TBM Trust Review: a Multinational Ponzi Scheme

TBM Trust Review: a Multinational Ponzi Scheme

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TBM Trust is allegedly a multinational investment platform that wants investors to achieve a high outcome. This is a confusing entity that does not even disclose the assets which they are dealing with.

The company is operating like a Pyramid scheme since they insist on the matter of an affiliate network. They promised investors a passive income whenever they invite new clients. The platform states that their team comprises of expert traders, risk managers, technology analyst, lawyers as well as business specialist.

The company claims it generates its income through diversifying assets and managing risk. They also have sober strategies that have been used constantly to gain profit. TBM Trust main focus is to increase capital for its clients.

The platform only has fluff content on its website, which does not create trust with investors. We do not have much faith in this company. The entity state that they are constantly performing their research on behalf of their customers. Therefore, the firm identifies the most profitable opportunities in the market.

One of their greatest aspects is the diversification of risk. Unfortunately, this information does not serve any good because what would love to know is which strategy that they are using in their trading activities. recensie

TBM Trust is a company that presents itself as a diversified investment venture dealing with several assets in the market. The platform is allegedly trading forex, digital currencies, CFDs, and dealing with agrarian trading, bookmaker forks. They are also a blockchain startup entity that is handling mining activities.

It seems that the firm wants to trap as many investors as they can. The total profit that the company makes they give 60% as passive income to its customers. The rest goes to their team as the cost of operation. They have a calculator that you can use to determine the amount that you are going to make.

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The company accepts funds via Payeer, Tether, and Perfect money; as we had mentioned before, this entity is focusing on the affiliate program, and they are offering a high commission to the investors.

The company is not reputable, and they promised investors quick money. However, no investment in the market can give easy money to investors. From the way this entity is presented, it is clear that investors will not make any profit. You can invest in a reputable cryptocurrency trading venture in de markt.

Whoever is running this entity is a professional scammer. The entity claims that they are operating legally; however, this information is false. If you give them a chance, you will only end up regretting it.

How  Does TBM Trust Operate

The entity is allegedly dealing with multiple assets. This is where most of their income is derived from. Their participation in the forex and digital currency market is one of their major cash flow.

You can indeed make money by venturing into this area. However, this platform is not involved in any investment services. Their website is missing essential data that can be used to win the trust of investors. For instance, the firm does not have trading results to prove they are indeed conducting investment services.

Additionally, we do not know the average win rate or the drawdown of this entity. The company lacks transparency, and they also don’t credit their team if they have any.

You should trust the safety of your money with a reputable institution that has managerial reports for their clients. A company project very high profits, which we believe are unattainable.

Licenties en contactgegevens

TBM Trust is a platform that is operating illegally. They claim to be located in the United Kingdom. It is important to note that this country has very strict measures, four ventures that collect funds from the masses.

The company has not adhered to the set rules of the FCA. Therefore, their business is not legitimate, and they might exit the market whenever they please. The platform state that their office address is at 13-14 Copthorne Square Bradley Huddersfield HD2 1SZ, UK.

You can only contact the entity by email. We highly doubt that this is its real location. It is evident that their business is not legit; therefore, any information that they present might only be meant to win the trust of investors.

Het Domain Insight is a company that has been in the industry for a very long time. The platform was registered in February 2018, and the domain is expected to expire in February 2022. However, the information of the founder is not accessible to the public.

The entity is registered privately, and there is a high possibility that the person behind this company is located in the US. The company has an electoral ranking of 561 798. The majority of their traffic is coming from Ukraine.

Investors feedback

Don’t you think it is a bit suspicious for a company to be in the market for two years, yet they don’t have any feedback? We tried looking for investors who have ventured with this company. Unfortunately, we did not come across anyone. They have high traffic, but it does not reflect the number of their client.

It shows that no one is interested in the bogus services of this scam. Investors should stick to reputable investment entities. In such companies, you will be assured that your money is in trustworthy hands.

Veiligheid van fondsen

Your money will not be safe in this entity. You will wake up one day and realize that you have lost access to your funds. TBM Trust is not regulated; therefore, they can do whatever they please without answering to anyone.

The company fails to introduce their team to the public. The platform is operating fully anonymous. We believe that even the location they have indicated is not where they are based. Ponzi scheme is smart and will always try to be discreet.

The platform does not have any trading activities taking place on their website. There is no existing review from their customers, which raises more suspicion. Additionally, we do not know how long it takes to withdraw money from this entity.

Moreover, they are not in the database of the FCA. You should not deal with illegitimate investment entities. The company will cease to exist the only thing that we don’t know his when will this come to pass.

We are wondering why this company is not having a great number of clients. You should also see their performance report and accomplishment that they have made in the industry. If at all, this is a legit venture, they will do more to win the trust of clients.

Final Verdict

TBM Trust is a high-yield investment platform that has been in the industry for several years. They claim to be dealing with a large number of investors.  Unfortunately, there is no evidence of trading activities taking place on their website.

They allegedly are offering services in risk diversification as well as hedging. You will not make a profit on this platform, but you will end up regretting joining them. Their system is doomed to fail, but we don’t know when.

Nonetheless, it will eventually come to pass. Investors who still decide to give them a chance will dance to the music once the reality hits them. You can invest in a reputable cryptocurrency trading venture in the market. These companies are more transparent and will never steal from their customers.

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