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Share This! does not disclose who owns or runs the website. However, the website has not been around for a long time. It was only registered in November last year. The website provides a corporate address which suggests that Omega Pro is using the address of Prime Secretarial, a virtual office merchant. Unfortunately, we suspect that Omega Pro is an MLM as opposed to a genuine Forex trading operation. And as always, if an MLM website is not providing information about who owns or runs their website, you should think twice and even consider not engaging with that website in any shape or form.

Having said this, we are forced to dig deeper to try finding out what is it that Omega Pro is claiming to offer. As far as MLMs are concerned, a site that pays out existing members out of new member deposits is clearly a ponzi scheme with no means of generating revenue other than snatching it from their members to pay their older members. Omega Pro claims that if members stay for 16 months, they will be entitled to receiving 200% returns on their investment. There are several investment plans which investors can choose. The minimum that one can invest is $100 while the highest plan requires 15K. We presume that the more you pump in, the more you should be earning.

Omega Pro also states that affiliates are paid 60% of ROI payments and commission. 30% of ROI payments and earned commissions must be pumped back into the system on the promise that members will earn 120% in 12 months. Funny enough, the other 10% must be used to purchase lottery tickets. This confirms our worst fears about this suspicious website. It is a scam.

Note: For genuine Crypto currency trading, use these trading bots.

Omega Pro review

When it comes to ponzi scheme, they always create an opportunity for people to join their dubious schemes free of charge. What will dictate whether or not you get paid is the number of people whom you are bringing on board. The free membership promises returns of $150 only. And as you can see, it is not even worth it in the first place. This is the reason why some people have been tempted to enroll in premium membership which starts at $100.

Omega Pro

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The Omega Pro compensation plan requires that investors should invest more in order to earn more. However, before you pour your money on this kind of scheme, you should ask yourself whether the business model in which you are investing money in is reliable. As far as we know, ponzi schemes only benefit their owners and the more you invest, the more you are benefiting the owner and not yourself.

We have investigated and discovered that Omega Pro is your typical Crypto currency ponzi scheme. Their marketing material does not admit this fact though. In fact, it lies that this website has an external means for generating revenue through trading of various financial instruments like commodities, stocks, indices and Crypto currencies.

The reason why Omega Pro is suspicious is because they do not provide evidence of trading or revenue being generated from trading to pay affiliates. In addition to this, they are not providing any evidence or indication that they are allowed to provide passive investment services to any of the jurisdictions where their website targets clients from.

This simply means that Omega Pro is committing securities fraud. We are not sure whether or not they are engaging in trading. However, we are coke sure that they are recycling newly invested funds to pay existing members. In addition to this, we have gaming violations because for a website to ask members to purchase virtual lottery tickets, they should seek regulations first. This is not stated on their website.

Their Facebook marketing material claims that Omega Pro is a fully licensed institution and is guarantying 100% of investors’ money back.

We have decided to omit some of the content which we found on Facebook because the claims are utter bullshit and unreasonable. By the way, a legitimate investment scheme will never ask you ask you to reinvest or drag you into virtual lottery nonsense at the same time. This is an indication that no legit trading operation is going on. We have noticed that Omega Pro is trying to keep as much money into their system for as long as they can. This is how ponzi schemes operate and its for a very good reason.

The intention is always to run away with that money at some point. But while things are still afloat, they will make payouts using a portion of the invested funds which are sent directly by new members. But the rate at which the scheme grows also depends with how fast funds get into the system. When the rate of recruitment slows down, it means payouts will also slow down. As a result, this will starve Omega Pro of ROI payouts and the owner will not have a second choice but to run away with the rest of the funds. That is why ponzi schemes must keep funds in their system at all times. They most hold it through whatever means even if it means cheating members that reinvested funds will have incentives.

The 30% mandatory reinvestment and virtual lottery tickets may prolong the eventuality but surely it will happen. Mathematically, a ponzi scheme is a zero sum game. Most people lose money because the owner and a few early investors are the ones who take the money. So 90% of people who get into these things actually get duped.

Our best advice for you

There is no proof that Forex trading is being done using artificial intelligence. This site is simply lying in order to make their operation sound legit. If they were really trading, they would never beg members to purchase lottery tickets. Basically, the entire website is filled up with lies. If you want real trading, please find genuine trading products and avoid ponzi schemes at all cost unless they can prove that they are engaging in real trading.

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