Palm Beach Research Group Review: Is this a Scam?

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Palm Beach Research Group Review: Is this a Scam?

 Palm Beach Research, the company, is sending a trading recommendation to investors. However, this company is another scam in the industry that you should be wary of. Investors have lost more than $2000 by trusting this shady venture.

They have received over 100 complaints from their clients. It is a major red flag that should not be taken lightly. The company claims that they will guide their clients into attaining financial goals. The platform claim that they are using a unique strategy to attain this higher outcome.

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Teekla Tiwari, the advisory editor of Palm Beach Research, recommends that investors used a dividend-paying stock. The company additionally claims that they have made gains from 120%, 250%, and 550% by utilizing this unique strategy.

However, it is important to note that they do not showcase their performance report to verify these claims. You need to be very careful with ventures that make such bold but do not avail any evidence. The company has a very bad reputation, and in case you want to invest in a more reliable investment company, you can try out these best cryptocurrency trading bots in the market.

The company claims that they have the best resources that investors can use to exploit the market. Additionally, they avail information on the most popular financial sectors that successful Investor are putting their funds.

Palm Beach Research Review

The company states that they are not like any other investment venture in the market. They claim that they will guide you to attaining financial sustainability life using their strategy.

Palm Beach Research Review, Platform

Palm Beach Research is allegedly based at the heart of America Millionaire capitals. Additionally, the entity claims that their team has a good connection with the rich in society.

It does not mean anything this information does not help in winning the trust of investors. The platform state that they have studied how the rich invest their funds.

The company markets itself as a diverse venture that can offer financial advice on various sectors this include; private equity, digital currency, real estate, gold, among other areas.

They conduct their research most transparently and are not engaged with any third party. Additionally, the firm states that they do not take a commission from any third party in the market. Hence, their research is only meant to benefit its customers.

The firm claims that its main objective is to offer secure services. Their speculations are allegedly right, time tested, and income-based. Moreover, this shady venture state that you won’t find anything like this in the industry.

The company requires investors to deposit a lifetime membership plan worth $295. Additionally, you will be required to cash in maintenance cost of 26.50 annually. Nonetheless, the platform has another annual plan that will cost you $3000.

The plans that the company is offering including the digital currency one are all a waste of time. The platform thrives by availing false reviews. They will pay people to appear as though the platform is making profits while the reality is that this is a money-losing venture.

Leadership Team

Palm Beach Research has introduced its team to the public. The editor of this shady firm is Teeka Tiwari. According to the information they present, he is a former Wall Street executive and a hedge fund manager. Additionally, the firm claims that Teeka is a premium analyst for cryptos.

He also worked for Shearson Lehman. Teeka made unimaginable losses, and he becomes bankrupt. However, after that unfavorable condition, he decided to become a hedging fund manager.

Since then, he has been focused on helping other traders manage risks and increase their income safely. Additionally, he also claims to have been featured on several news outlets in the industry.

Grant Wasylik is the other person who is running this company. He has worked for several investment companies in the market. He is the chief analyst of this firm and has ten years of experience in trading.

The founders of this venture are Tom Dyson and Mark Ford. The company claims that it was.founded in 2011. They claim that they can offer timely information that can help you in attaining your financial goals.

Customer Support and Regulation

The company is not responding to the queries of their clients. There are multiple complaints of people not receiving a response to their email. They do not have a telephone number, and you have to fill up a contact form.

The company claims that their office is located at Delray Beach, Florida, 55 NE 5th Avenue. However, we were not able to verify if these claims are true. However, the support team is very terrible, and those who try calling the helpline number that is available on the website are asked to wait for 90 minutes.

If you choose to wait, they will disconnect the call before the duration pass. The complaints are unavoidable and will end up losing all your money if you subscribe to any of their plans. If you are a keen investor, you will realize that majority of investment platforms are not located in the USA.

It is due to the hefty measures flinched on investment ventures. We would not recommend any trades to try out their services, not after the bad experience that traders have experience.

Palm Beach Research Customer Feedback

A company has acquired a lot of negative reviews from those who have engaged them in the past. Additionally, they are also claims of the firm sending emails to those who have not subscribed their services. Even after them unsubscribing the shady platform will not stop sending the marketing content.

It is unethical of them and from the look of things the company should be avoided at all costs. Investors-investors have potential warning clients who might be tempted to give them money to stay away from is this is another Ponzi scheme.

Many people have fallen victim of this venture. Their sales pitch is very convincing, and you will only end up depositing funds and losing them at the end of the encounter. The customer support team is also unprofessional; they give false hope of recovering your money.

Investors also claim that the company renew their subscription without their permission. With the multiple complaints that are being raised, you better look for other alternatives in the market. Money is promising a 30 days refund; however, during our research, we realize that this is just another lie to entice you to deposit funds.

Final verdict

Palm Beach Research Is a company that is spamming potential investors even without them subscribing to their services. The company is using their term and condition to justify their unprofessionalism ‘the hold no merit’.

The company claims that they are offering 11 products to investors. Their Palm Beach Letter is their most popular asset. If you use it, you will learn how you can earn income. Unfortunately, this is not a company that is worthy of your trust or money.

In case you are looking for the legit venture in the industry, you can utilize this crypto trading software. They are more transparent and have no intention of scamming you. Additionally, its good reputation outshines them.

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