Omnia Tech Review: Binary Options Scam Now Mining!

Omnia Tech Review: Binary Options Scam Now Mining!

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Omnia Tech is the new website registered under the name of Bryon Tierney. He claims that the company behind this website is known as Omnia Consulting, Inc.

The first thing that investors should know is that Omnia Tech just copied the overall presentation of Genesis mining. This attracted the attention of the mining company which served them with a warning letter against using their brand to defraud members of the public.

Unfortunately, Omnia Tech does not want to take heed. They still insist with their copy-pasting efforts in a bid to fool clients.

This trick has been exposed, and no one can believe that Omnia Tech is the go-to place when people want to mine Bitcoin.

Note: Remember the popular binary options scam, Omnia Tech? You can read about it here. As you can see, this Bitcoin scam is using the same domain that was used to promote Omnia Tech binary options scam.

The binary options scam no longer exists. Instead, that domain name ( is now being used to promote a Bitcoin scam when the truth is that the scammer behind it once created and sold a fake binary options software.

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They are just trying their hands on something new after getting basted. Unfortunately, it is too late because we already have concrete evidence that Omnia Tech scam is about to cheat any investor that shall put Bitcoin in their hands.

omnia tech review

Omnia Tech Review

Anyone who doesn’t know the background of this scam might think that they are legit. The site looks a little bit professional. The layout is attracting to the eye as well.

Once you have arrived there with some Bitcoin to spend, they will ask you to send them your coins so that mining can begin immediately. Profits are to the cashed out on a daily basis. How is that even possible?

You see, when you invest in Bitcoin mining, it takes time for you to even break even. Your profitability depends with a number of things.First of all, we have to assume that you are dealing with a legitimate mining company. You can find a legitimate mining company in this list.

Secondly, we have to factor in the mining difficulty of Bitcoin, the cost of maintenance of the hardware, electricity and whatnot.

Unfortunately, Omnia Tech has proved to be a scam given their past dirty record of scamming investors through a corny binary options software. Apart from the warning which they received from Genesis mining company, this website does not say how difficult it is to mine Bitcoin through their network.

There is more emphasis towards choosing plans and getting some sort of profit at the end of the day.

Omnia Tech also claims that they’ve put in place a unique strategy and risk-management plan. In addition to this, they claim that their mining contracts are for a lifetime, and that means you are supposed to earn money from your mining contract until it stops being profitable. At that point, Omnia Tech claims that it will put your coins into another contract which is profitable.

At the least the website warns that profits are not guaranteed because to earn money, there is need to keep costs down while profits are being generated at the same time. They don’t guarantee that their plans will make you any profit. So they are honest with this one. We give them credit for that.

What we do not agree with is that Omnia Tech will issue daily payouts to your digital wallet. How exactly do these contracts run? We have never heard or even come across a mining website that promises profits as soon as 24 hours are over. This is quite too good to be true, and we must investigate further to learn what they are possibly up to.

Omnia Tech: Their plans

The starter plan for this program costs $100 only. With this plan, you will get 4.4MH/S of hashpower. Payout is 2.2MH/S which will be issued on a daily basis. We don’t believe so.

Omnia tech pricing

In total, there are 7 plans. Each plan has a minimum subscription amount. The most expensive plan costs $25,000.

It promises the highest return which is clearly impossible to achieve. And what is the motivation for investing as much as $25,000 when there is no guarantee that profits will be made? It beats logic. You are better off keeping your money in your wallet rather than donating it to heartless people who will do nothing but steal it.

Are there any testimonials?

They have a testimonial section on the Omnia Tech website. But that section is in ”coming soon” status, meaning that this website is very new and has not even mined Bitcoin for anyone yet.

Even if it was a legitimate mining operation, we would be hesitant to ask readers to invest here. It is not a safe thing to try out a new website because for one, it is not popular, and two, there are no user testimonials out there. You are essentially gambling with your money because there is no way to tell whether or not it will go well.

As it currently stands, no investor has ever tested the services of this site. Trying it with $100 is not even worth it. But of course if you’re comfortable with losing that money, then you can go ahead.

Generally, no investor in their sane mind will want to lose any amount of their hard earned money, let alone $100.

Fake postal address and business location

The site claims that this business is operated out of Brugnera Valley Road, BKR. It is called Blockchain consult Ltd.

Well, rest assured that this is a fake address. We conducted a Google map search, then emailed a few businesses operating within that vicinity. In those emails, we stated that we were looking to confirm whether a company called Blockchain consult Ltd was based in that location.

All of them said that they have never heard or seen anyone setting up such a company in that location.

Our research ended at that point because now we had evidence that this was a fake address. Scammers seem to have mastered this art. For any legitimate business to operate in a physical location, they must give out their physical address because it enhances credibility. The problem is that scams are taking advantage of the fact that investors do not have the time to confirm these things. There is so much leeway for them to cheat or mislead potential investors.

Our best advice for you

When an old binary options scam decides to re-brand itself into a bitcoin mining company, you should definitely avoid all efforts to give them your wallet’s content. It is almost certain that this website will steal your Bitcoin since they are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Also, this fear arises from the fact that they already have a dirty reputation of causing losses to investors who trusted their binary options software a while ago.

If you want to make money, you have better alternative to invest in. These companies have proven to be good in this niche. We’ve been mining with them for some time now, so we definitely recommend them. The ball is in your court now.

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