple check with well-known regulatory bodies. These regulatory bodies are mandated to issue authorization of broker services. What we did was contact both the FCA and CySEC to find out whether they had registered this broker. They all claimed never to have authorized the registration of SmartCapitalsFX.

This is proof that this brokerage company is operating under pretense and this warrants a criminal investigation. Furthermore, this broker is conducting third party business with no legit authorization. It clearly means that we are dealing with an unauthorized, unlicensed, and unregulated Forex broker. This is simply a recipe for disaster for any investor who signs up with this broker.

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Did you know that scammers can take advantage of a demo account? This review is meant to inform you on how scammers take advantage of unsuspecting investors. What these scammers do is rig the demo account in the user’s favor. Yes, you read correctly, rig it in your favor. This means that 90% of your trades will be successful. Even if you make random trades, 90% of them will be successful.

Why do scammers rig demo accounts? Reason is simple, once investors see and believe that they are placing successful trades, they will open a real account. Problem is that a real account is totally different from a demo account in that you will be trading with real money. These brokers will give you wrong information and make you lose all your money. Don’t be a victim like Ching Khan, stay clear from Smart Capitals FX.


As we said earlier, making fake promises is what scammers use to attract investors. SmartCapitalsFX is no different. Promises such as being commission free, low spreads, high leverage and best support are a few empty promises. Here’s why. If this was the case, the internet would not be buzzing with negative comments in regards to this broker. It’s clear that we are dealing with a shitty Forex broker.

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Offline Live Support.

This is probably one of the lamest brokers who has a live support that is ALWAYS OFFLINE. How can they expect investors to sign up with a broker who is never available? This is clear proof that these scammers don’t want to be contacted. They are afraid of the lashes they would receive from victims and regulatory authorities. These people never reply to any email sent to them. This is clearly a fraud.

Members are asked to fill out a form and support will get back to them later. What we did was fill in the form and we never got a response. This means that we are dealing with a platform that’s easy on the eye but does not deliver as promised. Best thing to do is to stay clear from such a bogus broker.

Are Funds Safe with SmartCapitalsFX?

SmartCapitalsFX Fake Review

Folks, your funds will never be safe with SmartCapitalsFX, and this is why. This broker does not follow set rules and regulations. Brokers such as these don’t participate in segregation of accounts. Members could be depositing money straight to the owner’s personal bank account. Furthermore, there’s no compensatory scheme. This means that your money is not insured for any losses incurred.

If funds were safe, investors like Ching Khan would have been compensated by Smart Capitals FX. Sadly, this is not the only broker who does not follow strict rules set by the industry standards. Reason why they don’t follow rules is because they are offshore brokers. Offshore brokers are notorious for flaunting set rules and regulations. Don’t sign up with an offshore broker, it could spell doom for you.

Nep platform.

Another big mistake this broker has is that they are using a fake platform. During our investigation, we tried downloading the platform to see whether it would work on all devices. Download stalled at 32% and this makes their platform a risky venture. Unstable platforms are easy prey to hackers. Hackers can easily take over the platform and do all kinds of identity theft. It wouldn’t be the first time this happened.


SmartCapitalsFX offers four different account types to choose from. Members can choose from Micro, Standard, Premium, and VIP account. Minimum deposit starts from $250 all the way to $100,000. Problem with their accounts is that we could not spot any notable difference. Only visible difference was that fund management was available on Premium and VIP accounts. This is not a cause to open an account with SmartCapitals FX.

Is SmartCapitalsFX a Scam?

SmartCapitalsFX is indeed a scam that should be avoided at all cost. Stay clear from this broker in order to stay safe while trading currencies. Best thing to do is ignore all incoming promotional materials from their email marketing team. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by these marketers.

SmartCapitalsFX Final Verdict.

SmartCapitalsFX Scam Review

Evidence produced leaves us with no other option but to blacklist SmartCapitalsFX as a CFDs and Forex scam. Make sure you never sign up with this bogus broker and pass this message to all investors.

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