OPT Finance Review: Awful Forex Scam

OPT Finance Review: Awful Forex Scam

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OPT Finance ( is a CFDs, Crypto Currency and Forex scam broker that claims to offer trading services to investors. OPTFinance is also purporting to have a dedicated team working round the clock. After receiving hundreds of complaints from users who have lost money with this broker, we decided to investigate. Evidence gathered clearly shows that this is a brutal Forex broker out to cause malice. Here’s OPT FINANCE review:

OPT Finance Review

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OPT Finance Review.

Looking at their about us page; one can see why newbie investors are falling into this pit hole. Claims and promises used here are enough to move mountains. What this scam broker has done is use marketing ideas to sell a fake product and service. Claims of having an unfettered market access are nothing but pure lies. OPT Finance is far from providing any realistic access to any trading market. Having fake claims insures that newbie traders will easily sign up.

This is what this broker is after; ensuring that newbie traders believe making money with this platform is easy. Truth be told, claims here are mere marketing gimmicks meant to entice newbie traders. How can this broker have fast execution trades when their platform doesn’t work? What about claims that they have an innovative posture? These are mere sales tactics that easily fool the naked eye. There’s more to the story than we are led to believe.

Their Values.

Pointing out what we have already said, this broker will do or say anything to make their platform appear legit. Looking at their value statement, once can easily believe what’s posted as their manifesto. Assurance and reliance is their main selling point when it comes to set values. Claims that your success is their success is what makes this scam broker interesting. Investors are asked to take a leap with this broker and see their fortune dreams come true.

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When it comes to success, only this broker will fully succeed simply because users hand out their money. Deposits made to this broker are what makes them successful. It’s what OPT Finance is after; they simply want all investors to deposit with them. Complaints sent by users all have the same symptoms, lack of feedback after making deposits. It’s clear that we are dealing with a rogue Forex broker who will not hesitate to take funds. All investors have been warned.

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OPT Finance License and Registration.

OPT Finance Scam

Licensing and registration of this broker is not made clear by the website. A look at some of the regulatory bodies helps clear this issue. Search done by our investigation team reveals what we had feared, this broker is not authorized. The Financial Services Register clearly shows that OPT Finance is unauthorized to conduct any Forex business. Anyone who signs up with this broker should know they are dealing with an unlicensed broker. And this is a huge red flag.

Any broker who is not recognized by regulatory bodies should be shunned. It means that this broker is operating illegally and is a cause for alarm. Their homepage does not have any documentation page where users can verify registration. Its clear OPT Finance is a fraudulent CFDs, Crypto and Forex broker.

SIRIX Platform.

A broker should at all times have a stable platform for trading; this is not the case with OPTFinance. Take a look at their homepage, they have marketed their platform well and it’s eye-catching. Problem is, we can’t take their word for it.  And to confirm our fears, we decided to download the platform and see how it works. This is where we faced our next hurdle with OPTFINANCE.

Upon downloading, set up could not complete on IOS and Desktop devices. Mobile trader was sluggish to say the least making us question the intentions of this broker. Due to set up problems, it’s clear that we are dealing with an unstable platform.

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Numerous Types of Accounts.

OPT Finance is offering customers numerous types of accounts in regards to level of trading and experience. Having to compare account types is crucial in determining the authenticity of accounts provided. OPTFINANCE has six different account types for clients to choose from. These accounts are Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP, and Algo Fund.

Initial deposit with these accounts is $2,499, $9,999, $74,999, $149,999, and $150,000+. With Algo fund, initial minimum deposit is $10,000. This said, minimum initial deposit is way too much considering the set industry standards of $250. These accounts come with commissions and same variable spreads. Comparing all the accounts seems like these accounts have the same advantages. What was the broker thinking offering same advantage with each account?

Are Funds Secure with OPT Finance?

OPT Finance Broker Review

After going through the evidence, it’s clear that funds are not safe with this broker. OPT Finance bluntly refuses to follow set rules making them a hazardous broker. A broker who bluntly flaunts set industry rules and regulations should not be trusted. Have you noticed OPT Finance is pooling funds in one account?

Another disturbing detail with this broker is in regards to depositing funds. Which institution do they use to bank funds deposited by users? A real broker will reveal their depository partner for transparency reasons. It’s highly possible that investors are depositing funds to the owner’s personal bank account. OPT FINANCE is a ruthless broker who should be shut down for not following set rules. Signing up with this broker is throwing away money.

Deposit and Withdrawal Policy.

Reading their deposit and withdrawal policy, it’s clear that we are dealing with a rogue broker. Traders will not be able to trade until their accounts have been activated. What’s to stop this broker from failing to activate accounts once money has been deposited? Some users have complained agents have been calling them asking for more money. This means that we are dealing with a rogue Forex broker who is out to steal funds.

Is OPT Finance a Scam?

From the look of things, OPT Finance is a scam simply swindling anyone who deposits money with them. To be on the safe side, ensure you mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent. OPTFINANCE is in league with hackers to steal credit card information and share the spoils. Make sure you warn your family and friends from signing up with OPT Finance. Stay safe and ignore all their pleas to sign up.

Our Resolution.

OPT Finance Scam Review

Adding this broker to our scam blacklist will ensure that our readers stay safe from this broker. Let’s all hope relevant authorities will investigate this broker and shut down their operation. Shutting down their operation will greatly protect users from signing up with this broker. Stay safe and stay away from any unscrupulous Forex broker.

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We wish you all the best!

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