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Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds Review: A Brute Investment Scam is a clone online investment platform that will steal your funds and leave. The people behind this scam are located in Switzerland and claim to have their business in Italy and Switzerland. Several complaints have been lodged against this firm, and today, we can reveal one of their faces. Even the North Star Invest homepage doesn’t look anywhere close to a professional investment firm. We have a complete expose of what the platform brings to the table. Here’s our comprehensive NORTHSTARINVEST.COM REVIEW.

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About Review

On their about us page, fails to mention their background and history. Nevertheless, we did a thorough investigation and found what the platform tries to emulate. North Star Investment Management Corporation ( is the cloned entity.

Some people also claim to be partners of the firm. These two individuals are Italian and will take your funds without thinking twice. Unfortunately, we have received a harrowing experience from one of the victims.

Mat Benaiem and Rony Safra are the two lead scam artists. The two will rope you into believing they want to invest in your platform. In most cases, the two are targeting up-and-coming crypto investment platforms.

If your platform is on any DEX listing, you will probably hear from the two. We have all their tricks and are happy to expose them. We have to protect naïve investors and investment firms from online scam artists.

If you want to invest in Crypto safely, we recommend using proven and tested platforms. These include groundbreaking ways such as Coin staking, DeFi, and Masternoding. You will have a better chance with these highly recommended investment options.

North Star Invest will call you with Mat Benaim @mat777benaim (Telegram). He’s the lead, and his phone number is listed as +41 77 917 6915. The other culprit is Rory Safra, who claims to be a Swiss Investor. His phone number is +41 77 967 8342.

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Mat Benaim Telegram Profile

Actual Names of Scam Artists behind

Thanks to our investigation, we finally have the real names of the people behind The person who makes calls and schedules meetings is Liam Mateo. He is the proxy who is used by the real culprit behind the platform.

Rony Safra’s real name is Joaquim Eliyas and has been engaged in several scams before. He usually uses the pseudonym Alexandre Bujard. Now, this is a name you should avoid in the Crypto world.

Alexandre has over the past few months (starting the YEAR 2020) been scamming investors. He targets up-and-coming ICO-listed platforms. The scammer claims to be an investor in Europe and even sets up a meeting with you.

According to Alexandre, the investors promise to cater to all your travel needs and stay. If you make the decision to move on, you will likely be held hostage. These are European thugs who will do anything to squeeze any amount from you or your family.

Authorities are still looking for the two after countless investors contacted INTERPOL. The two are believed to be behind a spate of online scams all over Europe. By using an unsecured wallet, we believe this is how the two take advantage of investors.

What might come as a shocker to you is that we believe Atomic Wallet is also to blame. The wallet is seen as a party to the crime. There’s no security cover to protect your wallet from these scam artists.

We don’t see why the platform would not provide an adequate protocol for securing accounts. The platform makes it easy for these scam artists to steal Mnemonic keys. Other wallets do provide email and phone verification, not Atomic Wallet.

Atomic Wallet Exposing Wallets to Scam Artists

Yes, the wallet provider is partnering with these scam artists to steal funds. Even after contacting the platform and demanding accountability, nothing is done. Our attempts to expose the platform’s security flaws have fallen on deaf ears.

A secure wallet wouldn’t be behaving this way. The wallet provider should offer email and phone authentication methods. Without it, anyone with your Mnemonic key can and will get access to your funds.

And this is the reason these scam artists have been thriving. The two use the wallet as a safe haven to steal from unsuspecting investors. What you have is a platform that no longer delivers a secure wallet.

Instead, you have a wallet that’s at the center of operation. During the initial contact, the scam artists will insist on using this wallet and not any other. Why? There’s no email or phone authentication process.

The loophole allows them to make contact and demand that you open an account with Atomic wallet. During the account opening process, you will have to record the process using video. The video is what these scam artists use to get the Mnemonic keys.

Are your funds safe with

Rory Safra Telegram Channel

Your funds are far from safe with these two individuals. There have been several complaints from investors claiming the two have defrauded them. Mat is the most notable character as he’s the one who makes the calls.

Once you receive the call, Mat will introduce himself as a broker. He claims that he has an investor who would like to invest in your platform. What he wants from you is trust, and he has the best way to test you.

Is North Star Invest a Scam?

To make sure you both create trust, he will want to exchange FIAT for BTC or USDT. He then opens a wallet with a high-risk crypto wallet, Atomic Wallet. We did a review about the wallet and found it wanting.

If you make the mistake of sending funds, that’s the last you will hear from Several complaints have been lodged, and authorities will soon catch up. The two are now wanted for several online fraud cases around Europe.

Background and History

On the about us page, North Star Invest claims to have over six years of experience. In addition, the platform boasts of having over 117 returning customers. We also get to read the platform has engaged with over 126 different companies.

The last show-board is claiming to have completed over 184 projects. North Star Invest claims to be a commercially registered entity and even posts a registration number. But, of course, these are false claims with no documents to prove legitimacy.

When we check the website’s IP address and hosting history, we get a clear picture. The platform is not in any way six years old. Records show the website has been active for over 8,000 days. There have been over 15 changes on their IP for the past fifteen years.

The names of the two registrars remain hidden. Luckily for you, we just exposed the two culprits who own and run the platform. The tech contact is listed as North Star Investment Advisory LLC.

Business Owner Mat Benaim and Rony Safra

Owners of

We did manage to catch a glimpse of what the imposter Mat Benaim looks like. And we have a screenshot for you to share. The two have been probably doing this for the past few years. Thanks to this expose, we hope their operations cease to exist.

Mat Benaim is the broker who even sends an invitation letter. The letter has the logo of the Italian Trade Agency. Both of these scam artists claim to provide an all-expense-paid trip to meet them.

When the time comes to meet the two, complications arise. Mostly, the Italian Ambassador will want details of the invitation. And this means requiring details of the two. Unfortunately, both of them fail to do so, and the trip is cut short.

On the other hand, Rory Safra pretends to be the investor who wants to invest 500,000 Euros. You don’t get to interact with him unless there’s a form of exchange. In this case, the exchange is a trust test between you and them. It seems Atomic Wallet is their base of operations.


Despite posting several email contacts, the two prefer Skype and Telegram. The reason the two prefer these two is to create trust with the would-be victim. It makes the two look professional. You will even get to see Mat in his office to sell the plot.

After creating the illusion, the two will insist on you exchanging FIAT for BTC or USDT. It’s seen as a sign of trust between the investor and the investment company. Those who made the exchange rue the decision.

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How the Scam Works

Invitation Letter from North Star Invest

Well, the two will claim to want to create trust between the parties. Mat will create a Crypto wallet using one of the most unsecured Crypto wallet providers. After opening a wallet with Atomic Wallet, Mat will want to see the investor depositing funds.

And this means he will want a video of the investor opening an account with Atomic Wallet. We did notice that the two have exploited a security flaw found only with Atomic Wallet. When creating a wallet, the Mnemonic key is visible to everyone.

The two use the video to copy your Mnemonic key and gain access to your wallet. During this time, the video call will be offline as the two claim to validate the process. Later, the victim will find their account swept clean.

And we believe Atomic Wallet is a party to these crimes. The platform fails to block the fraudster’s wallet or access to it. And this is another valid reason we believe the two are in bed together.

It seems Atomic Wallet is happy to take a cut and turn a blind eye on the victim’s part. When you try to contact the wallet, you get a cold reception. We have seen plenty of complaints on TrustPilot regarding the wallet.

Is Licensed or Regulated?

Communication Lines with Mat Benaim and Rory Safra is not a compliant investment firm. There are do documents to prove that the entity is registered in Italy or Switzerland. However, the registry details are just random numbers meant to fool naïve investors.

You should avoid the platform as there are no records of it in any company registered in Europe. We are dealing with a non-compliant platform that is also a clone. It would be best if you stayed away from it or risk becoming their next victim.

Our Verdict

We plan to expose the two for colluding with Atomic Wallet to steal from investors. The culprits are now on the wanted list in most Jurisdictions. So please avoid the two or engage with

The best way to invest is to go for credible and proven methods of investing. With Crypto gaining ground, the best way to invest is by joining leading and proven strategies. Try out coin staking and Masternoding for a chance to attain financial independence.

What Should You do?

Avoiding such platforms is the only way to invest safely. We recommend leading crypto investment platforms to help raise funds. These are some of the ways to know whether a platform is roping you in.

In most cases, the user will claim to want to create trust between the two parties. You will need to prove that you have funds. We recommend sending a snap picture of the funds.

You should avoid creating any wallet that the platform chooses. It’s best to do away with such investors if they won’t believe you have funds. Also, ask if the platform is duly licensed or registered.

Alexandre Burje is a name we have seen many times before. The name is synonymous with Crypto scams. Avoid any interaction with the two or their website.

Make sure to use third-party litigators for the process. You can ask the exchange platform to hold funds for you to approve the process. Sadly, Atomic Wallet is in bed with the scam artists.

The wallet is to blame for the loophole. Over the years, members have been complaining and no changes made. Your Mnemonic key should be kept private. You should only get to see it in your email.


Atomic Wallet is to blame for all this chaos. The wallet is offering unsecured Crypto wallets.

Please ensure you use safe crypto investment methods to achieve success.


If you have any queries, feel free to comment or write to us.

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