Opul Review – Opulence LLC is Scam ICO

Opul Review – Opulence LLC is Scam ICO

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There are sites that you shouldn’t be stepping on when they are laid on the sidewalk. Opulence LLC aka Opul at is one such domain that you should be watching out and ensuring that you are not tricked by any of their promotional materials.

The quickest way to lose your money and get disappointed would be to send it to Opul. These guys are currently launching a coin called ”Opul”. The pre-launch date is supposed to run through the entire months of March to April 2018.

During this period, Opul is allegedly giving away a free trip to Almaty.

The site’s mission is to allow everyone to easily enter the world of Cryptocurrencies. At least that is what the homepage is telling us about their mission.

When you sign up, you will be asked to choose one of Opul’s 5 investment plans which are allegedly very profitable since they give you access to endless business opportunities.

Opul is described as the new kind of money. It’s supposed to be an innovative means of payment. It’s supposed to be safe and secure. And most importantly, they claim that Opul is backed by major portfolios that this platform’s owners have allegedly secured.

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Throughout the site’s promotional content, we did not find any instance where claims were verified. The site’s interface makes it simple to navigate. Unfortunately, most of the content is generic, i.e explaining to us what Bitcoin is. Unless you have been living under a rock, we don’t believe that Bitcoin is new to some people in this world.

Just in case you were wondering whether this site is legitimate, our answer is that it is not. No matter how convincing they talk about Opul, these facts cannot be ignored.

This review will mention them all, including the red flags and discrepancies that exist in this site. Let’s dive in.

Opul Review

What exactly is Opul? Opul is supposedly an ICO and an investments platform whose activities are backed by a company known as Opulence Investments LLC.

The company was allegedly established in 2017 in the Republic of Estonia. Unfortunately, we are not able to verify whether this company was incorporated or not.

No Directors associated with this company were mentioned. The domain of this website is also privately registered, which suggests that the admin of the site is not willing to disclose who they are.

On the company’s details page, they claim that Opul’s investors include Temasek Holdings and Mubadala Investment Company.

opul scam review

Of course this information is not backed by any kind of proof. This could suggest that Opul is seeking legitimacy by trying to make their platform look like a serious investment website.

These alleged investors of Opul are things that could have been made up because the website doesn’t support these claims with any evidence.

But to the unsophisticated investor, it might look like Opul is a serious company with real investors.

What does Opul claim to offer? They allegedly offer encrypted security services to big financial institutions across the world.

Please note that this was mentioned in the passing. The website is not about encrypted security services at all. The main theme and subject of the site is investment plans. Nothing else.

So this caught us by surprise. It might look like Opul is diversifying their services to generate more revenue. But that isn’t the case because none of the claims made on this website have been verified yet.

Now, one of the funniest claims that this website is making is that in 2017, they entered into a Crypto Securities and Crypto Promisory Notes contracts which are widely accepted in the Oil industry.

Wait? This is a serious claim to make without any accompanying evidence. Believe it or not. This claim is on their website, and they are using it to create the impression that Opulence LLC is indeed a serious entity. If you believe this nonsense, your Bitcoins will burn. We can assure you of this.

Unfortunately, it seems that the admin of this website is very creative though. He claims that Opul is in collaboration with another entity called R3CeV and that they invested in Blockchain technology which gave rise to the Cryptocurrency called Opul.

This must be interesting indeed. Creativity at its peak. However, it doesn’t convince us since the credibility of this entity is already questionable.

The so-called Opul coins are allegedly being offered in countries such as South East Asia, Australia and the Indian Sub-continent. But at the same time, anyone can acquire the coin using real money. And that’s where the catch is because you are spending real Bitcoins to buy a coin whose value cannot be substantiated.

Misleading claims and endorsements

When you go through the promotional content of this website, you will find facts about Richard Branson which are quite irrelevant to Opul’s investment offers. The fact that Richard Branson is mentioned on this website does not give their platform any credibility of confidence. That should be totally irrelevant on our quest to establish the legitimacy of this platform.

They are also mentioning Temasek Holdings, which indeed is a registered entity. But who knows if Temasek Holdings is really a partner of to Opulence LLC? There is no link between the two. But as you can see, Opulence LLC has gone ahead to use the name of this entity for purposes of misleading their audience. These two entities don’t share anything in common. And that’s why no proof has been presented as evidence of their affiliation.

And of course such an illegitimate platform will continue to make claims that cannot be substantiated.

Investment plans

Once you see the numbers, they should sound an alarm in your head. There are 5 investment plans in total. After giving us reasons as to why we should trust the coin, this website is presenting investment plans dubbed T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5 respectively.

The minimum that you can invest is $300-$10,000. It is not clear whether there is a maximum. Daily ROI is 0.5% for 6 months. But if you choose the 12 month category, your daily ROI will dramatically increase to 1%.

And then there is a 7% matching incentive and a referral program which is allegedly meant to significantly boost your income.

Since those ROI percentages are too good to be true, including the alleged bonuses, we can say that Opulence LLC is just another cleverly designed ponzi scheme.

All evidence needed to prove this is available on the site. For example, the site’s owner is anonymous, yet they are excepting you to send them money in the name of investing in one of their plans.

Secondly, they are making falsified claims to try building credibility yet we know very well that they are telling nothing but lies.

And third, all the marks of a ponzi scheme are present in this website. When the owner reaches their pre-set threshold, believe it or not. They will just run away with your money.

Our best advice for you

Opul Investments platform might appear like a genuine platform for doubling your portfolio. However, that is far from the truth. Never invest in a website that is disguised with claims that make them look legitimate. If you want to invest in Cryptocurrencies, you can either trade or mine them. Period.

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