Omega FX Review: Cunning Forex Scam Broker Exposed

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  • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

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Omega FX Review: Cunning Forex Scam Broker Exposed


Update: We have received an overwhelming number of reports of people who have been defrauded by Omega FX. If you have also been scammed by and wish to get your money back, you should use a verified money recovery service called Mychargeback to recover your lost funds from them, they will help you file chargebacks and also if necessary, report your case to the relevant authorities.

Omega FX ( is a CFDs and Forex broker scam that must be shamed for their foul practices. OmegaFX is claiming to offer Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and Crypto currencies. Mandy Brown is the latest victim of this fraudulent broker. She sent an email to us detailing how she lost over $2000 with OMEGAFX. This led us to start a thorough and conclusive investigation. Here’s what we found out.

Omega FX Review

Omega FX Review:

Most investors sign up with brokers without a second thought. Problem with newbie investors is that they never take time to investigate a broker. And that’s why reviews were created, to give a clear picture of what to expect. This broker has what seems to be an ideal homepage for a broker. They have a user-friendly website that easily appeals to the naked eye. Don’t believe everything you see, there’s more than meets the eye.

What scammers do to prey for their next victim is offer irresistible claims and promises. They know for a fact that we all want to make an extra buck or two. What they have done is create a situation where they claim to help investors make money. In most cases, they claim to offer investors high and quick returns within a short period of time. Folks, this practice should stop and we will reveal all the dirty tricks used by OmegaFX.

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Who Owns Omega FX?

Looking at the disclaimer on the footer of their homepage, there’s no information regarding actual owners. This is weird in that this is usually where brokers clearly show where they are registered. Omega FX clearly skips this process and we believe they do this for a reason. They don’t want to be contacted by anyone. OmegaFX wants to remain as anonymous as they possibly can be.

Contact us page says a different story as they claim to be situated in Estonia. Folks, we simply can’t believe what they claim. Why have they failed to inform us about their physical address? Anonymity is a dangerous character to have for any broker. And this is why we simply can’t advice signing up with Omega FX. These brokers simply want users to sign up and deposit funds without asking any questions.

Is Omega FX Licensed or Regulated?

Omega FX Scam

Since we don’t know where this broker is originally from, its safe to say, Omega FX is not licensed. This broker has never been registered anywhere on the face of the planet. How comes that this broker has not put up their registration document? Where is their registration number if they actually have one? This is a classic Forex scam that we intent to root out of the Forex trading world.

A legit broker would easily have posted their registry details on one of their pages. Sadly, this broker does not at any point reveal their licensing. What they should have done is post their documents for verification purposes. Clearly, what’s happening here is that this broker simply wants to remain anonymous. They don’t want any interference from their victims or law authorities.

Trading Platform.

According to their platform page, they claim to use MT4 platform that is revolutionary. This platform apparently offers one-click trading with interactive charts. What’s more is that this broker has over 30 indicators for technical analysis. Could these all be true? We tried downloading the platform to try and verify their claims.

Sadly, download stalled and stopped at 47% which is bad news for any investor. This means that their platform is unstable and easily prone to cyber-attacks. This platform will leave users vulnerable to hackers who find unstable platforms as easy prey. Hackers take advantage of unstable platforms by stealing personal data and credit card information.

No Live Chat Support Team.

Another disturbing feature we found with this platform is that there’s no Live chat support team. How do they expect users to get help when need arises? This broker is simply out to cause mischief with the rest of us. During our investigation, we filled this form and have not received any feedback from this broker.

What this means is that this broker wants to remain anonymous. Folks, never deposit money with a broker who is not willing to talk to you. Least thing they would have done is offer bot services. Time is always of the essence with Forex trading.

Are Funds Safe with Omega FX?

Omega FX Fake Review

By now, you have already seen the cracks with Omega FX. Funds will never be safe with an anonymous broker. This broker will without a doubt guarantee user to make losses. Take an example with how members deposit. Did you know that members maybe depositing money straight to the owner’s personal bank account? There’s no way that anyone can prove otherwise since this broker is anonymous.

What’s more troubling with this broker is that they don’t segregate accounts. Funds are pooled in one account which is a dangerous practice. In case of bankruptcy and insolvency, funds will be lost in an instant. This broker does not participate in a compensatory scheme. Other victims and Mandy would have been compensated by now. This is concrete evidence that we are dealing with a rogue broker.

Deposit and Withdrawal.

When it comes to depositing with this platform, they have this area well covered. Members can deposit with Comodo, Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer, and AstroPay. Folks, this is not a genuine reason to sign up. These scammers have just covered all areas of depositing so that it becomes easier to deposit. This is another trick that unsuspecting Forex investors fall for without knowing.

Problem with this broker occurs when members want to withdraw. As of now, no member has come forward and claimed to have withdrawn with this broker. This is clear proof that this broker has no intentions of releasing funds client’s funds. What they do is give excuses as to why this is not possible. An excuse they frequently use is that users have not hit the required trading volume to warrant withdrawal.

Is Omega FX a Scam?

Without a doubt, this broker is a scam and should be stopped at all costs. Make sure that you never sign up with OmegaFX and ignore all their promotional materials. Omega FX has a vigorous email marketing teal that’s relentless with their emails. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by them.

Omega FX Final Verdict.

Omega FX Scam Review

Only option we are left with is blacklisting this broker in our scam list. It has come to our notice that this broker is in league with hackers. Some of the links they send contain harmful malware meant to steal personal data. Take note not to sign up with Omega FX or be their next victim. Remember to stay safe and warn your friends about signing up with OmegaFX.

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76 Replies to “Omega FX Review: Cunning Forex Scam Broker Exposed”

  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds
  2. Die Firmierung ist die folgende (in den AGB’s zu finden):
    Googlen von “CCLR Solutions Limited” bringt mehr Informationen an den Tag.

    CFDS100 LTD, Markets XL, CCLR Solutions Limited (“CFDS100”)

    4 Parda St. downtown district, Harju county, Tallinn, 10151

    89 Bickersteth Rd London, SW179SH


    [email protected]; [email protected]

    +43720881523, +43720816057, +43720815878

  3. Beste,
    graag zou ik in contact willen komen met de auteur van dit artikel en wat hij / zij nog meer weet van deze criminele organisatie Omega FX. Zijn er nog meer slachoffers van deze organisatie? Hoe kunnen we ze stoppen ? Want ook ik ben met open ogen in hun val gelopen en slachtoffer geworden van hun praktijken. Graag zou ik met iemand in contact willen komen die ervaring heeft hoe met deze organisatie om te gaan en het ingelegde geld terug gestort te krijgen.

    met vriendelijke groeten,


    1. Ik werd benadert door ene Aron van
      Omega FX
      en kreeg een “uitstekende” uitleg over Omega FX en ik investeerde een bedrag van €455,00. De eerste trade die er gedaan werd verwonderde mij al nl ik moest kopen als de olie hoog stond en verlopen als hij laag stond. Schijnbaar was mijn bedrag te laag wat ik ingelegt had en om er aan te verdienen want ik verloor in 2 uur €326,00. Ik heb een foto gemaakt van die trade waarop alles goed te zien is. Vanaf dat moment krijg ik geen contact meer met Omega FX en alle maail worden niet aangenomen volgens Google. Zelfs mij restand geld €124,00 kan ik niet terug halen omdat mijn documenten niet bij hun aankomen, zeggen ze. Ook de accontmanager is niet bereikbaar. Ik weet alleen dat het geld via de raiffeisenbank duitsland overgemaakt moest worden. Er is een tel. waar door ik gebeld werd en ook daar heb ik div. malen naar toe gebeld. Je krijgt een “engelse” damesstem aan de lijn en komt vervolgens in de wacht, dan hoor je niets meer. Dat tel. nr. is +31858886032 Ook dat nr is niet te traceren. Het is één grote oplichtersbende, dat is mijn mening. Ook ik zou graag met iemand in contact willen komen die ervaring heeft hoe met deze organisatie om te gaan en het ingelegde geld terug gestort te krijgen.

      1. he Math,
        Ook ik heb 500 euro gestort, maar heb nog geen belegging gedaan, is het mogelijk dit bedrag terug gestort te krijgen?

  4. Thank about your report. They contacted also me by phone and tried to betray also me. I was good that I find out this analyse

        1. auch ich bin ein Opfer wo kann man sich hinwenden um das Geld zurück zu erhalten. Habe Anzeige erstattet

        2. em junho ienvesti com a omegafx, e fui enganado ,eles não pagaram de volta, para eu receber os lucros tinha que pagar o imposto, paga o imposto, e eles não pagavam, novamente eu já tinha mais lucros tinha que pagar mais imposto, e depois não pagavam porque o dinheiro já estaba em negociação, e sempre assim e lá foram 53000.00 francos

        3. Hi! How did you get your money back?
          I lostmany thousand euros with Omega, but police doesn’t even open a case..

      1. se, voçe pagou com a mastercard ou com o visa, talves há uma possibilidade, entre em contacto com a firma do cartão de credito, e faça a queixa, no meu caso eu paguei com mastercad und visa, (os cartões pertencem ao banco UBS) o banco está a tentar recuperar todo ou caso todo o dinheiro,mas não deixe de comunicar, peça a firma do seu cartão para eles comunicar á interpol, eu estou a fazer o mesmo. no meu caso são 48000.00 Euros

      2. Hallo Biene Honig, hast du deine Bank kontaktiert, damit die helfen können? Bei diesen Wegelageren habe ich mir 16.000 € abschwatzen lassen, überwiesen an 3 verschiedene Banken in Deutschland. Ich habe meine Sparkasse und die 3 Empfänger angeschrieben mit dem Beweismittel. Anzeige bei der Polizei habe ich auch gemacht. Bin mal gespannt was dabei heraus kommt. Inshallah..

  5. Ik ben onlangs gebeld en ze zouden vandaag jarig zijn haha en mij een gratis membership geven ik ben natuurlijk op onderzoek uit wat raden jullie mij aan mvg Floris

    1. eu tambem em junho começcou com um sr. Antonio Steiner , e depois felix johson, e mais iörg

  6. the owner of this company is in KOSOVO , his name is OMER TENE , hes partner with 4 other people , charlie and some other scammers , they are from ISRAEL ,but they are based in BALKAN (ALBANIA,AND SOME OTHER COUNTRIES FROM BALKAN ) I GOT SCAMMED FROM THIS COMPANY , but im going to burry them , because i know everything about them , i REPORTED THEM TO POLICE , POLICE SAID THAT THEY ARE GOING TO REPORT THEM ON FBI , BECAUSE THEY TOOK A LOT OF REPORTS FROM THIS COMPANY , THEY ARE BASED IN KOSOVO ONCE AGAIN (OT CAPITAL IS THE COMPANYS NAME ) REPORT THEM ALSO , EVERYBODY REPORT THEM WITH THISSSS INFO THAT I GAVE YOU

    1. I am very happy with OMEGAFX . They give me good service and good help. Support are always helping whenever I need – on trading and when I need my money returned. Happy to recommend this broker and agents

      1. Hallo, tot nu toe heb ik ook geen klagen bij omegaFX, mooie winsten behaald. 1 keer een (kleine) withdrawal gedaan van 500euro, dit is gelukt.
        Nu dat ik een grotere withdrawal wil doen, hoor ik ineens niks meer van mijn account manager?? normaal belt hij telkens direct als ik hem mail. zeer raar, maar toch… heeft u al geld kunnen terugtrekken? mvg

      2. tu as une banque tres consciencieuse ,dans mon cas ma banque a optemperer et maintenant je vis dans le regret .je ne truste pas omegafx, il niaise pour retourné mon argent si ce est était devant moi il connaitrais mes 5 freres pour moi ce sont des maudits fraudeurs qui mérite juste la prison

    2. Bonjour
      VIctime moi aussi de Omega Fx, j’aimerais bien savoir ce que vous savez sur l’identité, le lieu,… tout ce que vous pouvez avoir, svp ?
      Avez vous eu des retours suite à votre enquete, investigation ? retour d’argent ??

    3. Hi,Dear!
      I lost over 400.000 euros with Omega Fx.
      Could you say, please, how did things go with police in their case?
      I need to get to know more victims to open a case in Estonian police, because they don’t open it as I am only one victim they know..

    4. Нi!
      I lost over than 400.000 eur with OmegaFx, but Estonian police doesn’t want to open a criminal case, because I’m alone..Could I get your contacts,please..I really need to talk to you

  7. I have been contacted today by Client Success Manager at Omega. Has very kindly taken my issues into consideration with regards to the below and we have worked towards a result that I am happy with, and I feel OmegaFx are too.
    I’m currently continuing my relationship with OmegaFX as a result and would like to thank to my AM for his work over the last few days on my behalf.
    I have improved my rating from 1 star to 4 based on my dealings with him .

    1. Hergard.Ich habe leider auch investiert und jetzt wird mir meine zugesagte auszahlung verweigert.Was kann ich tun.

  8. Hola, configuré una nueva cuenta ayer y también le envié un correo electrónico ayer y recibí una llamada de OmegaFX hace 20 minutos, creo que para hacer la verificación, debo completar mi cuenta en 10 minutos después de mi

    My bank refused the payment cause they were stronly existing in hard marketing blablabla to conince me, at the end i was ready to pay to earn more money… but fortunately the money did not want to leave me ;-)) very unfriendly when i told them not to deal with them cause they were not licensed,

  10. Bin noch dort…aber die Informationen hier beunruhigen mich.
    Meine Erfahrungen mit Omega FX sind zwiespältig.

  11. dit zijn 2 rekeningen die ze gebruiken ,zijn duitse bankaccounts
    Vintrade DE GmbH
    IBAN: DE85100100100100429136
    Lord GmbH
    IBAN: DE83820640380000110558

  12. i had three different account manager and deposited funds with them ,threeof them first a deposit of 1320 cad about 1000usd with first manger his name is tim paget
    he stopped messaging me
    then another account manger contacted me his name is di angelo simmons
    he was like im your new account manager but i would like you to win big on oil only if you coud deposit more money so we can win big
    he did analysis for me i was confused and i deposited 1980 usd with him
    he put me on gold with 90 lots gold went down i lost all his name is mike samir
    then the third person called me that hes higher than my account manager

    hr asked if i want to be a winner or loser
    told me i would like to me a winner and not a looser he told me to deposit today any profit we make i will withdrawal when the trade is closed i deposited again 998 usd because of exchange rate
    he put me on same gold i lost the funds also
    600 usd lost in a day
    this is my story guys dont belive them they are scammers guys
    well i have prove to bring the whole company down
    i have a recording of them they did meeting the boss was angry at them for some reason which i will not disclose here
    if anyone is an associate of OMEGA FX DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN YOUR BOSS SAID

    1. waleximilla, i’m a fellow canadian who has been scammed the same way. I also have recordings and screen captures. let’s start a page and expose these assholes. I’m sure we’re not the only canadians caught up in this. The names are all fake and the story is the same.

      1. Hi!
        May be we can help each other?
        I list over 400.000 eur, but Estonian police doesn’t open even a case!

      2. Hi! How did you get your money back?
        I lostmany thousand euros with Omega, but police doesn’t even open a case..

  13. Whatever you do do not let them access your computer via anydesk or teamviewer, especially if they claim they need to in order to refund your money. They will ask for your bank or card details and then try and withdraw even more money. They are a bunch of crooks and you may as well just write off any money you have given them as your chances of getting anything back is virtually nil.

  14. Auch ich wurde Betrogen weil immer mehr geld von mir wollten und nichts zurückgezahlt haben. Habe sch 12296.-€ überwiesen und sie überweisen nichts zurück! Bitte um Hilfe! An wem soll ich mich wenden?

  15. On 21th of August I was called if I was interested in trading. They had a very nice offer. Even a way of
    Guarantee. if within 2 weeks no profit was made my money back. They even told me that they made the same investment from their own money so my interres would be doubled. Spoken with a guy Grant Jordan + 44 1434267921
    After a deposit to I received a lot of mails from [email protected] for proving documents of my name. After this I had a balance of my deposit. Called by a Acount Manager Micheal who looked very honest and later Eric who was VERY rude and only was asking for deposit MORE money to make bigger trades. Later spoken to Alex Craft who sounds also very honest. He made several trades and we have made some profit. Now we would like a withdraw end there its ended now. What could we do ?

    1. I received a call from Grant Jordan too. I said I want to do some research first before deciding to deposit. Then he kept on showing me the profits he made. Luckily, I did not sign up anything with him.

  16. Hello blogger, good morning. Gorgeous blog post. You have gained a new reader. Please keep it up and I look forward to more of your incredible articles. Regard

    1. Hallo,ich gehöre leider auch zu den betrogenen,würde gern was tun weis aber nicht was. Hast du eine Idee die was bringt dann bin ich dabei.
      Gruß Jürgen Luck

  17. Habe auch über 12.000€ eingezahlt und keine Auszahlung bekommen und jetzt haben sie mir meine Seite gesperrt.Unbedingt Krimminel was dort geschiet!

  18. I was conned into investing £88,000. I was never able to retrieve any of it. The scammer who dealt with me was called Michael Kizz.

    1. Hi!
      I lostover 400.000 euros.
      Could we try to get money back together?
      Estonian police doesn’t want to open a case as I’m only one victim..

  19. Hi there so I’ve been dealing with a broker Jackson Parker also with omegafxoptions. I first made the initial deposit.. Then I had to pay activation fee then commission then withdrawal fee.. Now I can’t seem to get my profits out.. Help please

  20. Hi I’m from India the took Deposit then processing fee and then Commissions and know they are after me to put more money to get profit in my account
    Eric Rolland Scammer team

  21. Am a new begginer and I just invested with omega FX I was assist by a lady called Jennifer and am hoping for good results

  22. Hi I lost 400 dollars the agent and his the lady that called me helped me open an account and deposit 400 dollars when it came to withdraw ibwas asked to pay 398 dollars more to effectively withdraw my profits. Then a day later the agent called and said there was an administrative issue inwill receive my funds in 30 minutes if I pay R1000 in my currency to his btc wallet. This is a scam there are many of these companies out there they seem to have a network and are using false name or stealing closed telegram accounts to contact unsuspecting victims do not trade with OMEGA FX OR HODLWORLD44 THEY ARE ASLO SCAMMERS

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