Pais Capital Group Review: Forex Scam

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Pais Capital Group Review: Forex Scam

Pais Capital Group ( is another crude CFDs, Cryptocurrency, and Forex scam targeting investors. PaisCapital Group is claiming to offer Cryptocurrency trading 24/7 365 days a year. PaisCapitalGroup is also claiming to give traders the chance to make profit with auto trading. With these claims and promises, some investors have signed up without conducting a thorough research. Ensure you read this genuine and honest PAIS CAPITAL GROUP Review for more.

Pais Capital Group Review

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Pais Capital Group Review

With complaints from members of this platform reaching our help desk, we had to investigate. It turns out that this platform has been swindling from investors for a while now. These scam artists are stopping at nothing to ensure victims lose all their deposits. By cloning trading websites and using information on real websites as their own, investors are easily swayed. Use if empty claims and promises has been the norm with online scam artists. Thanks to our years of trading experience, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away.

Professional scam artists know for a fact that we all want to make a quick buck or two. And they take advantage of this need by claiming to have the answers. All you have to do is deposit a few bucks and give them control of your account. They promise to make your profits multiple within a certain frame time. Usually, the turnaround time is less than two weeks. After two weeks, you might see your account balance increase, but you never get to withdraw funds. That’s how online scams work.

About Pais Group Capital

Pais Capital Marketing Ltd is the company which claims to own this trading website. The contact page suggests their main offices are located in Austria. Scam artists will do or say anything to ensure their platforms appear legit. In this case, they profess to be located in an EU region to target European investors. A look at the company register in Austria reveals no entity is registered under their name. There’s more to this scam than we thought as the platform is filled with anonymity.

Anonymous online investment platforms are nothing but a plot to deceive investors. A smart investor should know better than to associate with a sleazy scam platform. Who are the founding members of this platform? Can we get the actual names of the CEO or President of their mother company? These are pure scam artists who don’t want to reveal their actual names of security reasons. They are afraid of the backlash they would receive from authorities as well as victims of this scam.

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Is Pais Capital Group licensed or registered?

Here’s where things get interesting, the Spanish regulatory body has issued a warning over this platform. CONSOB has warned investors not to associate with this platform as it is stealing from members. With such a warning from a reputable regulatory body, we can safely state that Pais Capital Group IS NOT LICENSED. Investors should stay away from illicit platforms such as this one. Your funds are never safe and recovering stolen funds from anonymous platforms is next to impossible.

The entire platform does not have a legal page which means they are not regulated. You would expect a platform which is genuine to post copies of their license documents. Without such relevant documents to prove compliance, it is clear we are dealing with a scam. Other regulatory bodies such as ASIC, CySEC, FCA, and FMA are in the verge of issuing a warning. These scam artists will never allow you to get your money back as they claim it is for services rendered.

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Advantages of Pais Capital Group

We looked at the entire Pais Capital Group website for any advantages but couldn’t come up with any. The platform is riddled with a lot of loopholes. With a regulatory institution already issuing a warning, never expect any profit. We also suspect that no trading takes place as the platform is taking control of your trading. Lack of a clear license is proof we are dealing with a quack website. Ensure you stay away from this website and never risk your funds with their affiliate programs. Pais Capital is another rotten online trading investment scam.

Disadvantages of Pais Capital Group

Account types

Pais Capital Group PAMM Account

Pais Capital Group is furnishing users with a PAMM account. Details posted on the PAMM account’s page clearly show that this is a scam. No depository amount has been listed which means users are being asked for a different amount. Rachel deposited $4,000 as her minimum deposit as Taylor made a deposit of $6,000. The acceptable and set minimum deposit has been set at $250. These scam artists are clearly stealing from anyone who signs up with their sleazy platform.

Customer and Support

When it comes to contacting the support team, this is where things get dicey. Members will only get to communicate with the platform using emails and a listed phone number. The problem with emails is that it takes time to get a detailed response. Another problem with communication is that the number listed is a virtual phone number. What this means is that making contact with phone calls is next to impossible. The phone line gets disconnected and users never communicate properly. A working trading platform has a live chat support as means of communicating.

Demo Account

Another feature missing with this platform is a demo account. Smart investors know how important a demo account is to users. A demo account gives users a chance to test how well a platform works in terms of execution speed. With a demo account, users also get to try the leverage and spread available with different account types. With no demo account, it is clear users are signing up blindly. Stay away from any platform that does not give traders a chance to test their platform.

Trading platform

It is not clear which type of trading platform Pais Capital Group is offering to users. Are they using MT4 or MT5 trading platform? We suspect these scam artists are using a custom made platform which is even worse. A custom made platform does not meet the required standards of a real operating platform. The security features are never available on most custom made platforms, especially with scams. Lack of DDoS protection and SSL encryption is proof of a security lapse with Pais Capital Group.

Safety of funds with Pais Capital Group

When it comes to safety of funds with pais capital group, this is not guaranteed. Since the platform gives users invalid account information, security of funds is not guaranteed. With a platform that does not segregate accounts, funds can be easily swindled. The industry has been against the habit of pooling funds in one account which is the case here. Members are depositing funds straight to owner’s bank account. When bankruptcy or insolvency sets in, members should not expect any compensation.

Scam or legit

Pais Capital Group Assets Index

Evidence is strongly suggesting that Pais Capital Group is a scam. Ensure you stay away from this platform as it has a bad online reputation. With the Spanish regulatory body issuing a warning, investors should not sign up. Make sure to mark all their emails as spam and never click on any of their links. Warn your family and friends from signing up with their Pais Capital Group affiliate programs.

Final thought

We have to add this platform to our scam blacklist and ensure our readers are kept safe.

You can choose to have recommended brokers who have a strong online reputation. Sign up with a credible and innovative broker who will keep you safe at all times.

Wishing all investors a happy and prosperous trading experience.

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