Passive Hands-Off Crypto Investment Opportunities and Trading Bots

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Passive Hands-Off Crypto Investment Opportunities and Trading Bots

Crypto Investment should be at the top of your list when it comes to attaining financial independence. Both active and passive crypto investment opportunities come with distinct advantages. Passive crypto investing relates to taking a buy-and-hold mentality. It also involves buying and choosing assets less frequently. You need to know which tools to use to make this happen. Luckily, we have a list of the best Crypto Investment platforms and tools for all classes of investors.

 Crypto Investment Opportunities and Trading Bots

Advantages of Crypto Investment

Cryptocurrencies are new and exciting, and this means they bring a lot of variations to the table. However, with cryptocurrencies, it’s clear they cannot meet the demand of consumers. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are more convenient than cash in most cases.

Here are a few advantages of crypto investment that makes it a reliable investment option

Ability to go long or short

When you buy any crypto, it’s an actual upfront purchase of the asset. Buyers hope it will increase the value. So you can take advantage of the price in crypto when the markets are falling and rising. It’s referred to as going short.

Crypto market hours

You can trade crypto 24 hours, seven days a week. Since there’s no centralized government in the system, it makes the markets available to all. The only downtime is when the crypto is adjusting their infrastructure or updating (folks).

Fast account opening with Crypto Investment Opportunities

Once you start buying crypto assets, you need to sign up with crypto exchanges. Then, you have to create an exchange account to store your crypto asset. With impressive trading tools, you can access several exchanges within one account.

Try SMARD today, it is a bot designed for crypto traders and investors which uses advanced algorithms to profit from market fluctuations. No programming or trading knowledge is required to start. The algorithm relies on momentum effect strategies to systematically identify market winners. Below are the key reasons why everyone loves    1. You get up to 5% average monthly return on your starting capital.    2. The 10% monthly service fee is charged from your profits only. They don't make money unless you do!      3. You can start with as little as $1000 in your exchange account, meaning that you just need to connect your existing exchange (or open a new one) with Smard and begin trading right away!    4. No upfront payments for the service.    5. It's a smart way of investing in your favourite crypto coins - btc/altcoins, hurdling them while at the same time growing their values through auto-trading instead of just buy and forget.   Operating through API keys, SMARD ensures secure connections without requiring fund transfers to third parties. No upfront payment or card linking is needed. Try Smard today and see the real potential of your crypto portfolio, no upfront fees to pay!

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Improved liquidity

Liquidity means how quickly you can convert crypto to cash without impacting the current market price. With liquidity in play, it means the market offers better pricing and faster transactions. You also get increased accuracy with technical analysis.

Leveraged Exposure

Crypto allows users to trade on margin allowing users to make large profits with small amounts. But, unfortunately, you can also make huge losses that exceed your initial deposit. And this is why you should consider leveraged trading.


Due to huge amounts of short-term speculative interest, crypto has experienced significant volatility. The volatility is what makes the market exciting. It gives everyone a chance to profit, thanks to the volatile state.

With the advantages of crypto investment, you now need to know the best tools to use. These are some of the best platforms that crypto experts have tested. The crypto community also backs them as they use them to make their transactions.

Here’s a list of the best passive, hands-off crypto investment opportunities and trading bots to use

#1. R100K

R100K is the platform you need to be investing in, and here’s why. The price of Bitcoin is without a doubt going to hit $100K in the future, and that’s the reason for this investment. R100K plans to offer an innovative project that offers nothing but the best for investors. It’s a one of a kind investment opportunity for crypto enthusiasts who know for a fact Bitcoin will hit that mark.

Road to 100K offers an unparalleled profitability experience that amplifies your returns. The platform projects to hit 809 percent in returns once Bitcoin hits the target price. Wouldn’t you want to be part of that class of investors?

What makes R100K different from other investment firms is the fact that they offer transparency. Investors get to see everything happening thanks to real-time data provided by Binance. The platform partnered with one of the world’s largest Crypto exchange platforms to benefit investors.

Human-in-the-loop is the added tool that’s unique to this platform. The genius of it all is using the rebalancing factor to protect investors from high risk.

Advantages of R100K Crypto investment

Backtest results indicate a strong performance of the pool with the estimated returns of an average of 2.43 times that of BTC hitting $100K. Paired with absence of leverage, it makes this platform the best in the industry.

Transparency is another reason why we have to go for this platform. It’s without a doubt the best when it comes to offering relative view of what’s happening. Members have access to the pool’s real-time performance.

Getting started is easy, all you need is to Sign up with R100K today and start the journey to financial freedom. Make sure to hit the mark today. What are you waiting for, sign up with R100K today.

The platform is fully licensed by the National Revenue Agency.

2. Perceptrader AI

Perceptrader AI 2023 Comprehensive Review

An account accumulation of 48 consecutive months in profit is what Perceptrader AI guarantees thanks to integrating AI technology into trading.

The tool leverages technological advancement in machine learning to help accurately forecast the market.

Perceptrader AI is a one-of-a-kind trading tool fusing ChatGPT and Google’s Bard language to near-perfect predict the week’s market forecast.

Traders get the chance to invest and use a proven trading tool by taking advantage of real market mechanics to make consistent profit margins.

There’s no need to worry about risk as the robot comes with highly effective risk management options ranging from high to low that help reduce losses.

Long-term stable profit margins are now possible thanks to an accurate AI trading tool that’s affordable to all.

The tool gets constant updates which in turn helps traders become better and place informed trades.

With low drawdowns all thanks to risk management settings available, traders can configure the robot to suit their risk comfort.

You also get personal support from the developer with additional tools including a custom forex trading optimized cloud server.

Sounds like a good trading tool? Get your hands on Perceptrader AI today!

#3. Forexsignals offers newbies a chance to earn passive income thanks to a plethora of trading tools. Get insights on how best to earn with cryptocurrency through the lens of an expert.

Sign up today with this amazing tool that guarantees over 90 percent ROI. Newbies get to earn through copy trading tools from successful traders. And that guarantees no losses for investors.

What are you waiting for, sign up today!

4. IQCent

Start earning 95 percent within 5 minutes with IQCent. Traders now have a chance to increase their ROI with a proven crypto investment platform. And what’s impressive are the guaranteed high-profit margins.

Get to trade with the best in-house tools all thanks to IQCent. It furnishes traders with excellent and insightful trading tips. Here’s your chance to KEEP ALL THE PROFIT with IQCent.

#5. Bitsgap

 Crypto Investment Opportunities and Trading Bots Bitsgap

Bitsgap offers users a new way to trade across different exchanges. The bot finds the best rates and sends an alert to members. In addition, Bitsgap will effectively manage your portfolio and offer other elements of trading.

With the platform, you can compare rates of crypto and allows users to switch through different exchanges. The switch is instantly making it one of its kind in the crypto world. Members can also keep track of their investments thanks to advanced and basic order types.

There are three accounts to choose from with Bitsgap, with each offering different features. These three include Advanced, Basic, and Pro. Opening an account with Bitsgap is straightforward, with the process taking less than five minutes to complete.

The advanced package is the most preferred. You have to subscribe to a fee of $44 monthly. With the basic account, this one is best for newbies. There’s a monthly fee of $19. You get two active trading bots and a monthly trading limit of $25,000.

With the pro account, skilled traders take full advantage of the features that come with it. There’s a monthly fee of $110 and access to an unlimited number of exchanges. In addition, members get arbitrage trading and extended order types. Sign up with them now.

Advantages of Bitsgap for Crypto Investment

It offers an easy solution for crypto traders. Newbies will also benefit thanks to the easy interface available greatly. You get a 14-day free trial, back-testing, and an extensive list of exchanges. In addition, the platform is secure, with plans to have additional features in the future. Crypto Investment

Advantages of

When it comes to, the platform does wonders for those who trade. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to take advantage of the trading market. provides everything you need and more.

Advantages of crypto investment

Some of the advantages that come with this platform include ease of use. The platform is affordable as there’s no minimum required deposit. You also get to trade using Sharia laws.

Members get cash incentives, especially for large trading volumes. At the end of the year, there’s a cash prize of $50,000 to be won. You should also check their reviews which is a 4 out of five-star rating.

The platform is seen by most as the best Crypto trading platform out there. Not a handful of trading platforms garner such positive testimonials. You get a platform that’s ready to help you every step of the way.

These are the Crypto Investment platforms you need when investing. All of them offer users a great way to earn passive income. You don’t have to be a professional to use these bots. It makes it possible for everyone to profit from the cryptocurrency market.

Our Verdict on Crypto Investment

Choose which one best suits you and start earning passive income with the above platforms. There are hundreds of investors who have been making passive income by clicking a buy or sell button.

This could be you; after all, we all want to get our hands on Crypto.

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  1. × Alert!
    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam company, recover your stolen funds by clicking the button below, then fill out the form and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Click the button below, fill out the form to recover your lost funds from this scam company

    Click Here To Recover Your Stolen Funds

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