Overnight Profits Review Uncovering the Hidden Facts


Overnight Profits Review Uncovering the Hidden Facts

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Quick Summary of the Overnight Profits

  • Rating: 1/5. This rating itself speaks about the credibility of the software.
  • Pros:  There are no worthwhile pros about the software that can be mentioned.
  • Cons: The review will give you the details about the drawbacks of the software.
  • Our recommendation:  You should avoid going for the software in the first place. Click here to see our list of the best binary signal services/auto trading softwares.

Full Review

The concept of auto trading is becoming quite popular amongst the new traders. However, is it the authentic and the smart approach to success is still a question? A new software has emerged to the forefront recently, and the software is popularly known as Overnight Profits. The man behind this software is Alan Trump. The creator has got a lot of positive things to say about the software. However, let us get to know the in-depth insight by going through the following Overnight profits review. It will give a complete picture of the software so read all the details to know the truth.

How the software can teach itself to make trades

When I visited the website, I came across the term that the software can teach itself to make trades. Now this is something quite strange because it is not possible for software. Only a human mind has the power and skill to devise strategies to make profitable trades so frankly speaking it is hard to relate to this fact. Look at the snapshot below and the maker of the software just wants to convince you that Overnight Profits can make profitable trades on its own every day of the week. If this were true everyone should quit their job right away.

Overnight profits

No education required

It is not humanly possible to excel in the field of trading without knowing the skills and techniques required so this is also quite a strange thing and something that your mind will not be able to accept at all. It takes years for the traders to master the skill of trading. Thus, it is essential to know how to trade and work on acquiring the right skills. A software is not enough to take you to a new level of success.

 Modest win rate of 76.3 not modest at all

I have traded for years together so I do question the fact whether the software can get hold of a winning rate of 76.3 percent and for me the answer is no. A software does not have the ability to make trades on its own. This fact is completely unacceptable. When I started trading, success did not come to me easily, and I even lost some valuable amount of money while trading. This did not mean that I was a bad trader. The real issue was that trading is something unpredictable, and nothing can be said for sure.

 Unrealistic profit figures

See I do not deny the fact that you will not win a penny while trading binary options, but the real truth is that it is not going to be a magic wand, and trading is not an easy job at all. You will have your share of ups and downs, so you have to be realistic in your expectations. The software claims that you can make $ 779,640 annually. Now this figure does not sound real at all, and I think that you should not believe in this figure as well.

Overnight profits scam

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RS12 formula not convincing

The creator of the software claims that Overnight profits work as per the RSI2 formula. Now what RSI2 means is that if the market tends to rise or drop in a short span of time that is known as the peak. The maker of the software claims that if you can identify that peak point then you will also be able to decipher when the market rises or fall back. The logic that is put forward is that if the market rises to a certain peak then there are about 86 percent chances that the market will drop down again. If the market drops down, then there are chances that it will rise back again. Now the software works as per the RSI2 formula that claims to create a top peak line and the peak bottom line as well using a time frame of 200 days.

This formula as mentioned by the creator of Overnight profits makes use of three zones for calculating the risks. The first zone is the high-risk zone, but many trades can be placed when making use of this risk zone.

Overnight profits review

The second zone has medium level of risk and adequate trades can be placed.

Overnight profits scam review

The third zone has the minimum risk, but only a few trades can be placed.

scam review of Overnight profits

Now Allan claims that this formula has helped people to make a lot of money, and this formula will help you trade like per Allan. The software initially required you to choose your market and select the call or put option by following the three zone indicators. However, the maker felt that this had a margin for human errors, so he decided to automate every action of the RSI2 formula.

Now, that I have explained the logic of the software let me put forward a few facts. If you want to know really what is the best time to place a trade you need not get confused in this zone logic. Simply make use of economic calendars, market updates, and signals. This complex logic is just there to confuse a trader who lacks the knowledge.

Weird usage method

The software just has a few basic buttons that are off, on, withdraw and amount. Do you think trading can that simple? It is all bluff and an effort to keep you in the dark. You just have to think on your own and decide that if trading was that simple people would not be spending time and effort to decipher the real secret to success.

Huge funding required

Now Overnight profits require you to make a deposit of at least $300 and that is a big amount. This is a huge amount, and this gives you one more reason to avoid this software. There are no guaranteed results, and you can end up losing a potential amount of your valuable investment if you opt for this software, so you have to act smart. The most important question that remains unanswered is that it has not been mentioned which broker will be used for trading. There are many scam brokers in the market. If the Overnight profits are associated with any one of them, then you will lose your money for sure. Just think on your own. If the associated broker had been credible, the broker name should have been mentioned in the video. Unanswered questions leave me with a lot of suspicions, so you need to think wisely as well.

Overnight profits scams

What Now?

If you are looking in for great software to help you trade profitably, then make sure that you visit this page. You will find a list of great signal services that can help you trade in a much better way. Save up on your money by opting for smart tools rather than opting for scam software like Overnight profits. This will be the wise move on your part and you will be happy with your choice so make your decision now and bring in the convenience in your life by opting for the worthwhile software that can truly make a difference.



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  1. I can confirm this is a complete scam. I made the 300 deposit and quite quickly lost most of it. I doubt this works for anyone for all of the reasons mentioned above. Stay away!

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