Nova Star app ( is a Scam – Exposed with Evidence!

Nova Star app ( is a Scam – Exposed with Evidence!

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Scams in the binary options domain love to sell the dream life. You know the kind of dream where money is made on auto-pilot while you sip Martini at an exotic island somewhere in the Bahamas? Apparently, this is the dream that a scam by the name Nova Star is peddling around.

But you must also remember that sweet deals often turn sour. This perfectly describes the scenario that users who subscribe to this deceitful offer are likely to get themselves into.

The Nova Star app is filled with lies right from the demonstration, to the profits, brokers and paid actors. This app simply lacks the intelligence or means to generate the kind of money stated on the website (

The details that owners of Nova Star app don’t want you to find out

First off, it was never intended to make money for anyone. Instead, it was designed to grab money from unsuspecting victims in the name of trading binary options.

The aim is to lure traders to part with money. However, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of stealing from them, they have to sweet-talk them with half-truths and promises that amount to nothing.

In short, this pile of junk software is going to ruin your trading. Even worse is the fact that it never generates $3,000 in 24 hours, let alone $5,000. Those are unrealistic figures and far-fetched as far as trading binary options is concerned.

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Nova Star app is therefore a thieving enterprise with nothing to offer. It’s like committing financial suicide which you cannot afford to do when your goal is to, in fact, make money.

Who is this Michael Newberry?

We are too familiar with the pranks that Nova Star app is trying to pull on us. This presentation is packed with lies, nonsense and photo-shopped evidence.

The first lie is that this app makes $5000 a day for its new members and has never lost a trade. In other words, it trades with 100% precision.

nova star app
$1,350 or $5,250? Notice the contradiction

Those are lies from this actor who claims to be the head of operations and CEO of Nova Star app.

Mr. Nice guy is also a multi-millionaire who is offering his magical system for free to the less fortunate in the society. He wants you to succeed for free.

Of course the truth is that this app is absolute nonsense because fraudsters are behind it.

This ‘Newberry’ guy is committing fraud because neither he or his company exists anywhere in this world. We searched for him and found nothing. That was a strange discovery by the way since most multi-millionaires are popular figures. Even if you’ve never met them in person, chances are that you’ve seen or heard about them on the internet.

But this guy is a total stranger. He has never bothered to build his professional profile, and neither has he used the money which he claims to make to build a successful trading empire.

The point is, a big time software engineer who earns millions of dollars in income would show up in a ton of search results.

Nova App Scam
The imposter

This leads us to conclude that he is just a phony actor who gets hired by crooks to lie and convince gullible traders. He is an unreliable source. What is more, the thing which he is selling does not perform the way he describes it.

How this junk of software works

We hear them mentioning something to do with trend pattern analysis which is a fairly common thing. Nothing is special about analyzing trends.

Nothing is evolutionary about this program since everyday traders use trends to place trades.

There are also talks of this software having the capacity to execute trades in a fraction of a second. Again, most scams often mention speed of execution as an explanation for their ”success”.

But the truth is that trading still has a certain degree of unpredictability. This means that unpredictability is real, and is beyond any degree of projection so to speak.

If indeed Nova Star app was something worth using, it could potentially cost billions of dollars just to purchase a license. You wouldn’t be hearing the word free anywhere on that website.

Now, the complete opposite is happening. The word’s best trading system is being given out to random strangers via a small, badly put together website which relies on spam to market its products. That’s a bad idea.

More scam warnings along the way

No sane mind should mention trading with 100% precision because a certain degree of unpredictability will always be there.

You see, even traders who have done it for some time have bad days where they lose money, yet they use the best human expertise combined with good software.

Let’s be realistic instead of discussing dreams which aren’t true. How can this software be utterly infallible?

It’s also supposed to be automatic in the sense that everyone can use it even if they are still learners. However, what caught our attention was the claim that it was easier to sign up to than to create an account at Facebook.

Those are really crazy sentiments and ridiculous by all standards. These outlandish claims tell us a lot about what this fraudulent piece of app called Nova Star app really is.

If we are to believe what Mr. ‘Newberry’ says, it would mean providing us with tangible evidence concerning the working of this software and how it has been performing in the past few months or days.

The problem is that this guy is scared of giving evidence that Nova Star App works. He uses a simulated version of the real thing to fool his viewers. He actually shows us the UI of the software and a few settings here and there so that we can be convinced that Nova Star app doubles profits in just minutes.

These demonstrations are present in the video. But they don’t amount to evidence that Nova Star app makes money. This whole arrangement is designed to dupe investors. That’s it.

Payouts are exactly the same every day, why?

The alleged payouts which are published on a list of current users is misleading at best. How can each trader make the same amount of money every day?

nova app scam
fabricated payouts

It’s simply impossible. This obvious lie shows that this scam takes its victims for granted.

How the scam works

Don’t think that making an initial deposit with the crooks will make you enter some sort of a partnership agreement with them. This is not a legit financial service anyway.

The gospel truth is that they are a match-making service that snatches $250 from victims and feed it in the mouths of scam brokers where they can also get a healthy commission.

Another thing is that the user doesn’t always have real contact with the broker. Since you’re paying through the Nova Star software website, there is no legitimate way of knowing if this money will end in the hands of the broker.

Issues of absconding payments which have gone through the hands of crooks at Nova Star software are likely to arise. And when such things happen, the trader is often to blame. This ultimately leads to losses because the person involved is not always willing to confess the truth.

Conclusion to the matter

They target fresh investors, and that’s why Nova Star crooks are using every single trick in the book to sound convincing, yet we know very well that it’s based on fabrication. Meanwhile, investors who want to walk the path of success should use reliable software by picking one of these top-rated softwares for trading binary options.

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