Occupy Wall Street is a SCAM!!! Fake Trading Software

Occupy Wall Street is a SCAM!!! Fake Trading Software

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Each and every day, binary options and binary options robots (bots) are becoming a much more popular financial trading strategy that is on the rise. They appear to some investors as being more secure than other trading due to the fact that binary options websites like Occupy Wall Street are allegedly providing a trading vehicle for secure trading involving multiple markets. They also promise to deliver “superior returns” over less time compared to other investment vehicles.

occupy wall street software scam

Unfortunately, I invested with Occupy Wall Street software before reading the many negative reviews about it being a scam software. I not only didn’t make any “superior returns”, I lost my money by buying into the scam like so many other unsuspecting investors have. And, that was money that I really couldn’t afford to lose. I had just recently gotten interested in online binary options trading after i had seen their video. I truly wish I had never seen it and been swayed by it. Signing up led me to their trusted broker’s site, which is where deposits are made. BTW, signing up requires giving them your telephone number and, while you’re deciding on how much money to deposit, they bombard you with telephone calls trying to coerce you into making an immediate deposit. They’re nothing if not pushy, which is just another stage of the Occupy Wall Street software Scam.

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For starters, Occupy Wall Street and their brokers promise that their customer support is available 24/7, but they’re really not, otherwise I would’ve been able to get hold of them with my many questions. They also tout their email support, but getting a return email takes forever if you even get one at all. And their “live chat system” takes forever to reach and then reps take even longer to get the answers to simple questions. And, “available anytime” takes on a new meaning with Occupy Wall Street and their broker.

Another thing that smelt “fraud” that most newbies to binary options trading might not notice is called “manipulation of terms and conditions”. If a binary options broker has the opportunity to jump through a loophole in their terms and conditions at any time, just based on the small print in them, you’re in big trouble. Looking for any clause that allows them to make retroactive changes at any time, especially when those changes involve your payouts, is crucial. This is one Scam tactic that can cost you way too much of your hard-earned money. Even if it doesn’t at the onset, it will later down the road, especially with this Occupy Wall Street Scam. Careful consideration of the terms and conditions on any binary options trading site is a good start, and avoiding the Occupy Wall Street software altogether is even better.

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And no Occupy Wall Street review would be complete without telling unsuspecting trading software investors about how impossible it can be to try to get a payout from them and their broker. That’s the problem that is the basis of the majority of bad reviews about the software and allegations that it is just an Occupy Wall Street Scam. Like many other depositors, I have found that Occupy Wall Street and their “trusted broker” are not in the business of paying out any money to those who are owed it. In fact, they really appear to be just a boiler-room-type operation with absolutely no credibility whatsoever.

It’s gotten to the point that I’ve completely lost count of how many times I got onto the Occupy Wall Street software live chat only to end up making the rounds of their operators, each knowing less than the previous one. And, my emails to them and their broker have also gone unanswered when I request a payout or a refund. I have only received one single email back that stated that they only make refunds quarterly. It also suggested that I make more trades with Occupy Wall Street and their broker to make more money! More money? I hadn’t made ANY money so far, so why would I want to lose additional money? They must think I am enjoying this Occupy Wall Street Scam!

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They also promise that, if you make a minimum deposit with their broker, which is allegedly $250, but even that seems to fluctuate at different times, [according to the many complaints in some reviews]; you will see returns on that investment very quickly. And, they even promise that depositors have the ability of withdrawing their money “at any time”. That’s the biggest fallacy in this scam software and one of the many things that other depositors have been complaining about in their negative Occupy Wall Street reviews. In addition, the broker also recommends starting with a $500 deposit or more. They state that most investors are depositing a minimum of $300 and earning about $1000 each day, but that people who have deposited $1,000 have made more than $2,500 each day.

Their so-called “trusted broker”, Bloombex Options, also raises a number of serious questions, just like Occupy Wall Street software, once you look more carefully at it. Unfortunately, I trusted them when they stated that they could be trusted. First off, there is some difference of opinion regarding when they were founded. Some say 2009, others 2010 and yet other say 2014. How can a trusted broker be shrouded in such mystery? I wondered about that, but not quite in time to save my hard-earned money. Where they’re located seems to be a subject of some discussion as well. Some say Singapore, others the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and others say Dusseldorf, Germany. Their contact number is, in fact, in Germany, but they are not regulated by a single government agency anywhere, nor is there any credible information about them to be had. This issue has also been the subject of much discussion in a number of reviews.

Here’s another good example of their manipulation. The Occupy Wall Street website cites awards and certifications with icons that are totally nebulous. One says that it is a 100 percent secured site; another says that they received a software award in 2015 and yet another alludes to a top profit system in the same year. Two other icons on their site say that their site is verified and has been awarded a customer care excellence award. The problem is that none of these award icons indicates who issued them! They just seem to be nondescript stock icons that mean absolutely nothing! They’re simply not verified or secured by anybody. They apparently just think that we’re all so stupid that we won’t notice it!

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After some online checking, I at least found some basic stats showing that the Occupy Wall Street website,, was registered June 10, 2015 on Go Daddy, the same day the domain name was purchased. It is all but totally nonexistent on any of the social networks. It does, however, receive 1,470 visitors per month, approximately 40 per day. Its owners are unnamed, but U.S. based and the site is hosted there by E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., Inc. Their Alexa Rank is 2,380,212 and the page rank is 0. Their reported approximate monthly revenue is a whopping $12 per month. Judging by most of this info, it’s no wonder that it’s considered to be a Scam!

So, the general consensus among the disgruntled and disillusioned authors of many negative reviews, is that there is definitely a scam tactic being perpetrated on way too many unsuspecting investors. And, although this is good reason to steer clear of scammers like Occupy Wall Street, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to avoid all binary options websites. To find out which sites are reliable and can be trusted, based upon positive reviews and viable information, just visit a page where you will find a comprehensive list of highly recommended binary options signal services. Don’t let the Occupy Wall Street Scam and the many negative reviews turn you off to the financial possibilities of trading binary options. There are numerous totally legit companies out there waiting to handle your trades for you.

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  1. I got an invite to Occupy Wall Street, and just log online to read their review. I particularly liked your write up on them, you have touched every aspect, simply because you HAVE TRIED THEM, and found them wanting. Unfortunately like you, most will not read any review, and they will continue to scam people all the more. There are of course honest online opportunities, but scammers also have their field days. Thank you for bringing out this review, you have by so doing warn THOSE WHO HAVE EAR TO LISTEN. Keep up the good work.

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