Only 1 Platform Review: Scam Won’t Return your Deposit

Only 1 Platform Review: Scam Won’t Return your Deposit

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Only 1 Platform becomes the latest shady platform to join the Bitcoin mining industry. One would wonder if they can really stand a chance of making money with this website. It promotes itself as a ‘’Green Crypto Currency Mining Farm’’ on the internet. But when we go deeper to discover the happenings behind the deceptive website, we only realize that there are more questions to ask than there are answers.

They boast of ‘’unprecedented ground-breaking technology’’ while claiming that they’ve invested in the latest mining hardware and eco-friendly technology. Unfortunately, this is just a vague description of their operation as no actual hardware or eco-friendly technology was mentioned. It seems a bit hypocritical.

It is not convincing to make claims while hoping that people are stupid enough and that they will fall for it. Sure, a few guys will get trapped. But majority will steer clear of such offers because they are too good to be true, and secondly, claims haven’t been verified with any proof.

For that reason, we perceive that Only 1 Platform is going to deplete your digital wallet even before you know it. The signs are already on the site. They are crystal clear, and any discerning eye can easily pick them and use them as warning.

Before we can go far, let’s introduce what Only 1 Platform and what they intend to do. And then we can help you make an informed decision once we are done with that part.

Only 1 Platform review

We will describe them according to what is written on their site. They claim that they are the largest Cryptocurrency mining farm in the world and that they are situated in Japan and Dubai.

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Only 1 Platform is supposed to mine from 2 pools which are inter-linked to the blockchain, and they are allegedly using the latest technology to support their mining operations.

only1platform review

They are also boasting of how they are the world’s first green mining farm where mining costs are reduced to almost zero and profits leveraged accordingly.

When other sources of energy are used, companies can limit cost of electricity consumption to give them a higher profit margin. But Only 1 Platform is clearly not providing evidence that would suggest that they are the world’s first green mining farm. We do not believe this statement at all.

The other thing that you should probably take note of is that Only 1 Platform is not the first and only solar energy mining farm operating in the cloud. We have done a lot of reviews in this category, and this is one of the most common claims that mining platforms will make.

Their homepage is therefore making a false assertion while targeting consumers who would like to go green or conserve energy while generating Bitcoins and other altcoins.

The way we see it is that this is a marketing ploy. They want to come across as responsible and mindful of the environment when the truth is that they don’t care.

This also makes the operations of Only 1 Platform very dangerous because they are likely to suck in a lot of victims who will believe this sort of thing.

Getting started with Only 1 Platform seems to be very easy as users only need to create a free account, and then verify details before depositing 0.01 Bitcoins. This is the minimum threshold that investors should deposit in order to ‘’start mining Bitcoins’’.

Each user will be assigned a unique deposit number and then wait in sequential order so that this number can come up. If it shows up, Only 1 Platform will allegedly let you withdraw 0.02 Bitcoins.

Now, this sounds so easy and fun to be part of. But realize that money doesn’t come this easy. These guys just promised to double your Bitcoins in a short duration of time. It is only logical to think that people can only mine Bitcoins for profit when they have hashing power and not by simply making a deposit and leaving things to fate.

We actually do not understand the concept of doubling Bitcoins. We have never seen or heard of any investor doubling their Bitcoins in this manner. That is why we had to investigate their operations further to learn the truth.

Since information is sort of scarce, we decided to look at a few scamming elements to help us understand the true intentions of Only 1 Platform. Those points have been highlighted below.

Ownership information of Only 1 Platform

You can rest assured that this site is not going to disclose any ownership information because it’s the norm in this industry. Only 1 Platform is actually giving us vague and unverified information regarding the site admin or founders.

According to their About us page, the site claims that an entity called Watanabi and Ghassan Dinawi are behind its operations. The alleged directors would be Angela Maria, Kazuko Ito and Carlos Acurio.

The authenticity of these operators is still suspicious because their digital footprints are literally non existence. Although they are not stock photos since we could not establish this with any proof, we still feel that these people are a bit mysterious.

Only 1 Platform has provided us with their social media pages. But apart from this, the website is completely anonymous. The site does not tell us whether they are backed by any corporation. In addition to this, they have not included any risk disclaimers, although there is a terms and conditions page at the footer of the site. This terms and conditions state very well that Only 1 Platform will not be liable for your losses.

And of course there is also a provision for contacting them, a method which is highly considered anonymous and loved by scammers.

Finally, this site has not corporate with any legitimate site in this industry. They have not received any endorsement yet. This makes us think that Only 1 Platform is a mysterious property that is also risky to invest money in.

What is the average return on investment?

Only 1 Platform gives us some unrealistic earning projections which we believe are too good to be true. If you’re looking for earning figures that only make you feel good for nothing, browse the Only1Platform website.

The site claims that they can double your Bitcoins within 24 hours. In addition to that, they claim that they are allowing 5 deposits per day. That means if you make the first deposit, you will double it, then make another deposit and multiply it and so on.

That kind of thing sounds like a promise that only scammers can make. If we factor in the current Bitcoin price into the equation, we will earn over $1000 per day with this site.

Now, that is what we call the impossible. Those earning claims are absolutely absurd.

Our best advice for you

We do not encourage investors to attempt mining with platforms that don’t explain their operation model. Their greatest selling point here is that they are using green energy and cutting-edge technology. But there is no evidence, plus we have not verified any of these claims. These guys have not proved ownership of any mining rigs so far. It is a big shame and a direct attempt to scam investors of their hard earned money. Please consider mining with these sites instead.

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    I sent $ to address on their website, it was confirmed in etherscan, but does not appear on their web page, and they have hundreds of “receiving addresses” WTF?

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