Omnia Tech Review: Is Scam BTC Mining Project?

Omnia Tech Review: Is Scam BTC Mining Project?

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Omnia tech Cryto-currency mining farm or Omnia-tech offers an opportunity to profit from merging crypto-currencies with multi-level marketing. This website is in its pre-launch phase, and they are giving a 20% discount to anyone who will sign up before the event is launched in September 17th, 2017.

Omnia Tech website provides a physical address which suggests that they are based in Malta. However, this physical address is also shared with a number of companies doing business in the same niche. Nevertheless, most of these entities are gambling companies.

When we dag deeper into this opportunity, we discovered that this website was presenting an individual known as Thomas Hintermaier and claiming that he was the Chief Technology officer.

But at the same time, Hintermaier does not admit ownership of Omnia Tech website. We snooped into his social media profiles and found no mention of Omnia Tech or his affiliation with the said company.

Therefore, the owner of this website/company is not publicly disclosed, thus raising more questions than answers.

In addition to this, the aforementioned domain of this website was registered some time in July 2017. However, these details lists someone called Christian Michel Scheibener as the owner of the website.

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Therefore, this could also suggest that Omnia-Tech is operating with a shell company address in Malta since there is evidence that this man named Hintermaier is operating from Austria.

So in one way or the other, we presume that this company is being operated in Austria or somewhere in Europe. There are only two possibilities here.

The bottom line is that there is a lot of discrepancies going on in relation to the whereabouts of this company/website. The people who are responsible for launching this MLM are not willing to clear up this mess by making these critical details public.

So what exactly are we saying? Are we endorsing or blacklisting Omnia Tech straightaway? Here’s what you should know:

Omnia Tech Review: The truth!

Background details for Mr. Thomas Hintermaier

According to his biography, Mr Hintermaier has 10 years of experience in the field of quality management and production planning. He has worked with the insurance industry too, thus enabling him to master the technicalities of the industry in matters pertaining to acquisition, consultancy and customer support.

thomas of omnia tech

Then in 2010, this guy switched his focus towards developing guidelines that would see internet projects taking off successfully.

In addition to this, he also got involved in a project that saw him taking part in integration of a network platform in the building sector.

Basically, this guy is a jerk of all trades. He has worked in all industries and claims to know everything.

What we couldn’t make out is whether this man has had experience with the MLM industry, and more specifically in the crypo-currency niche.

But as far as his biography is concerned, he doesn’t seem to have worked in the MLM industry. His experience is nil.

Therefore, even though he is starting something new in an unfamiliar territory, he is hoping that things will turn out in his favor. Perhaps he will make a few bucks from this project. But the question is, will participants or the so-called event attendees get an opportunity to benefit from the so-called Omnia Tech?

To answer this question, we need to consider the people running this website. Do they have a reputation? Is this project sustainable in the long run?

Well, remember Christian Michel Scheibener whose name is registered as the owner of Omnia Tech website?

Sometime last year, this guy used to promote another MLM scheme known as Wor(I)d International.

Now he is launching Omnia Tech, which is more or less the same idea as what he used to promote last year.

As always, when the deal sounds too good to be true, think twice or even thrice. Here is a case of an MLM scheme that isn’t upfront with who owns it. It’s the only reason why you have to think before joining or handing over your hard-earned money to them. Never buy a ticket no matter how cheap or expensive that ticket is being sold.

And by the way, Omnia Tech is selling out tickets through a platform called The owner of this ticket-selling platform does not appear to have some sort of policy for vetting businesses that want to use this platform for reaching out to their audience. It seems that this platform is only concerned with money. It’s a typical hotbed for scams.

Omnia Tech products

Like all other MLM opportunities, this one does not have a product or service that affiliates can promote. The only thing which they are required to promote is membership of the so-called Omnia Tech business opportunity.

If you want to join, you should expect to pay a certain fee which Omnia Tech calls an investment. This is supposed to earn you passive income in the long run.

They have a number of plans which ensure that they can collect money even from those who struggle financially.

The starter plan is most likely the place where majority of people who join these schemes start from.

In the case of Omnia Tech, $100 will afford you the starter plan. The kickstarter plan costs $500. The rest are categorized as follows:

Line Miner $1,000, Mid Miner $3,000, Strong Miner $8,500, Master Miner $15,000, and Elite Miner which goes for $25,000.

omnia tech pricing plans

omnia tech pricing

Earnings are allegedly paid out on a daily basis which depends on the crypto-currency you choose to mine.

However, what we do not understand is the advantage that Omnia Tech gives you in this case. You see, anyone who wants to participate in crypto-currency mining can always do so independently — that is, without necessarily having to join a company like Omnia Tech to do so.

On the other hand, this website says that mining contracts is established through a company called Genesis Mining.

Compensation plan for Omnia-Tech

Affiliates are supposed to earn 10% daily return on investment depending on the amount they put in. However, this company also intends to run a binary compensation structure. In this case, the lead affiliate sits on the top of the binary pyramid while commission trickles down to members of the structure.

This is a typical example of a pyramid scheme where commissions depend on new members joining the group. You do not have to think so hard to figure out what Omnia is, now that their compensation structure has been made clear.

On top of this, there is mention of bonus rewards. Again, these bonuses are earned depending on specific activities done by their affiliates.

While we already know that Genesis Mining deals with crypto-currency trading and is giving good value for money, this does not necessarily mean that this opportunity is profitable.

At this point in time, you’d want to know why someone would show preference towards this group as opposed to dealing directly with Genesis Mining.

The answer is in Omnia Tech’s MLM opportunity. Without retail sales, this website would simply fit the description of a pyramid scheme.

Our best advice for you concerning

The truth is that Omnia Tech is a dangerous MLM opportunity. They only want to make sales, hence the hype that surrounds it. In the real sense, this is a money-losing opportunity. Stay away and if you have to trade, use these products instead.

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    1. Translating to English for readability for people like me who understand English better: 🙂

      “behind OMNIA plugged Robert Velghe from GRAZ, a cheater! for questions I can be reached at 0172 35 30 two hundred and first”

    1. Just translating to English for easier readability of others: 🙂

      “I am interested in trading and crypto and would like to learn more”

    1. impossible… j ai acheter un contrat de 600$ qui a commencé le 22/02/18 j ai reçu 0.01155079BTC ce qui vaut actuellemnet
      65€,il faut savoir qu’ il ya 14 jours de délais de rétractation puis seulement ca commence à miner. Le président de l’Arménie vient de visiter les nouvelles fermes de minages de l’entreprise.

  1. Robert Velghe der Millionen Betrüger. 70 Millionen ka**iert und die Firma Omnia ist insolvent. Robert Velghe Betrüger aus Graz

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